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Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning August 18th 2014

This past August i went to shanghai for training. it was an interesting experience. This past August 4 people went to Shanghai 3 Chinese coworkers and myself. We left Jinhua West train station bound for shanhai south train station.... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning December 27th 2012

...we SING goodbye!!! Biiiiiiig news! Today was our last official day of training, and tomorrow will be my last day in Shanghai! There has been talk for several weeks that those of us leaving Shanghai for satellite centers might be required to stick around in Shanghai for up to 2 additional weeks beyond training. Issues with visas, center requirements and travel challenges have all been cited as potential causes… however, it turns out that we have run into none of these, so I will be leaving Shanghai on Saturday. There is a bittersweet feeling associated with all of this. For one, I am just starting to feel comfortable with Shanghai: I’ve mastered the Metro system, I know how to get lost here, I have friends here, and so on. But I am also ecstatic about moving ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning December 13th 2012

Ho-ly CRAP that's a long flight! But I'm on solid ground, and writing this (thankfully) from my own private bedroom where I'll be staying for the next 3 weeks. That flight, direct from Chicago to Shanghai, was 14 hours long. At around hour 3, I was feeling pretty all right because that's about when they announced that we'd be fed all the lid-long day. 2 lunches and 2 snacks, and I do love me some airplane food so that was a plus. Around hour 7, I hated life a little bit and fell asleep realizing that I was only half way through it. But, the second half actually flew by, betwee 3 movies, a little gaming and a serious nap. The hotel that Disney has us in reminds me a lot of the freshman dorms at ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning October 30th 2012

Goodbye Shanghai, you have been good to us. China has been the experience of a lifetime and it is only beginning. Training lasted much longer than anticipated. I was the last of my group to leave Shanghai (other than those staying there). We were so happy to finally be coming to Wuhan but it was so nice to explore Shanghai. We were able to visit the Shanghai World Aquarium, The Shanghai Wild Animal Park, The Bund, The Museum of Science and Technology, Qiabo, the SheShan Basilica, experienced KTV and even took a trip to Jinshan to see the China Sea. The Aquarium was beautifully designed. It was several stories tall with tons of different animals. The jelly fish exhibit was huge and the bottom level was full of tunnels with moving walkways that brought you by ... read more
The boys and the tiger cub
The Bund
The Museum of Science and Technology

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning September 16th 2012

Orientation was a whirlwind. We went over medical and apartment hunting. Signed our final contract, purchased Chinese cell phones and received our bank cards. The day kind of blurred by. I got my first glance of an actual Disney English!!! It was very exciting. We went inside and it lived up to my expectations. And HUGE bonus…I finally have medical insurance!!! After orientation I was heading back to the hotel and noticed a massage parlor across the street. I quickly walked over and decided to get a 2 hour message!!! It was pure torture. My back and neck were in pain due to stress and the day of traveling and carrying boxes up and down to the attic the last few weeks. The masseuse used these suction cup things on my back. They are said to ... read more
CoCo's Tea
Jing'an Temple
Jing'an Temple

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning September 14th 2012

Wednesday Morning, Sept 12 The big day has arrived! I can hardly believe that I’m writing this blog as I wait in the terminal to board my first plane. I will be flying to Chicago where I will catch my connecting flight to Shanghai. This week has been a roller coaster. Last minute Visas and Airline tickets but as always the good Lord works things out. Today has been a day full of tears and laughter. I know I am doing the best thing for my family. A good job, great benefits, and the opportunity to experience such a unique culture….but it was awfully hard to walk through security as my boys waved bye with tears rolling down their cheeks. I cried all through security. When I finally got through the checkpoint I found a glass ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning June 21st 2012

Si riparte! Stiamo salendo sempre più di quota, e la vetta dei mitici 5.416 m e’ sempre lontana. Usciamo di mattina presto dal villaggio di Manang e il sentiero già s’inerpica. Arranco, con l’abbondante colazione ancora nello stomaco e una fredda pioggerellina che scende. Il cielo è nuvolo, le vette coperte da nuvole. Attraversiamo l’antico nucleo abitato che costituisce Manang, saluto per l’ultima volta l’occhio turchese del lago di Gangapurna e si risale ulteriormente. Sono molto a corto di fiato. Al di là della colazione, a quasi 4.000 mt l’aria è povera di ossigeno, ed ogni sforzo è almeno doppio di uno normale. Il sentiero alterna infatti brevi ma ripide salite e tratti più o meno piani, dove mi riprendo. A un certo punto, una casa a strapiombo sul burrone costituisce la località di Ghusang – ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning May 25th 2012

Evetything has been packed .. All set .. Packing is one of the fun part of the travel, feel like a preview of the trip, picking every item , I would imagine what I will doing with it in Thailand, where I will be by then? Who I might meet ? .. In some case better version of the trip , imagination can bring me every where .. :-). A big backpack, which will come with me on every future trip :-) Excited ! Life is short .. I choose to live it :-) Viv/Sloan... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning May 12th 2012

Lewis Hamilton's gonna be on the pole at tomorrow's race !! Well... this is nothing new anymore, Lewis has won almost all pole position except for Shanghai GP, but after 4 races already, he still hasn't been able to win any of the races so far.... Please hope tomorrow he will eventually win, he deserves to win, only if Mclaren team doesn't screw him up tomorrow as they always did .... I am quite concerned with Lewis's car, seems something wrong with his car.. hopefully i wouldn't hear nay news about some of kind of gearbox change penalty tomorrow morning when I got up ... I just cannot take another ridiculous shock on this any more ... Anyway, I think tomorrow's race is gonna be fun to watch, shocking thing is that the driver came second ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning May 9th 2012

So we arrived in Wuhan, christ when was it, Tuesday 24th April. Aye. After looking around for a bus with no joy, we headed to the taxi rank. Looking like a flock of lost lambs, an English speaking Chinese woman came over to offer some assistance. She phoned the hostel for us and set us up in a taxi which was awfy kind of her. The thing we failed to notice when booking our tickets was that this railway station was a solid hour away from the hostel, thank god for good ol' cheap Chinese taxis. Checked into the hostel, not the best start, toilet didnt flush, air-con wouldn't turn on, mozzies galore and a hornet the size of my fist fizzing about the place, had to expend half of my insect repellent just to fell ... read more
Yangtze River
The Bund
Some mug at the Bund

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