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Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou March 25th 2018

After breakfast in the hotel (jolly good, 18 RMB, ca. £1.50) we walked a couple of km in warm, sunny weather to explore Five Springs Mountain Park. It was Saturday, so quite busy for the time of year (by our standards, VERY busy). It is an extensive park on the side of a 650 metre very steep hillside, and the many shrubs and trees were just coming into leaf or bud. The area is packed with facilities, hawkers, street-stalls, temples, shrines, a zoo, a fun-fair, five different springs and numerous washrooms in varying degrees of suitability. Maghnus had decided to run up to the top (35 minutes?) whilst K and C elected to “people-watch”. Quite a lot of them watched us instead, and we were greeted by various children; we also watched a chap playing a ... read more
Dust laying, Lanzhou
Five Springs Park
The horse in Lanzhou museum

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou March 24th 2018

Another nice breakfast at Leisa’s café, after another tough night on the “plank” bed, then we set off to drive 392 km down to Lanzhou, capital of Gansu (population ca. 2.5 miliion). Dropping from 3,400 metres to about 2,000 metres, from the mountains to a river valley and a city 4km wide by 25km long. As we left Langmusi, Christa noticed a (dead) wolf on the back of a put-put. We noticed a yak calf gambolling around, so confirmed our suspicion that the small, remote tent sometimes seen (with solar panel) is the equivalent of a shepherd’s hut, somewhere for the herdsman to stay during the calving period. The endless rolling grassland is an incredible sight, with prosperous homesteads in villages or isolated, and really strong stocking levels. We passed the watershed again, almost halfway from ... read more
Ma Chenghu staff
Tea and flavouring
Lily bulb fields

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou August 7th 2014

Leaving Xiahe today back to Lanzhou to catch train to Dunhuang. But first we wanted to visit the Bingling Si grottoes, a collection of carvings and frescoes and statues from the Han and Ming Dynasty. Trusty driver roared off in usual fervour and few hrs later we were at the boat launching place on the side of the lingshuia reservoir. Into the little speed boat and a 30 min race across the waters to the remote location where 'they' discovered this amazing site. Dodging the souvenir sellers and the restaurant touts we ventured into the chasm where the frescoes were. The caves were first cut In 420AD and continued for a thousand yrs after. There are 216 cave niches and one massive carved Buddha , about a thousand metres of mural paintings, and fifty pagodas. The ... read more
BingLing Si Reservoir - jetty
BingLing Si
BingLing Si Buddhist Grottos

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou June 7th 2014

CAMPING: IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE CHINA Distance: 142 Kms SubT. 2177 Kms Bal 10,314 Kms Road Condition: mostly good Weather: sunny, blue sky, white puffy clouds. Cooler. Good for riding. Time in Saddle: 7 hrs Av Speed: av. 20 kph. Av Cadence. Rpm Elevation: 1980 m (x4) up; 2000 m ( x2.5) Calories burned : E 6000 A great sleep, perhaps in contemplation of tonight's camp. Ate a nourishing breakfast supermarket bought, yogurt drink, banana, apricots, bun with jam, watermelon. Made riding much more comfortable. It was a heavy hills day, but taken at my own pace, it was quite comfortable. Rode alone most of the day, which was enjoyable as directions were straight forward, also allowed more toilet, drink and photo stops. The scenery was great, terraced hillsides, ready for planting, with long views ... read more

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou April 8th 2014

Geo: 36.0757, 103.679There really is something special about traveling, especially when you wake up in a different place. The sun was slowly rising and filling the train carriage. The strange landscape kept racing past. I had my camera ready to catch a glimpse of something special and different.By the time we had arrived at the Louzhou train station at 9:18am everyone was up. They had breakfast. Most of the kids had the 2 minute instant noodles where you just add the boiling water.We had another guide waiting for us. On the bus we all went.First stop, The Waterwheel Garden. OK. The chinese love their gardens. The guide asked us if we wanted to go on a boat made of sheep skin that goes on the Yellow river.We walked down the stairs past the Huge Waterwheel and ... read more
Sheep skin boat

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou April 5th 2014

Geo: 36.0757, 103.679We woke up still on the train and it was dark.We gathered all of our belonging and off we went to find our tour guide.Another bus and off we went for breakfast. Noodles, baozi, soup and tea. Perfect.Back on the bus and off to Jiayuguan Pass.Jiayuguan Pass is the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall of China.The day was a little overcast but the Wall is amazing. It is hard to believe that people actually lived within these walls. Life would have been very difficult.There where so many camels and the kids also did some archery.Back on the bus and we went into the city for lunch. We walked around in search of food. Some of us ordered chicken. Yes the whole chicken arrived. Yes it was cooked and cut ... read more
Fort on the Great Wall
Fort on the Great Wall2

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou April 4th 2014

Geo: 36.0757, 103.679This was a trip that my husband organized so I just went along so it was to be one of those trips that we really had no what was going to happen. There was 14 of us. Men, Women and children.First we flew from Nanjing and arrived in Lanzhou at 19:10. We were picked up at the airport and transported by bus to the railway station which was to be a 1 and a half hours drive and we were to catch the overnight train.It left at 22:00 and arrived in Jiayuguan at 6am. The flight was slightly delayed. The bus was trying its best to catch up the time we had lost. We arrived with about 15 minuted to get through the crowds, enter the train station, find our train and then jump ... read more
Quick change to the bus

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou June 15th 2013

After a very pleasant week in Beijing with Becky (and painful goodbyes), I took the train back to Lanzhou for the 2nd leg of my trip in Gansu Province, heading North West towards Xinjiang Province. But before getting on the bike and hitting the road hard, I spent one afternoon in Lanzhou city, visiting the quiet side of town. I hiked around the White Pagoda Mountain on the other side of the Yellow River. Lanzhou is not the most beautiful city in China, but it was nice to wander in this park and sit below large green trees and colorful temples. Old people were playing chess; young people were taking pictures with their iPads and children were flying kites. This park was built on the side of a very dry mountain and from the top we ... read more
Baita Park
Lanzhou was built on very dry land
I met this little boy in the train

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou June 5th 2013

Lanzhou. One day in a typical Chinese city. I only spent a short day in Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu province. There are quite a few parks and temples around Lanzhou but I found this city pretty crowded, messy and noisy (It’s a Chinese city!) and I was really looking forward to hitting the road towards the countryside. After an overnight train ride from Beijing I quickly found a hotel, dropped my bags and jumped in a bus to go fetch my bicycle I had shipped here from Fuzhou a few weeks ago. The depot was located in the outskirts of the city and it took me quite a bit of time to find it. I quickly put my bike back together and I started riding throughout Lanzhou. Lanzhou is stuck between 2 mountains that ... read more
the Hui
Mr Pu and his wife
along the Yellow River

Asia » China » Gansu » Lanzhou July 30th 2011

Zaterdag 30 juli Van Lanzhou naar Korbeek-Lo Onze terugkeer naar huis gebeurde op een ontspannen manier. We konden om te beginnen uitslapen en rustig ontbijten. Om 10 uur werden we opgepikt door een privé-wagen, waarvan de chauffeur ons de dag tevoren een mooi aanbod deed om ons naar de luchthaven te brengen. Er was druk verkeer die zaterdagmorgen, maar we geraakten toch op een uur bij de luchthaven. Alles bleef vlot verlopen tot op onze tussenstop in Xi’an. Daar moesten we onze bagage terug oppikken en waren eraan gekluisterd voor een paar uur. De luchthaven van Xi’an is zeer groot en zeer druk maar heeft bijna geen zitplaatsen, uiteraard wisten we er 3 in te pikken. Het was lang wachten, maar ook dat gaat voorbij met puzzelen, lezen en mensen observeren. Uiteindelijk mochten we dan toch ... read more
Ludo werkt zelfs in de luchthaven nog aan het kasverslag.
Na het eten lust wim wel een glaasje wijn, de anderen houden het bij bier.

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