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Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang June 3rd 2014

Jiihovýchod Yunnanu oplývá spoustou zajímavostí: krajina, tofu, rýžová políčka, hranice s Vietnamem, Haniové a další malé národy, úzkokolejka... Tomuto koutu provincie jsem si mohl dovolit věnovat čtyři dny - nejen tradiční pátek, kdy nemám soukromou hodinu čínštiny, a samozřejmě víkend, ale i pondělí. V Číně je totiž v pondělí podle tradičního čínského čili zemědělského kalendáře 5. den 5. měsíce, a takové pěkné datum se oslavuje jako svátek Duanwujie (端午节). U nás na západě je známý pod jménem Festival dračích lodí - na některých místech, hlavně při jižním pobřeží, totiž při této příležitosti pořádají závody dračích lodí. V Kunmingu ale po dračích lodích není ani potuchy, není tedy důvod tam zůstávat - naopak, tento víkend by snad prý Haniové, národnostní menšina roztroušená po jižních kopcích, měli slavit svůj nejvýznamější svátek zvaný Kuzhazha (苦扎扎), tak proč nejet právě ... read more
Čtvrť starých hliněných domů v Shuiping
Stolování při shuipingském tofu

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang October 8th 2013

And so with my fresh new visa, I was ready to back-trek a little to finish up my plans for Yunnan, and my next stop was the famed Yuanyang rice terraces, a 4.5h hour bus ride from Hekou. Now I've seen my fair share of rice terraces and padi fields the past year and a half or so. Most notable of course were those in the Cordilleras Highlands in North Luzon, Philippines, which were truly stunning. But basically any long bus ride you take in pretty much any Southeast Asian country (bar Singapore, and maybe Malaysia) would probably take you through swathes of rice padi. So I wasn't so sure if I would be impressed anymore by what Yunnan had to offer, as enticing as the write-up in LP sounded. And indeed the first location in ... read more
Coming Through!
Sneak Preview

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang October 2nd 2013

Hi all, Arrived in Yuanyang without a hitch it only took 30 hours give or take. After sleeping like a log I got hold of a map and strode off towards Niujiaozhai. It looked pretty easy on the map and so it was in the beginning. There is a cobbled road to Longshuba but after that you are out onto the mountainside amongst the rice terraces. There is no real pathway so you have to rely very much on the people you meet along the way to point you in the right direction. The people looked very surprised to see me emerge from the bamboo groves I can tell you. So it's thanks to the lady who left her work in the fields to take me along the pathway to show me the way to go. ... read more
Out on the terraces
Out on the terraces
Minority costume in Yuanyang

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang March 25th 2013

Yuanyang Terrace is very famous for photography. Lots of shutterbugs visit there ever years. I dreamed to go there after saw beautiful pictures with or without process of Photoshop. Hani monitory are living on those terraces. They play there when they was kids. They are farming for their whole live. As per communication with those local villages during the trip. They were having a simple happy live with Terrace. Start working when Sun rising, and back with Sunset down. peaceful life. The nice views of Terraces were discovered by some photographers. The terrace is well known on world. More and more victors came. Kunming Export builds some buildings, gate of entrance for ticketing; also build nice view points near their terrace as the sight spots. Their lives have been interloped. The building and viewpoints that Kunming ... read more
Big Puzzle ???
Terrace -- on the road
Blue mirror-terrace

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang January 11th 2013

We had a long day as we left Vietnam and headed across the border into China where we were to spend a few days in the highlands amidst the rice terraces at Yuanyang. This area covers 2200 square kilometres and despite its astounding beauty, due to it's distant location, the region has not opened to mass tourism as yet. One crop of rice is grown a year and after the harvest in September the terraces are filled with water until planting in April. Most of the women in the region still wear their colourful traditional dress and the terraces were first cultivated over 1300 hundred years ago. It was an hour by minibus from Sapa to the border town of LaoCai where our driver dropped us off at immigration. No problem there and we were soon ... read more
Duoyishu, the village we stayed in
And again...
The view from our bedroom window at Jacky's guesthouse

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang November 13th 2012

Apologies that the flurry of blogs I promised a few entries ago didn't materialise. Despite many hours on the road, I just never got round to doing my blog homework. It hasn't helped that most bus rides have been more like riding a Big Dipper. Right, where were we up to? We were leaving Yangshuo for Kunming. The majority of the journey was made up by 17 hours on a night train from Guilin. Guilin North station is about the most dreary place known to mankind, so it wasn't a great place to arrive early for a then delayed train. Once on the train, Sophie and I exchanged nervous glances when we discovered we would be sharing the cabin with a new-born baby (and its mother thankfully). ... read more
My View
Tai Chi in Xinjie

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang November 13th 2012

The time has come and after 5 weeks we have reached the end of our time in China! For our last stop on our adventure here, we chose to head to the Yuanyang rice terraces in South Yunnan, just a few hours from the Vietnam border. Although we had seen great rice terraces a few weeks ago in Guilin, we had heard that Yuanyang was extra special and somewhere we should not miss. Plus it was on the way to Hekou, the town on the Chinese side of the border crossing to 'Nam that we needed to leave from, so a handy stop over. The bus was supposed to take 6 hours from Kunming to Xinjie, the old town of Yuanyang and the starting point of the rice terraces, but as usual took longer and after ... read more
Incredible rice terraces at sunrise
Great views

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang October 18th 2012

Wow! It feels like we haven't stopped for the last few weeks. It's been a very busy time getting through Western Sichuan (way back when we were in the mountains) and Yunnan (from Shangri-La until now). There was a lot to see and that meant only stopping for a few days at a time in one place. While we have been constantly on the go, we were able to see a lot and definitely made the right choices along the way. This section of China has also been the most difficult mentally; after we left Chengdu (the city with the Panda reserve) we also left English menus and English-speaking locals behind. The only time we came across English-speaking locals in the last month was at our youth hostels front desk or the odd student wanting to ... read more
Duoyishu II
Banging out the grains
Rice drying on rooftops

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang June 13th 2012

I was planning to leave Jianshui and catch a bus to Yuanyang straight after watching the NBA finals but I started talking to a Taiwanese girl, Carol at the hostel and before I knew it, it was almost 4pm. I caught a taxi to the bus station and then had to wait an hour before my bus left for the town of Nansha, at the base of the mountains which contain the rice terraces. The interesting trip through the mountains took about 2 and a half hours so I arrived in Nansha after 7.30pm and the sun was starting to set. I couldn't find any vans going up to Xinjie and the taxi drivers were asking too much so I decided to get a hotel for the night. The following morning I got lucky as a ... read more
Yuanyang rice terraces
Sheng Cun market
Sheng Cun market

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang January 18th 2012

TO US THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN CHINA When still in Kunming we found out that there are two daily buses going to YuanYang – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We got up really early, checked out and went for a local bus that was supposed to take 1,5h to get to the station. When we finally reached it we were astonished with number of people queuing for tickets. We were almost sure that all the tickets had been already sold out. To our surprise we were not too late. The only difference was that the morning bus was not going at all this day and we had to take the 4 pm one. It was less than ideal as we would reach YuanYang around midnight. On the other hand we did ... read more
beautiful reflection of sunset light
Us and the grand view

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