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Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang March 25th 2013

Yuanyang Terrace is very famous for photography. Lots of shutterbugs visit there ever years. I dreamed to go there after saw beautiful pictures with or without process of Photoshop. Hani monitory are living on those terraces. They play there when they was kids. They are farming for their whole live. As per communication with those local villages during the trip. They were having a simple happy live with Terrace. Start working when Sun rising, and back with Sunset down. peaceful life. The nice views of Terraces were discovered by some photographers. The terrace is well known on world. More and more victors came. Kunming Export builds some buildings, gate of entrance for ticketing; also build nice view points near their terrace as the sight spots. Their lives have been interloped. The building and viewpoints that Kunming ... read more
Big Puzzle ???
Terrace -- on the road
Blue mirror-terrace

Asia » China » Guizhou March 22nd 2013

It’s my 2nd time to Guizhou, this time is not only for traveling. One of my friends asked me to go as a volunteer to take photos of poverty students, who live along Mountains. Studying at Hope Primary Schools. 2 Hope primary Schools, 102 students in total. Some of them are living to inside or top of mountain, even no road for Car can. We have to walk or climb mountains for going inside. It’s will be a hard trip.Most of children of those villages that we visited are orphan; the villages are called orphan villages. Those children are living deeply insides of mountains. For some villages, we have to walk inside. No road for cars.We were 3 cars going, 12 people for 80 more kids. The original plan was 7 days. Guizhou is the ... read more
The whole team
light the fire

Asia » China » Yunnan February 26th 2013

The Dai is one large minority nationality of China. An Ethnic Group Living Harmoniously with Water. They famous festival also concerning of water, the Water-Sprinkling Festival: The Blessing from the Dais
This annual festival is held from April 13th to April 15th, during which people sprinkle water on each other as a blessing. We went to the Dai original village, which close to Lao’s boarder, name “ Man Tan Village“. People there still live the original live. They keep living at the original Dai house- the Dai Bamboo House on Poles in the Shape of Zhuge Liang’s Cap.
The Dai bamboo house on poles is usually built on a plain or on a small hill near a plain. This two-storied house is built on ... read more
Man Tan village
Ms Dai and Han
The Dai old Women

Asia » China » Yunnan February 24th 2013

There is no bus service directly to Wengding village. It takes around 30min. driving from Cangyuan County to there. It’s a small village with more than 100 more Wa families. People there are living base on farming. The village has been open for tourist since 2006. Some villagers also sell some of their hand make items, like hand make linen bags, clothes, or local food. There is no hotel there, only 2-guess houses, one is Li hong ‘s home(李洪家). There have 4 simple rooms, 8 beds with share shower room, and very simple W C.Another is anther villager’s home near playgroup. There are OX-head hanging everywhere at the village. The Wa people believe that everything is living. Especial for OX. Their best friend, help them ploughing fields. Eating glasses, give of full themselves. They sacrifice their ... read more
Wengding old women
Picket Ol Mon
Eat clay

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming February 22nd 2013

Here with pics that I took in the evening of 21th Feb. 2012. When I was in the flight from Kunming to Shenzhen. The sky looks very dirty after taking off a few minutes. Is it air pollution or just weather problem??? It looks serious if it’s air pollution. The atmosphere looks poisoning by brown wasters. We have lots of problems of environments those years. And weather is not as regular as before. Those pics are without any photoshop processing. I took with my Canon 550D+ 17-85 scene. Hope it’s just normal weather problem, What consequences will be if it’s real air pollution?... read more
Brown airflow -2
Brown airflow -4
Take off

Asia » Vietnam February 3rd 2013

Dear Friends. How are you? Where are u now? Do u still remember the trip of Vietnam we went together last year. 3 of us are going to Vietnam again this CNY holiday. It ‘s recalling me a lot highlights of the trip last year. Vietnam, We went there via boarder of Guangxi. The route: Shenzhen- Xiangning (Guangxi)- Hanoi - Hue - Danang - Hoi An - Miyama - Nha Trang - Dalat - Mui Ne - Saigon - Thailand – Shenzhen Time: 14th Jan-3rd Feb. 2012 The most interested thing was renting a motorbike. They have many motorbike or bicycles for rent in VN. I can’t remember price of renting a bicycle. I rented motorbike for my whole trip. 4-5 usd per day for most of the cities. Except Saigon and Mui Ne, which wer ... read more
We N Motorbikes
Resitrail house

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan February 2nd 2013

D3. Plan for that day: West side of Mount. Putuo.- Not willing to go Guanyi temple – purple bamboo temple—Beaches West in our culture is not the luck side, if people said that he/she goes to west sky, means they die. And the pronunciation of West in Pinyin is similar “die”. East and south have been considered as good side for lucky for really long times, special east. They are only a few temples or sight spots at west side. And no bus to go there. So, hotels at west side are much cheaper. There are some commanding good view of rocks into west side. And it’s only 1 road, near Puji temple. It’s stones made a patch up hill from west of Puji temple. The stones road seen endless at the beginning, when passed by ... read more
The beach
entrance of purple bamboo temple
Purple Bamboo temple 2

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan February 2nd 2013

I born in a Buddhist family in China, my mother, grandmother, aunties will pray with incense sticks on 1st and 15th every month (Lunar calendar). We believe the gods are always on our side for helping, and give us direction when we lost. I fellow my heart and decided to go to Putuo, 1 of the four Holy Buddhist Mountains. the Bodhi-manda, and Guanyin has infinite wisdom and theurgist, merciful, the kindly god to save people are suffering. I booked the flight to Hangzhou, and planed to visit Hangzhou West Lake half day, then transfer to Mount Putuo. D1. Hangzhou-Mount Putuo The hotel I booked is inside of West Lake, wake up early for have more time for sightseeing. The grey sky, the dirty water, and half-dying plan… none of them looks nice. Maybe on the ... read more
On the way ..
Beach on evening

Asia » China » Guangdong » Jiangmen February 1st 2013

The Hakkas are a unique ethnic group of "Han" Chinese originally active , mainly in south of China。They have their own langue and culture. My family is one of the traditional Hakkas. My grandfather told me that our original settlement was in middle of China. They were forcing to move to south for fighting. As a latecomer to places initially occupied by locals, Hakkas usually had to struggle and survive on the less desirable lands. Thus, Hakka people are well known for their perseverance even in the most adverse environment. And Watchtowers are created for prevention and defending at that time. There are many Diaolou all over Guangdong. The most famous is in Kaiping. They were approved as a national cultural heritage site in 2001, and were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa January 31st 2013

Tibet-- the roof of the world. For centuries this mysterious Buddhist kingdom, locked away in its mountain fastness of the Himalaya. This is a saying in China, most of people go to Tibet when they lost their job, finish school or broken out,most people go their with story, or feel lost, it’s the place most close to heaven to figure life out. url=*ZVcnUw50xFxxS66eaeKlBNUJLbhTdx5a2tgOQxwxazg8m6d9e32D-Ri0kzOcEGWA25h1Nr/IMG_9201.jpgimg=*ZVcnUw50xFxxS66eaeKlBNUJLbhTdx5a2tgOQxwxazg8m6d9e32D-Ri0kzOcEGWA25h1Nr/IMG_9201.jpg?width=750 We went there; just it close to where we were. url=*Jug4wdtP4MPxRBl39QjBXj58Vik9SYQMR*5lUPVZTCQ3z66hSfDTFSkY8AO5MQazPWGleHQoNl1/IMG_9162.jpgimg=*Jug4wd... read more
On the road

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