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Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang May 21st 2011

By far one of the most incredible travel experiences I've had so far is my short journey to Yuanyang. When I arrived at Kunming's south bus station I started thinking to myself, "What the f*** am I doing? I don't know where the f*** I'm going, I'm by myself, WTF???" So I was a little nervous to say the least. As I expected, I was the only foreigner on the bus- they were mostly Yuanyang locals and they were all naturally very curious about me and as soon as they found out I could speak a little Chinese, the questions started coming. "where are you from?", "what are you doing in China?", "you're here by yourself?". etc etc. But I didn't mind so much, they seemed like very friendly people. On the six hour journey to ... read more
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Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang January 16th 2011

When you research the Yuanyang rice terraces it comes across as a magical fairy land with out of this world sunrises and sunsets that reflect off the mirrored surfaces of the flooded terraces. They have photos to prove it too. What nobody seems to mention is that these perfect conditions aren’t exactly common and that much of the time the place is shrouded in thick fog. We spent 5 nights in the area and on day 2 we lucked out with an incredible sunrise and sunset. We’re so glad that we went out and took photos when we did. We had no idea how lucky we were as the rest of the time we spent huddled around a fire or hiding in our rooms with the electric blanket cranked up high and a good book in ... read more
Sunrise 5
Village and terraces
Beautiful morning

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang May 12th 2010

Day 36 We wander off to find dinner in Shuhe, and meet an English speaking host. We sit down at “Snow Flower Restaurant” on the suggestion of The High Commissioner. I have found it incongruous, maybe even slightly arrogant, that so many Chinese want to introduce themselves as “Belinda” or “Ken” rather than what I would consider their real name. It’s like they only want to reveal a tiny part of their personality, the bit reserved for Westerners, and hide the rest, lest they not like us. The restaurant is named after our host, and she is a delight. She fusses over our kids, introduces her husband and children, listens carefully to how we want our food, grabs the beers, takes an order and then disappears into the back of her house. Her 13 year old ... read more
Buses, buses, buses
Sleeper Bus
Until she saw this......

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang February 16th 2010

The final stage of our South China adventures sent us flying into the vast Yun’an province of southern China. Everywhere we looked, it seemed that the motto for visiting Yun’an sounded such that, “However many days you have planned to spend in Yun’an, double it - you will not be sorry.” So we doubled it. And we weren’t sorry. Not even in the least. Kunming sits squarely on the Tibetan Plateau and on the edge of the world’s largest mountain range. The elevation of the city lies at 2,000 meters above sea level and the air felt wonderfully cool, crisp, and clean - a much appreciated reprise from the usual odors and haze typical of most Chinese cities. The residents pride themselves with their overall calm demeanor and almost everywhere one can see signs of a ... read more
Traditional Water Pipes
Traditional Water Pipes
Rice Noodles

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang December 25th 2009

Merry Christmas to all. I hope this blog fines you all doing well. I left China yesterday and I am back in Sapa, Vietnam right now. China was an interesting trip. It is such a large country that I barely saw any of it yet I spent a lot of time “traveling”. I spent 36 hours taking two train rides and about let see, hmm, 50 hours in buses and I a very small part of China. The people in China seem genuinely nice and they don’t appear to try to rip off tourists (Vietnam should take note). The weather was cool and at times cold. For you who know china I went from Hekou (a borer town with Vietnam) to Yuanyang ( known for rice terraces and minority groups) to Jianshui (for a night) and ... read more
hekuoDecember 24, 20092371
chinaDecember 03, 20090471
hekuoDecember 24, 20092389

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang December 20th 2009

ATTENTION : N'oubliez pas de cliquer sur le lien de la carte si elle ne s'affiche pas bien et de zoomer le cas échéant, et d'aller tout en bas du texte pour passer à la deuxième page de photos. Nous effectuons le trajet entre les 2 villes en bus, et descendons d'une division par rapport à celui de la veille: là, c'est du vieux, sans film mais aussi sans trop de Klaxons. On ne peut pas dire que ça pue dans le car, les mauvaises odeurs étant cachées par les clopes de nos compagnons de route. Le bus - ou plutôt grand van- est plus petit mais des gens s'y s'entassent au fur et à mesure en utilisant l'allée centrale. La route aussi baisse d'une division : petite route-chemin de montagne en lacets avec la place ... read more
Petite dame Hani.
Petites dames Hani.

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang June 11th 2009

I woke up in Sapa and headed to the spot where a minivan was supposed to take me to the Chinese border, but the lady I had arranged things with told me I needed to jump on the back of a waiting motorcycle taxi if I wanted to make it on time. So we tied my bags to the bike and my driver floored it out of Sapa. It was a little scary, but an amazing, chilly hour long ride through the mountains at 7am. At the border, I got out of Vietnam without any problems. At the China border I was asked to fill out a bunch of paperwork; they love paperwork here. I kept checking my watch as I had less than a half hour to get through the long line, change money, find ... read more
Photo 17
Photo 1
Photo 3

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang May 31st 2009

I was not in the best of moods. Here we were, rattling along a rough cobble stone road with the damp mist bearing down on us obscuring every inch of what should have been gorgeous scenery. All that greeted our eyes were trees shrouded grey in the mist and glistening moist cobbles that seemingly stretched uphill without end. Considering we were cycling through an area famous for its spectacular rice terraces that stretch up to 1800m high, the foul mood wasn’t without reason. Misguided and illuminated Nestled high in the Ailao mountain range of South Western Yunnan in China, Yuanyang County remains a little left of the tourist trail. Upon crossing into China at the Heko border from Vietnam we knew we had to view the paddy terraces that had been deemed “supposedly the most spectacular ... read more
Xinjie, The only old building we saw among concrete
Friendly old men at town square
First proper sighting

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang May 29th 2009

What about we go on another trip together in the next few days? It took me about 2 seconds to say yes and slightly less to start chatting about the “where to”. We settled on Yuanyuang, on the south part of the Yunnan province next to the Vietnamese border. It is said to be THE paradise for photographers from all around the world, while somehow not being yet on the main tourist route. Three days and half to discover absolutely breathtaking views over immense rice paddy terraces, sounds good! What else? Well, it had to be some type of insider trek during which we could as well discover the numerous Chinese minorities inhabiting the area! So, on foot we went! To reach Yuanyuang Xinjie one has to take one of the two daily bus that leave ... read more
Local kid riding bufalo back to the village
As green as it can get !
Our host for lunch, had an amazing time !

Asia » China » Yunnan » Yuanyang April 16th 2009

Having visited a market in a nearby village I decided to have a look at the one in Yuanyang itself. The nearby one had been a visual feast, a kaleidoscopic array of colours worn by the local tribespeople who come down from the mountain villages to buy, sell, barter and socialise; to my delight I found more of the same in Yuangyang town itself. Click this link for advice on independent travel in Yunnan Province ... read more

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