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Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway October 21st 2015

I must confess that after ticking off the various boxes of palaces, monasteries, mountains, yaks etc, I had thought the drive back to Lhasa might have been a bit of an anticlimax, but how wrong I was. This almost 1,000km stretch of road that links Lhasa with Kathmandu has its own rugged beauty, and there were often many different types of farming activities occurring not far from the road. The highway actually splits into two sections between Lhasa and Shigatse, with the southern section (which we did on the way to EBC) going via the Yamdrok Yumtso Lake and Gyantse (refer that blog), while the northern section (which we did on the way back) is a bit shorter, bypassing Gyantse, and basically following the incredibly turquoise Yarlung Tsangpo River for the whole duration. It was especially ... read more
Typical Tibetan village
The fabulously coloured Yarlung Tsangpo River
Not just any ordinary road tunnel entrance!

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway April 23rd 2015

Today was only a 30 km drive but a slow 3 hrs down to the Tibet/Nepal border town of Zhangmu (previously known as Dram). For the second day we continued down the Sun Kosi Gorge dropping a further 1300 mths for a combined 2800 mtrs over 95kms of winding road and continuous hairpin turns and dramatic dropaways. Today I had the co-drivers seat which was the best seat in the house although some of the dropaways were hold on to the seat of your pants stuff and evidence of broken barrier guards where some vehicles didnt make it. The outlook changes from frozen, barren, desolate Tibetan Plateau to a humid sub-tropical, dense, evergreen forest filled with waterfalls & a fast running river running through the gorge. The similarity of the rapid change reminded me of the ... read more
Rock slides frequent
More hairpins & switchbacks

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway April 21st 2015

The things we do for adventure! We had a 5am wakeup for a 6.40 start in order to get to Everest Base Camp (EBC) as soon as possible before the normal afternoon clouds rolled in. At the 1st of many police checks the weather forecast was listed as minus 6c & plus 12c, regardless everyone was excited. The trip of 120 km was slow with normal highway speed for the 1st half but the last 60 kms very slow winding 1 lane cobbled side road up to the top of the 5200 mtr Pang La Pass with an amazing sweeping view of the Himalaya Mountains. The weather continued to be fine & we were blessed with a perfectly clear day with views of Everest and many of the lesser known peaks of the Himalaya’s. Along the ... read more
Side road view
Iceberg like shaped mtn
Everest view from Base Camp

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway April 20th 2015

Weather is very stable at present with another cloudless deep blue sky on offer before some light cloud rolling in as usual in the afternoons. Today was another slow but interesting 7.5 hr 240 km drive to Shegar inside the Everest Nature Reserve. The route initially passed through small farming villages but quickly turned to barren rocky hills on either side of the road all the while gently climbing first to a peak of 4500 mtrs before dropping down again only to climb an even higher pass of 5200 mtrs. A 1000 mtr climb for the day. While the outlook was still rugged & remote the scene was changing as we rose the 2nd peak. Large patches of icy snow lay in sheltered areas and covered most of the rocky river bed with a tiny but ... read more
More rugged terrain
View of Himalayas from high pass
1st view of Everest from afar

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway October 13th 2011

Hi Everybody! In this blog, I am going to let the photos tell the story. I am starting with the train from Ulan Bator. The landscape changed many times as we traveled across the Gobi Desert to Beijing. Walt thought that it would be better if I published the blogs for Beijing and Tibet after leaving China. The Communist government blocks many internet sites including Facebook, Firefox, newspaper sites, and many others. The people are very kind especially the service workers that you come in contact with at hotels, restaurants, etc. Yet, these people have a fear of their superiors, the police, the military, etc. They do not want to be the center of attention. Sometimes, they would not take a tip if their supervisor was watching but would gladly take it in private. Police and ... read more
Lady from Nepal
Chinese Bride & Groom
Dragon Boat at Summer Palace

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway October 9th 2011

So, nach etwas längerer Internetpause hier wieder ein neuer Eintrag mit dem ersten Teil der etwas verspäteten Tibet Fotos. TIBET IST DAS DACH DER WELT!!! Und nach Tibet gehen die Drachen zum schlafen, zumindest hatte es den Anschein wenn ich mir die Bergformationen immer betrachtet habe. Eine unglaublich schöne Landschaft breitete sich aus ab dem Zeitpunkt wo man den Friendship Highway von Kathmandu (Nepal) befährt. Alle paar Kilometer verändert sich das Bild dieses Landes. Zuerst ging es mit dem Jeep bis zur Grenze, die Landschaft gesäumt mit bewaldeten Bergen und Wasserfällen. Dann zu Fuss über die Grenze an der es nach chinesischem Gesetz verboten ist Fotos zu machen. Die Strassen sind teilweise echt holprig gewesen da durch die Regenzeit immer wieder Erdrutsche stattfinden und teilweise rutschen da wirklich riesige Brocken durch die Gegend. Zum Glück blieben ... read more
DSC03282 - Kopie
DSC03453 - Kopie
DSC03291 - Kopie

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway June 14th 2011

On my first day in Nepal, I was seriously disorientated and didn't have a clue where I was when I woke up. I had to go down and fill in some forms to sort out my visa for Tibet. As I was still half asleep, my poor tour leader only got grunts out of me. He told me there was going to be an optional tour at 9am, if I wanted to go, where we'd go to an important Buddhist temple, and then a Hindu temple. Outside the Buddhist temple was a stupa, that was absolutely amazing. It had a tower with eyes, perched on a mound, covered with prayer flags, and as it was a beautiful day, it looked particularly impressive. The low wall around it had hundreds of prayer wheels in it, which you ... read more
Painting Mandalas
First place we stopped at in Tibet

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway October 24th 2010

The decision to go to Tibet was a difficult one. On one hand we really wanted to see the culture and environment before it is completely changed, on the other hand, we weren't too keen on being forced onto a pre-arranged guided tour and given a carefully selected view of the country courtesy of the Chinese Government. In the end, our desire to see the country won and we signed up for a very typical seven day budget tour of Tibet taking in Lhasa, Yamdrok-Tso Lake and Everest Base Camp before heading on down The Friendship Highway to the Tibet / Nepal border. As if we hadn't had enough of trains, we opted for the 48 hour train ride from Chengdu to Lhasa, sharing our sleeper cabin with a lovely French girl and shy German man. ... read more
A moment of devotion
Beautiful girl at the Monstery
Lady and her baby,

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway September 9th 2010

9/9/2010 Thursday - Today was a very “blue sky” kind of day. The crystal blue sky just added to the beautiful scenery we saw on our drive from Tingri to Zhangmu which is the border town with Nepal. We thought it would be a ho-hum drive and boy were we surprised. The BEST scenery yet! We drove about an hour out of Tingri and then had a very clear view of Mt. Everest. We pulled over and took some pictures. I think we were both surprised we got to see it again and with an even clearer sky than yesterday. We couldn’t take our eyes off of the mountain until we passed behind another hill and couldn’t see it any longer. Further down the road we went over the Nyalam Tongla pass. It was the highest ... read more
Mt XiXiaBangMa
Mt. Cho Oyu
Us Again

Asia » China » Tibet » Friendship Highway August 20th 2010

Went up to 5100 metres to aclimatise...felt alright when we began the truck up to the pass.... but once I had gotten off the truck I was so sick that I couldnt see straight. My mind would not work. I was trying to focus on how you say hello in Nepalese - Namaste - but i couldnt work it out... I kept thinking "hgow do I spell Namaste." nutter. Had a crazy headache and spewed in 2 bags on the truck, and more when we got back. I was a bit better when we went down again, and up for dinner by that time. Although i was sick, the pass was beauitful, drapped in prayer flags and nobody around but a few random monks. The dogs are alot cuter up here compared to Kathmandu. Been here ... read more

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