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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot January 7th 2024

We left Rainbow Lodge 🌈 by boat then taxi to travel to Kampot. The road was very bumpy with lots of road works but, thankfully, the journey was not as long as the one to Tatai and we got to see more of the beautiful countryside. There were also a large number of high story buildings with only small vents and no windows. We were baffled as to what they were but discovered they are swiftlet houses used to farm and harvest edible nests that are exported to China for use in birds nest soup. It is a very lucrative business,as a pound of these can sell for over £3000. I’m not tempted as the fine plant materials and feathers are bound together using the birds saliva 🤢 Our accommodation in Kampot was perfectly located, again, ... read more
Anyone fancy birds nest soup?
Crop burning and water buffalo
Tuk tuk causes traffic jam

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot January 6th 2020

We spent the first half of the day Chasin' Waterfalls (Songs in your head innit?), then commenced on the 4-5hr drive to Kampot. Shortly before we get into town, Vanny announces that there's been an issue with our hotel. Another url= in town (7 stories high) collapsed, killing 36 people and injuring 26. Some the the police/rescuers/investigators ended up taking the rooms allocated for us, so our hotel moved us to another hotel instead. Given the tragedy that had occurred, the reasoning seemed ok. Vanny assured us it was a new hotel, so it didn't seem all bad. Boy were we wrong. We get into the hotel, it definitely doesn't look new, but hey, maybe he just meant new in ownership and it was just a misinterpretation of English. Get up to my room, open the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot February 8th 2019

Today we rented some scooters (mopeds) and headed to Bokor National Park. The real adventure was taking a go at navigating the Cambodian roads. The good thing for me is Kampot is way less congested than Siem Reap. It was about a 30 minute ride to the national park and then 45 minutes winding up to the 1 kilometer peak. The curves were great training ground for learning to steer and the almost empty road was great for going at my own pace and seeing the view points and trees. The first stop Povokvil waterfall. During monsoon season, the water fall appears to be almost a horseshoe with many levels and drop ins. Now in dry season, there were two small trickles. It was still a great stop because you could hike in the river bed ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot February 7th 2019

Did you know there are different types of pepper? Today we visited the Kampot Pepper Farm (La Plantation) and learned move about pepper than my previous knowledge times 1000x. Due to Kampot’s soil composition, pepper grows extremely well here. In fact, at one time Cambodia was known for its pepper quality around the world. However, during the Khmer Rouge, all pepper plantations were shut down and exportation of it was stopped. There is now a revival of the industry particularly in the Kampot area. We visited a plantation which grows normal pepper which can produce: green, red, white, and bird pepper based on when it is picked and how it is fermented. Bird pepper is the most expensive because the grounds are collected out of bird waste. The digestive process (fermentation) in the bird stomach is ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot December 29th 2018

The sun was finally shining again this morning. After enjoying a good breakfast we hired a couple of kayaks from our hotel and went for a paddle around the ‘Green Cathedral’. This short route takes just over an hour and goes off the main river and round a loop of narrow waterways overhung with palms. It was good fun, although it was noticeable that large areas where being cleared. Apparently it’s being prepared for more, large scale, Chinese construction. It seems like they’re destroying all the pretty places! Returning from our paddle I enjoyed a swim before changing, packing and checking out. We got a tuk tuk into town, dropped our bags at the bus station, and went for a walk along the river front. There’s a bridge into town which appears to have been rebuilt ... read more
The ‘Green Cathedral’
The ‘Green Cathedral’
The ‘Green Cathedral’

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot December 26th 2018

There was a spectacular thunder storm last night, and judging by how wet everything was it rained a lot whilst we were asleep. This meant that the clothes we’d left to dry on the balcony were wetter than when we’d put them out! Oops. After breakfast we went looking for critters in the sea. Unfortunately the wind picked up and the sky clouded over making it very difficult to see anything. As the rain came down we gave up and swam back to our things before packing and checking out. The rest of the morning was spent reading in the bar, watching the ominous sky and dark sea with its white horses. Our tuk tuk to the bus stop was due to pick us up at 1pm. It was 30mins late. The hostel was great - ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot December 10th 2018

Easy flight and drive to the hotel. Once checked in we collapsed for a while then pottered out to explore the town and look (unsuccessfully) for a swimming costume for Sue as I had left hers on the balcony drying in Siem Reap - oops! As we walked back along the river towards our hotel we heard some music from a boat and thought why not get on. Two minutes later we were sailing down the river. Apparently it was a once a week music cruise and we had just came across it at the right time. Very pleasant 4 hours on the roof of the boat initially listening to a guitarist/singer before heading downstairs to the heavier rock band. A great time was had by all except perhaps the expats who thought they were getting ... read more
guitarist on the river rhymes boat
on top of the river rhymes boat
Hula hoop dancing at night on the boat

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 9th 2018

Dnes odpocinkovy den. Na ranajky vybehnutie do neakej ulicky. Tu nudlova polivka a v nej par kuskov crev. Ble. S poulicnym jedlom inak dost problemy. Vsade maju to iste. Odovzdanie motorky, mi ani nedal zlavu za pokazenu motorku. Majitel mi len povedal, ze dobre ze si nepoziciavam motorku i dnes. Dnes ide vela ludi k pagode a vsetci sa idu ozrat, tak to bude na cestach trochu nebezpecne. Inak zadok ma riadne boli. Na ubytku relax. Z dormu prakticky skoro vsetci check out. Prvy raz som videl zidovky a ze vauuuu. V pristresku oproti baru prieskum ubytiek v sihanoukville. No nic moc, dobre drahe. Asi tam ostanem len dve noci a potom na jednu sem. Zabookovane ubytka na mojom eurotripe. Pod 17€ eur za dorm som sa nedostal, zlata azia. Ubytka samozrejme s moznostou zrusenia, okrem ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 8th 2018

Noc totalne nahovno. Bud ma bolel zub (ten co mi opravovali v manile) alebo som chytil prievan na ucho. Ono bolelo ma ucho ale moze to byt aj od zubu. Do toho dosla este o pol stvrtej najebana dievcina, ktora zi nenormalne dlho cistila zuby, ktovie co mala v ustach ;) No a ked zalahla, po par minutach utekala grcat na hajzel. Nakonec uz od 7.00 hore a len kukanie do mobilu. Tu uplne hrozna sprava. Udajne aj zapas v zahrebe (v tt tez za pesnicku rozkopal som slovanistu, zas sa volaka laviciarska prefetovana hlava odbavila) sa hra bez divakov t.j. zbytocne skoro sa serem nazad do europy. Skurvena uefa nech sa neposeru z neakeho toho bucacnia, pouzivania slova zid resp vyvesenia neakych zastav (pripad dinama). Na skutry vybehnute dost daleko na ranajky. Davam ryzu s ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot October 7th 2018

Noc nakonec v pohode. Este ma napadlo nieco zo vcera ked som bol na pive. Dosol tam asi 50rocny beloch, uz mal nieco v sebe. Objednal si pivo. Odpil a vratil ho nazad, ze toto neni dobre, inde maju lepsie. Ako fakt ozraly dement. Vonku rano (8.30) pod mrakom. Na ranajky idem asi 5min k soche durianu (street 701) Tu zapadam do miestnej vyvarovne. Dostavam rozvarenu ryzu a v druhej miske malu rybu. Fajn jedlo len dufam, ze sa z toho neposerem. Cestou na ubytko sa rozhodujem, idem na motovylet. Motorka rovnaka cena na ubytku ako cez cestu. Ono je to podla mna jedna firma aj ked to ma iny nazov. Prichadza chlapik, podpisujem tlacivo, nechavam pas a fasujem prilbu. Tu menim za novu s plexisklom vpredu. Palolivo na pumpe. Platim v domacej mene, no stojany ... read more

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