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Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China December 31st 2019

In all my travel experiences, China was the most challenging country. I've experienced difficulties during my visit to Beijing, from entering the country, leaving the airport, staying and exiting Beijing. Not only the immigration regulations were strict, but the language barrier was a massive issue too. The scrutiny of the city is exceptionally high. The Chinese public security team and the military ensured the city was guarded. Surveillance cameras were also installed in busy streets and little blocks, which was uncomfortable at some point. Beijing got me frustrated at times however, sweet Beijingers made that drama disappear. I spent four days in Beijing under the Beijing 144 hours visa-free program. My travel point began in Beijing, where I took half the day to recover from long-haul flights. I felt the damn jetlag linger the next day. ... read more
Beijing at night
Beijing gate at night
Shopping in Beijing is heaven and a way to kill jetlag?

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China November 24th 2019

I have a massive love for Asia and I can't wait to start my journey. My upcoming trip begins from Beijing down to New Delhi then further down to Malaysia and Indonesia. Aside from pleasure, this trip is also a part of my world's seven wonders collection which I have collected 4 so far.... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China April 12th 2019

DAY 10 - Although the Temple of Heaven was very interesting, the really big ticket items were still to come on Wednesday. Again we left the hotel early to beat the traffic, a short, illegal park for the coach so we could run (yes, we were told to run, as the driver could receive a ticket), to the top of an overpass to take some quick shots of the Birds Nest Stadium, where the Olympics were held some years back, 2008 I think. So picture this, 18 Aussies running down footpath in Beijing, pushing the locals aside, up the steps the overpass 3 at a time (well, maybe just one at a time, quickly), across to the other side, snap a few quick pics of the Birds Nest, then a leisurely stroll in double double time ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China May 9th 2018

Sunday 29 April was a public holiday in China and also the day we headed off to see, and climb, some of the Great Wall of China. But first things first. Our first stop that morning was at the Dragon Land Superior Jade Gallery where initially I had no intention of buying anything. But such good intentions soon went awray because, let's face it, jade - a metamorphic rock that is naturally coloured green, red, yellow, or white - really is beautiful. When polished and treated, the vibrant colours of jade can be extraordinary. The most popular kind of jade - very important in Chinese culture - is green jade, because of its beauty, practical use, and social value. Jade has been used in virtually all periods of Chinese history and generally accords with the style ... read more
Exquisite jade carving
Close up of the jade carving
White jade carving

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China January 24th 2018

Hello Family and Friends, It's 2018! We are heading to China. Wishing for a free summer travel adventure? Travel to China with Global Link China June 2018. We promise fun learning. Some of you may remember, I lived in China with my then 10 year old son who today at 22 years old is a Mandarin speaker translating and guiding our trips. Here's his message: Join us on this once in a life time opportunity to travel abroad. Sign up here - Look back at our journey and join us on our new adventure 2018. Look at how it changed our lives. Read the director's interview by Asian Focus: read more
Forbidden City
Students at Silk Market

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China July 17th 2017

Une journée inoubliable à tous points de vue... La route : ça passe toujours La muraille hors des sentiers battus : un peu trop raides, ces sentiers, contents d´etre vivants .... Seulement quelques litres d'eau en moins La muraille pour tous: grandiose et bien assez sportif comme ça (même avec le télésiège pour monter) La luge pour redescendre : vivent les installations pour touristes ! La douche : exceptionnelle Les ampoules (no comment) Le pot au canard pour se réhydrater : rien de mieux !... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China July 3rd 2017

Saturday was a great day……….. and today is Monday night, this post is a little late, it’s been a rough couple of days that I will blog about tomorrow. Well Saturday was great in the sense that I went to the Forbidden Palace and I climb the great wall. It was an awesome experience but boy am I tired. I tried to write this passage in the yesterday morning but I just couldn’t wake up early enough to pack, have breakfast and write about my Saturday adventures. I know, I know I’m complaining too much but I just want y’all to know that saturday was jampacked, it was leg day! Breakfast at the hotel was different and unique, we had steam buns, green beans, hot soymilk and other things that I don’t remember, all of it ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China June 28th 2017

So today we visited the Great Wall of China! We left the hostel at around 6:00 am went to meet the bus, but because some people were running late the driver thought we weren’t coming and left but eventually came back… It took us around three hours to get to the Wall from our hostel. Yashoda told us that we weren’t going to the section of the Great Wall where all the tourists go that has been reconstructed, but we were going to a section that is one hundred percent untouched which I thought was pretty cool. I was a little disappointed because I still would have liked to have seen the touristy part, but I'll probably come back and see that some other time in the future… The walk along the Wall was SO gorgeous! ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China June 27th 2017

Today we went to the Great Wall of China. We got up early and drove for about two hours then, we arrived. We did a bit of hiking and, when we reached the top, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The mountains where amazing and the Great Wall was out of this world. We were the only ones on the wall - a part of it that had not been restored - it was amazing. The weather was very hot and I got a bit sun-burnt but, it was worth it. I also could not believe how long the wall was and I wanted to walk the whole thing but that would be impossible because it is so long and a lot of it is broken. One thing I can’t get my ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China May 27th 2017

Arrived in China later than expected, so had to hot foot it to our hotel to meet our tour group! We followed all the instructions given to us on how to get from the airport to the hotel via taxi, but somehow must have done something wrong. So much so we ended up in a 16 seater minibus- to ourselves!!! The giggles soon dissipated due to the crazy nature of the taxi drivers driving and other Chinese road users! Now we have had some crazy taxis before but I feel this may have taken the biscuit. But still we arrived checked in, met the group and had dinner. The next day it was up early for a guided tour of Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city and the dream tower! This day was entertaining for a few ... read more

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