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February 2nd 2013
Published: February 2nd 2013
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I born in a Buddhist family in China, my mother, grandmother, aunties will pray with incense sticks on 1st and 15th every month (Lunar calendar). We believe the gods are always on our side for helping, and give us direction when we lost.

I fellow my heart and decided to go to Putuo, 1 of the four Holy Buddhist Mountains.

the Bodhi-manda, and Guanyin has infinite wisdom and theurgist, merciful, the kindly god to save people are suffering.

I booked the flight to Hangzhou, and planed to visit Hangzhou West Lake half day, then transfer to Mount Putuo.

D1. Hangzhou-Mount Putuo

The hotel I booked is inside of West Lake, wake up early for have more time for sightseeing. The grey sky, the dirty water, and half-dying plan none of them looks nice. Maybe on the other side will better, the lake is quite big. I walk another side, but. Nothing interesting. I’m a shutterbug, just waste of shutter.

I took a taxi to Hangzhou Travelling Center to take bus to Mount.Putuo. 98RMB/person, u can pay with u credit card. 4 hours to Zhoushan bus center. the passage site next to me is a local people, he told me a lot of Zhoushan, and Mont. Putuo. We exchange phone no. and ask me just call he for any help., The view on the road is very nice, u can take a flight from Shanghai to Zhoushan, just 30 min.

But you will miss the nice view of this flyover bridge

The guy sent me into the taxi ask the driver drive me to “BANXIAN” pier with their local language. 18rmb.

The wing is stronger and stronger. The guy sent me a massage that “Banxian” pier will close early for the strong wind. Maybe I had to transfer to “Shenjiamen” pier, it’s a bit more far awaysnot speedboat, ferry only.

Ticket office closed when I arrived, gate to pier was working. There are 2 girls same case as me. I asked them to 3 take a taxi together for saving money, they agree and ask me to buy something here 1st, thing in Mont Putuo will be expressive. All thing need to take boat to delivery inside, Mount. Putuo is for tourist, and they are bus ticker seller of Putuo, we may meet again tomorrow.

The taxi driver asked for 50RMB for 3, deal with 30rmb. 20 min. something we arrived. This pier is bigger, they show me of ticket office, they have their package, and then we say good-bye.

The wing was stronger, non-stop broadcast that ferry would be closed earlier today, close at 5:30pm. Thanks god! I came earlier. Otherwise, needed to stay in Zhoushan.

“ can u speak English” 1 lady with 1 big suitcase said to me.

“Yes”. I replied

She had arrived for a while, could not find the ticket office, and nobody can understand her, I asked her come with me, we are go to the same place. The lady told me she is from French, 1st time to china, arrive to Shanghai 2 days ago, she is very interceded of Buddhist, Mount, Huang will be next station, she book a page via internet, the tourist guy will pick she up when she arrived. 23 RMB each person, just 20 min, we arrived—the magic place.

Monut.Putuo in the same latitude as Potala Palace in Tibet and Bermuda Triangle, 30 degrees north latitude.

It’s off-season that moment, still need to queen for entrance ticket (160RMB/Person). Outside of ticket hall is a big square, fresh air, deeply break, and yellow seawater. A big memorial archway on right side, many hotel guys sell their hotel. Just 20 min boat, the sky here geting dark very earlier, 5pm on my watch, it was quite bright before got into ferry. Double checked time with the hotel guy, nothing wrong with my watch, hotel guy told me the sunset time is earlier, sunrise also earlier.

No free map provide, I follow 1 hotel lady to their hotel, 120 rmb/roon, closed to the temple at the east side, small, simple room inside the village, hot water provide, closed to 1 temple. Road to hotel looks nice, a yellow temple on right side, site of old pier. Too dark for photo already.


Sleep early, get up early, 6am make u feel 8am something,

Leisure walks on beach, the golden Nanhai guanyin in front. Very peaceful. Mount Putuo is not big; there have bus service to each sight spots

Here the plan for today.

Goldden Nanhai guanyin – Puji temple- Fayu temple- Huiji Temple (Temple day. J All the temples is no pic insides)

There are 2 way for going to next sight spots, by bus or foots. Actually. They are all very close, except Fayu temple to Huiji Temple, which have long steps. Need to climb up to top of mount. But it has the cable service for that. 30rmb for 1 way 50 rmb for round trip.

Golden NanHai Guanyin (ticket: 6rmb) is the most symbolic sight of Putuo Mount. The status is 20 meters high, together with the supporting based , reaches as a high of 33 meters.

It’s took me 10 more min walking from Golden Nanhai Guanyin to Puji temple. the view on the road is nice. Just walk closed to the beach.

Puji temple (ticket: 5 rmb) is the biggest temple at Putuo Mount, with very long history. Full of people in off season. I think maybe this temple also very famous with” popular-saving masses of souls” and “popular –saving Buddhist temple”. it have meals service. 5am for breakfast, 10.30 for lunch, and 4.30pm for dinner. I had lunch there, taste is ok for me, 20 rmb each meals per person.

This temple is big, but not all places are open for tourist. It was built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907A.D.) trees and construction insides are antiquely.

There is a new bubbliest museum next to. It’s was free ticket when I was there, showing lots of antiques, and culture items.

Fayu temple (ticket : 5rmb) is the 2nd biggest temple in Putuo mount. This temple is very famous for it’s ancient architecture, delicate wood carvings and calligraphy inscribed by ancient emperors. It ‘s took me half hours walked from Puji temple. Closed to 1000 pace Beach.

There is a miniatute golden pagada stands between the Nine –dragon wall the 1st tempe’s several halls inside of the temple, I tossed coins through windows for good luck.

Fayu temple is less visitor compared to Puji temple, and construction like a Chinese ancient garden. I found some 4 leaf clover there. It’s my 1st time to see them in my live.

As a saying, the person who find and see 4 leaf clover, will meet the good luck.

Huiji temple (ticket:5rmb) local on the peak of hill, I went there by using cableway. It’s was commanding an excellent view of the rising sun in the mount. In this case u have to sleep in the temple.

But they are only visitors have business with the temple can stay over night. It’s much smaller comparing to Fayu temple. There are only halls. But the Buddha Sakyamuni is worshipped only in this temple. Some 1,000 stones made a patch down the hill from front of temple.

In the middle of the patch, there are some big rocks with caving or writing.

1 days for 3 temples, it’s quite leisure for me. As all those temples are not small, but they are not too much place open for visitors. I visited and played together.

I went back hotel after meal dinner on 6 pm something.

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