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Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 11th 2012

Still walking in Jinan I have only a half day teaching on Thursday, quick canteen lunch and I got back to the campus around 2pm. My little expat treat today was crackers with REAL cheese and tomatoes and plunger coffee. More walking today, between the huge amounts of veges I am eating and all the walking I should be getting thin!! Today I headed off to find Daming Lake. So turn left off Lishan Lu onto Huayuan Lu and the veer left onto Dongguan Lu. This area is again middle of the road China, whole avenues of food stalls and pavement shops, pet vendors with squirrels, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs in cages and a huge cage of chirping crickets in one area. There was also a massive indoors Paddy Market type of ... read more
Rabbits and guinea pigs
Caged squirrel

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 10th 2012

Qilo Normal University is located right in the centre of the city on Lishan Lu very near the intersection of Huayuan Lu Today the sun was shining, the skies were blue, I finished teaching at 10-10am so time to explore my surroundings. So after lunch, laundry and vacuuming, I stepped out and went east along Lishan Lu. I suspect the more east I went the more expensive things got, streets immaculate and swept, gardens manicured and clipped and expensive looking shops and restaurants. Some of the more expensive places have flower gardens outside the entrance, hundreds of plants pots all neatly displayed and flowering to perfection. There are contrasts though with a gritty street seller on one corner and on the other a boutique. Most buildings, the streets, cars really everything is covered with a fine ... read more
Lishan Lu
Washing on the line
Bridal boutique

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 9th 2012

Awake and up and functioning at 7am, a little bit more apartment fiddling and I decided to tackle my Telstra mobile phone which is locked out to any other SIM despite it working before with another SIM. Rang the Telstra support number they sent me and 8 people later, three phone calls, no one that seemed to understand me or speak my language, I gave up. A cup of tea helped, milk comes in little 230mls bags, one was kindly left in the fridge for me, you can easily buy them in most little stores in any little shop. Porridge for breakfast, Australia oats! Again from the left over stash of food, no more milk no laundry detergent so a walk to the supermarket is in order. Let me fire up the laptop I think and ... read more
No load too small for a bike
Brave policeman
Cars in bike lanes, no problem!

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 8th 2012

Here is a look at my apartment, I've moved things around a little and made it more liveable for me. 5 rooms, feel quite indulged liviing here when i know that 6 students squeeze into a room and a family of five would live here.... read more
Foreign Experts Building
The balcony
Laundry day

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 8th 2012

It’s Friday still…… Arrival in Jinan was smooth, passport and luggage and minimal hassle especially since it was near the end of the 8 day holiday period. Hershell was there to meet me, I had no idea what he looked like, I was easy to spot, the only Westerner on the flight. He is my only contact, he works in the International Department of Qilo University and will also be my translator for some of my classes. Jinan is smoggy, typical Chinese city off the tourist maps. Industrial, chaotic roads, tree lined, high rise dwelling, functional but not pretty. Quite odd to see lots of BMW and Mercedes, a sign of the new wealth in China. We drove to the old campus, lots of ducking and weaving in and out of lanes, straddling 2 ... read more
2nd dish
my host Hersell

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan August 23rd 2012

Jinan, die Stadt der Quellen Mit schwerem Herzen habe ich mich von meinen Kollegen in Qingtao verabschiedet und mache mich auf den Weg in die regionale Hauptstadt. Die Taxifahrerin hatte entweder Mitleid mit mir und meinem riesigen Gepck oder sie wollte sich die lukrative Fahrt zum Bahnhof nicht entgehen lassen. Kurzerhand hat sie mich ins Taxi verfrachtet, ist in die Garage gefahren, dort hat ihr Wagen einen Oelfilterwechsel innert 20 Min erhalten und los ging die Fahrt zum Bahnhof. Hat man das System der Bahnhöfe mal verstanden ist es sehr einfach: es gibt verschiedene Wartezonen denen die Züge zugeordnet sind, wie auf dem Flughafen. Der richtige Warteraum wird auf einer grossen Tafel neben den Zugsinformationen angezeigt. Wie auch beim Flug werden die Passagiere aufgefordert das Perron zu betreten. Meine Tickets habe ich in einem Reisebuero gekauft ... read more
Wartebereich am Bahnhof
Gartenanlage 1

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan July 19th 2012

Hi All, So with there being no direct train from Qingdao to Changsha I had a six hour wait in Ji'nan, for my nineteen hour train trip to Changsha, so I went in search of the mosque in the muslim quarter. I found it quite easily and I was allowed to go into the prayer hall, unfortunately no photos as men were coming in to pray, it was really beautiful. Full of columns and arabic writing on the walls, beams and ceilings. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan March 21st 2011

Getting off the plane in Beijing, it would be fair to say three things about me; I was more than a little nervous, I was very tired and I was expecting a massive culture shock to hit me any second - so to walk out of the arrival gates and immediately see signs for Pizza Hut and KFC brought me more comfort than I ever thought either of those brands could. Walking out of the gates, incidentally, into a city where you know nobody and you are certain there will be no one to meet you is a weird feeling and not one I'd recommend making a habit of. The culture shock wasn't far away though. The first thing to hit you is the driving (the first thing, aside from the fact that there are Chinese ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan November 10th 2010

Hej Alle I får lige en blog, som jeg faktisk skrev i søndags. Desværre er der gået noget galt i publiceringen, så den er lidt forældet, men det går nok. Lige nu har jeg travlt med at forberede mig til en forelæsning i morgen, samt til at at holde møde med fakultets professorer om forbedring af deres undervisningsmetoder, så jeg sparer lige energien til dette. Så er det jo smart bare at genbruge nedenstående tekst: Så blev det weekend og en god undskyldning for at tage på udflugt. Teamet var i denne weekend delt i to hold. Flertallet har brugt et par dage i Qingdao - en stor by ved kysten, mest af alt kendt for den gode Tsingtao øl (som sagtens kan købe i DK iøvrigt). Nu mente jeg at jeg så rigeligt ar fået ... read more
På toppen...
- for der var lige lidt mere...
Udsigt over Ji'nan

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan November 5th 2010

I går holdt Walter og jeg vores største forelæsning på Shandong Normal University. Temaet var IBM, succes i erhvervslivet og med karrieren. Ja med min karriere var der jo en del at fortælle :-), men så alligevel - for 400 universitetsstuderende så ser det jo alligevel ok ud :-) Det var ellers vældigt underholdende. Det var en blanding af førsteårsstuderende og ældre studerende, så det var lidt savært at lægge niveauet rigtigt. For meget teoretisk stof, og de nye var koblet af, for lidt af det samme og de ældre ville kede sig - men det gjorde ikke spor: Jeg vil gætte på at 50% forstod 25% af hvad vi sagde. Blandt de andre 50% var det 25% som faldt i søvn, og resten sad ed meget koncentrerede miner og prøvede at følge med. Kunne vi ... read more
Walter underviser
Et billede for et billede
"jamen det var jo mig der skulle fotografere dig"

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