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February 2nd 2013
Published: February 2nd 2013
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Plan for that day:
West side of Mount. Putuo.- Not willing to go Guanyi temple
purple bamboo temple—Beaches

West in our culture is not the luck side, if people said that he/she goes to west sky, means they die.

And the pronunciation of West in Pinyin is similar “die”.

East and south have been considered as good side for lucky for really long times, special east.

They are only a few temples or sight spots at west side. And no bus to go there. So, hotels at west side are much cheaper.

There are some commanding good view of rocks into west side. And it’s only 1 road, near Puji temple. It’s stones made a patch up hill from west of Puji temple. The stones road seen endless at the beginning, when passed by some big rocks like Pantuo rock, stone of two tortoises, it’s almost top. The view is nice.

Pantuo Rock is a huge stone on mountain. It looks like a cone, standing on the top of another rock, the rock appears to be handing in the air and seems already to fall. However, it has stayed here for thousands if years and has never moved or been shaken.

Stones of 2 tortoises is west side of Pantuo rock. It’ sculpture of 2 tortoises made by nature. The legend has it that the 2 tortoises used to be the premiers in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. They were sent to listen to Guan yin’s preaching in secret. They were so fascinated by the preaching that they forgot to go back down to the sea and became stones forever.

Walked down and out of western side, arrived to the pier.

Not willing to go Guanyin temple & purple bamboo temples are on the same side , and close to the beach. The color of seawater is close to the beach, similar yellow color. It’s my 1st time to see water as yellow like that. The beach is regarded as the best beach near Shanghai. I live at a coastal city with blue seawater. Different feeling, The sand is clean , soft and pure.

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