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Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 26th 2012

Borrowing the inspiring statement that is the essence of the national Early Years Learning Framework in Australia I would have to say that today I feel I am finally making connections, feel I belong and am becoming the teacher and person I am usually in Australia. Being an impatient person I suppose 3 weeks is not that long to make connections in a whole new place, new language, new culture, but I really need to belong somewhere in order to feel me, and today it happened. Today I had my last lesson with Cohort 2 for the week; I finally felt that some connections were being made. We were doing really tough work with legislation and they were trying so hard to follow me and take part in the lesson. The bus ride to and from ... read more
Happy plant
My marigolds have sprouted

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 24th 2012

I think I need to be on the payroll for tourism Shandong and Jinan as today I stumbled across some more things to see and do in Jinan. Wednesday is my easy day, teaching from 8-30am to 10-15am, so with the one hour bus to and from it makes for a nice 4.5 hour day. This compares very favourably to my Tuesday which is 8 periods of 45 mins teaching, that day starts at 7am when I catch the bus and 6-30pm when I finally stumble up the stairs to my apartment. So after a quick vacuum and dust of the apartment, lunch and coffee and emails I was off to explore. I’m not that house proud but there is always a fine layer of dust settling on everything here, the air is gritty, your skin ... read more
Names of the dead soldiers
Beautiful memorial
1948 war China and Japan

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 21st 2012

English corner provides some lovely moments. Spoke with a couple of Chinese men, brilliant English; 1 had done post grad studies in Adelaide and had also lived in Sweden for 3 years, another was working with a Chinese/Australian steel company and watched English movies to improve his English and a sweet little 8 year old Amy, who spoke English like a native, her Dad had taught her totally. It’s really great to talk about similarities and differences in taxes and government and schooling and get a real Chinese perspective on life. And articulated so well. There were about 6 Westerners there today, some Chinese people go from group to group and just listen; others find a topic of conversation or conversation style more to their liking and prefer some people over others. Rose from the Blue ... read more
Off on the number 3
BRT bus
BRT bus stop

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 20th 2012

A Saturday off, so today’s plan is to head toward the Spring City Park which is further south than Spring City Square. It’s called Quan Cheng and is a huge expanse of forest areas, water features and paths. Pine trees featured in the area I was in, reminding me a lot of New Zealand and the South Island’s parks and domains of my childhood. I took the 79 bus up Ji Shan Lu South and stopped off at RTMart and McDonalds for a little treat; latte and muffin! Kinda thought I would walk it off, no harm done! McDonalds was so full, the Chinese have embraced Western food wholeheartedly and despite the big prices compared to street food, they were buying up big. A burger is around Y15-. KFC is hugely popular here too; 24 hour ... read more
Stares but not much sympathy
Fresh sugar cane juice
lots of buy

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 18th 2012

Jinan has a recorded history dating back 2600 years. It is most famous for its springs, fresh water coming out of caves and into what is now a canal system. People gather at the various spot and collect this water in containers and take home to use. So agriculture was recorded in this area around 22BC, due to the natural abundance of water and a temperate climate. Jinan is the capital of the Shandong province, and the city is a natural midpoint for many of the road and rail systems. Spring City Square in the central square of Jinan and located on the south part of the canal system, one parallel block away from the shopping mecca of Quancheng Lu. This is a huge recreational area, almost 1km square, completed in 1999 with musical fountains, a ... read more
Natural Spring
Walkway decorations
No luck today

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 17th 2012

Today I had the privilege of visiting 2 kindergartens as part of my work here. Qilu University Shandong China has partnered with Southbank Institute of Technology Queensland Australia to deliver a Diploma of Child Studies to students. Chinese and Australian teachers are training the students to work as kindergarten assistants. As part of this training the students must do work experience at a kindergarten and they do this in blocks of 2 weeks. There they volunteer, and work alongside the paid staff working with the children in the rooms. Each kindergarten caters for children from 3-6years and this is non-compulsory but seen as highly valuable, so many children attend. The two I visited today had enrolments of 500 and the other 600, with 40 children in the junior rooms and 50 in the senior rooms, with ... read more
Cups for all
Setting out the beds for sleep

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 15th 2012

Yes I am teaching 4 days a Week Getting up before 6am is not one of my strong points but I was told I had to be at the bus as it leaves on the dot of 7am. And it did and I was there. And I do it 4 days a week! Qilo Normal University has an inner city campus for 2000 students and 8,000 on the new campus. The new campus is a 50kms away to the east, a 1 hour journey in the morning and up to an 1 hour 40 minute journey on the way back, past the car franchises, past the factories, past the new Shandong museum, past the Olympic stadium, right out in the middle of nowhere. The bus weaved in and out of the lanes, madly honked ... read more
My room block
Students get hot water at the cafeteria
Bank at the new campus

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 14th 2012

At Black Tiger Spring park every Sunday morning, a group of people meet to practise their English. Any English speaking person is welcome to come along and just chat. So any westerners are especially welcome. You just stand there or lean against something or perch and people surround you and want to talk about anything and everything. I was quite of interest being new and people just wanted to hear my accent and ask questions and compare life for us to them, ask why I was in China, what I thought of China etc. Clayton and his partner Julia who is a Chinese lady and speaks flawless English, took me there, we took the bus. I met Geoff from the USA, he and his wife. They have retired here after her teaching job finished here. Rose ... read more
Natural Clean spring water
Some of the eager English speakers
Black Tiger Spring Park

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 13th 2012

A big sleep in and a big read in the morning sun on my balcony was a great start to my Saturday. Not being a shopper, I prefer an op shop bargain to looking at Myers, I thought I would have to go to Quancheng Lu to check out what all the hype was about. So you head up Li Shan Lu towards Thousand Budda Mountain Park and turn right just after Carrefour onto Jiefang Lu. Keep going, past the canal and head towards decadence and shopping with a capital S! Every shop that is designer label and more is here. All the usual Western Brands, equivalents of what looks like Myers and David Jones, I looked decidedly scruffy in my op shop trackies and $5- Rockmans shirt and joggers. Some of the men and women ... read more
Elegant department Store
Street landscaping
Modern designs

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 12th 2012

No alarm to wake up to at 5-50am, a lazy start with a cup of tea on the balcony, breakfast at my leisure and time to think and breath. After planning my program for the week, a canteen lunch of rice, meat and veges and meeting one of the music students who wanted to befriend me. I headed off for another walking tour. Going in the opposite direction to Daming Lake on Huayuan Lu I walked until I got to RT Mart and Maccas. This certainly is not the pretty area of town, its life without the silver lining, lots of variety, with shoe menders plying their trade on the street corners amongst some of the street businesses. A latte and cheese cake reward in a very hot upstairs section of Maccas, it almost feels decadent ... read more
Honglu Sqaure
Across the road from McD
Front view of cathedral

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