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Drunkpiano Viv Sloan

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao May 9th 2013

Coming to Bohol mainly for diving, and I have to say Bohol is such a perfect place for diving, so many diving site to choose and the underwater coral walls are so diverse, for a beginner like me, each dive is an adventure. Been busy with divings these five days, now I have completed the AOW course, suddenly feel a bit lost, what's next? I still want to dive more for certain, maybe a rescue course? Diving seems like a drug, can easily get people addicted to it. I am thinking of coming here again and stay for 2 or 3 months, learn diving and maybe work in a diving shop and live several months of simple life, here is just too good to go back to SH's office and sitting in a cubicle and work ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Shangri-La December 2nd 2012

Yunnan, just by name it could inspire so many questions... Always seems to have a veil of mystery, the most mysterious of all is of course famous Shangri-La, which was originally called Di qi, but changed to Shangri-La for the famous book &moive "Lost Horizon" - James Hilton. I have to say the world has been giving too much credit to the name "Shangri-La", which misleads many people to have very high expectation about the place Shangri-La. I am one of them. Before I went there, every mentioning of Shangri-La made me feel it's a place like "heaven", huge grass land with yaks everywhere, having lake-blue sky and snow-capped mountains as backgroud, local people dressing in their traditional Tibetan style clothes, milking the yaks, making barley wine and dancing around the fire at night. Somewhere hidden ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket June 12th 2012

Haven't got time to timely update my thailand until now... crazy busy at work, just trying to catch up with the work left behind during the Thailand 7 days trip... Really hard to get back to work and concerntrate after the trip, I am still in the holiday mood and my mind has been lingering around those memories in Thailand :) I enjoyed every split second of the trip...... read more
In Emerald Temple
beautiful temple

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket May 29th 2012

@ Phuket Karon Beach.. beautiful area, lovely food, nice people .. Rent a scooter to go around the area, karon beach, kata area, some other places nearby, scooter makes it so easy :) Went to the karon beach just for a relaxing morning, the waves here are quite big and the it's quite dangerous to swim here for the drawback power of the tide is quite strong, very easily pepole can be pull into the deep water by the tide. Had a nice morning getting sun bath, the sun was a bit too strong and I was out there too long, now my arms and my legs are red and ichy.. hope it wouldn't get any worse in next few days, in addition to that, I will be wearing a flesh-colored bikini for next 2 to ... read more
Dewa Karon Resort
Scooter-My Blue Bird!
On the road again..

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 27th 2012

Heading to Chatuchak weekend market this afternoon. Will share more about my day trip in Bangkok later !... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 27th 2012

Just found out Michael Shumacher will be on pole for today's race !!! Amazingly shociking news, which for sure will make this race a must-to-watch race !!! Nicorosberg came third.. these two facts just proves Mercedes car is fast.. My favorite Hamilton came fourth, but I know he will try everything to overtake and hopefully after 5 races, he can finally win one race, it's about the time... Hamiltion is the one to beat in 2012 .. Couldn't wait. Viv/Sloan... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 26th 2012

Finally reached Bangkok around 7pm. Spent almost an hour to finally go through the Immigration check out.. The minute stepped out the airport, I can feel a hot wave coming right at me.. the weather is steamy hot, quickly junmped into the taxi, not surprised, the driver was not willing to go by meters, after several round of negotiation with him (actually I didn't understand what he said most of times), he agreed to drop us to our hotel at 500 BHT, later been proved we were being overcharged... HOTEL - NAVALAI RIVER RESORT - Phra Athit Road At the first sight, I was surprised because the sign of the hotel is packed in the middle of buildings, looks likes it would be a cheap and dirty motel, and there was no sign of the river. ... read more
for the party

Asia » China » Shanghai » Changning May 25th 2012

Evetything has been packed .. All set .. Packing is one of the fun part of the travel, feel like a preview of the trip, picking every item , I would imagine what I will doing with it in Thailand, where I will be by then? Who I might meet ? .. In some case better version of the trip , imagination can bring me every where .. :-). A big backpack, which will come with me on every future trip :-) Excited ! Life is short .. I choose to live it :-) Viv/Sloan... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Jing An May 13th 2012

Lewis was being pulled off the pole and put at the last on the grip, thanks to Mclaren's stupid boss Whitmars under fueling his car ... They managed to screw him up again.. Very successfully ... What's the heck wrong with Mclaren this year ? A top team, but somehow can't even manage the car's fueling ?? Whitmarsh should be fired !!!! Idiot ! Mad.... Not much interet left in watching today's F1 race..... Viv/Sloan at Big Bamboo !!... read more

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