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Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang April 15th 2009

Yuanyang's rice terraces stretched away below us, covering mountainsides in all directions. In comparison to these, the famed ones in the north of the Philippines dwindle into insignificance. Here you could drive for over an hour and still be among the allotments of land that varied from the emerald green to the mud brown to the golden to mere watery reflections of the sky. Right now these ones were bright white as if covered in snow, reflecting the early morning pre-sun sky. Looking at my photos of them they looked almost surreal and I wondered whether anyone would be able to tell what they were of just by looking at them. As the sun came up it cast its light onto the pools of water held in each allotment, giving the whiteness of some of them ... read more
Yuanyang's rice terraces before the sun comes up
People at market
People at market

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang June 20th 2008

The Yuanyang rice terraces in southern China near the Laos/VietNam border are huge. The stretch for miles and have 350 levels in places that stretch up the mountains from the valley floors. There are an awesome sight. Four of us, who made the bus trip down from Kunming together, hired a minivan for the day to take us around to the 8 different places. At 4:30 AM, there were clouds, but we could see stars shining. By the 5 departure, the village was completely fogged in. It was really eerie driving through with shadows of people walking along the side of the road, all coming to the village Saturday market. The fog lifted once we got to the next mountain. But by sunrise, it had come back and there were no terraces to be seen. So ... read more
Red and blue bread
Door guardian

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang November 21st 2007

Long table festival is one of the selling point for the developing of Yuanyang tourist industry. matter what occation, we will have a Long table festival. just like yesterday, the 50th anniversary of the established of Honghe Prefecture. a chain of activities went on in the area. music shows, bon-fire overnight, huge car tour came and go, and of course...a visit to our magnetificient terrace scene. and yesterday they setup the long table scene in the only through fare street in town. guarded and blocked by police from both end of the street. The top end of the line seat the unknow tribal head, no idea from where or which village, as traditionally this is the Hani ceremony for their village guarding god. so even for a fake one, they should created a tribal headman, ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang October 27th 2007

This super-long foggy weather finally over yesterday. Through the miserable golden week holiday without much tourists, compared with what I heard from the news,"this year the number of tourist had been increased in Lijiang... Transportation in peak level...."seem like everywhere were blooming with tourism business except Yuanyang. I like it this way but on the other hand I was worry about our handicrafts in the center. With no customers, no sale, no work for the women in the villages, and this project has no future. Anyway...the town wasn't quiet as the locals business kept alive, by what? I could never find out. Where the money come from? No industry here, but look at the town...blooming! New house had been erected everyday, new shop front come and go, renew and renew, more consumer goods, price went up, ... read more
training scene

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang October 26th 2007

The bus to Kunming was pretty uneventful. Met a Polish couple who actually live in Oregon. It’s always great to meet other English speaking people, I know I’ve said it before but I love chatting it up with them and hearing about their travel stories…especially in China. I think the consensus is the same among everyone. And we ALL have our stories…these two apparently had lost their last bit of understanding in Dali when they were taken advantage of. I’m glad I haven’t lost it yet with anyone, but I could easily see it happening. I found the perfect place for me to end up, Camellia Hotel. I decided that since I am meeting up with Kirsty in Cambodia, that it would make sense to get my Laos visa ahead of time just in case she ... read more
sunrise in yuanyang
watered rice paddies

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang October 3rd 2007

Began to read my diary on my birthday, it was addictive as one of my friend had quoted it, even the diary was written by myself. Just couldn't stop it although it was well over 1am. Bloody amazing! Especially on your own birthday when you got nothing better to do. And also find out it no worsened than any other birthday for the last few years. Got myself more involved in the project than before. I always tried to be an observer from the outside, and urged the NGO to hired better people to run the project. But after 3 different candidates in a year, all of them were trying to run it as a mass tourism business. I didn't want to see my creation got ruined like this, so I better handle it myself even ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang September 25th 2007

Mid-Autumn festival today, this is one of the day that made me think about home and family, for Chinese, this day is for family together, that why bus load of people coming big from the city with their purchasing goods since yesterday. The town was pretty alive for last few days, moon-cakes flooded the market, but instead of the local made red paper wrapped cake, this year there was products from city to get a spoon from this business. the bakery in town waiting for this festival each year, no other thing inside their shop but moon cake, they could made more than 100000 yuan within this few day. Big money there! Didn't know when the hilltribe adopted to celebrated this day, for them, it was the time to buy moon cake, to eat or for ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang May 20th 2007

ENGLISH Our journey to Yuanyang in deep Yunnan took us through the meandering roads and valleys of Honghe prefecture and up into the hills. Our bus driver must have O.D.'ed on or something. After 5 hours our nerves were shot by a combination of incessant claxon use and erratic accelerating, swerving and blind bend overtaking. As a wise women once said "It was as if he was worried about missing his own funeral". You also had to be wary of errant flob and spittle from the lady in front catching you in the face as she gobbed haphazardly out the window every 5 minutes. Aside from the transport worries the landscape we passed through was beautiful. Banana trees, lush green fields, red earth, water buffalo and reed hats. In Yuanyang most of the town stopped dead ... read more
Not the backpacker rendezvous
This is my wife
This is my wife with small boy attached

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang May 3rd 2007

As we waited for the morning bus to Nansha, there seemed to be way too many people for comfort and I had visions of a typical Southeast Asian bus journey, with aisles crowded and all space occupied with humans or cargo. However things seem to work differently in China. Not only was another bus laid on, but the ticket-woman elbowed all-comers out of the way in order to reserve the best double seat for us. In case I sound like an ardent Sinophile after 2 days in the country, I'll also point out that public toilets here - for which you unbelievably have to pay - are as bad as legend says. Even urinals reek, but the trench toilets - containing turds that haven't been flushed away since God knows when - are something else. I've ... read more
Rice terraces at Meng Ping
Planting rice

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