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Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang December 7th 2018

Off we head to the boat from Siem Reap to Battambang, we knew nothing about it other than where it was going. After a short bus ride where we got very cosy with the other passengers ( the bus was too small) we got to the boat. Basically a fast narrow barge with bus seating and the top deck was the flat roof. The journey was very relaxing (even managed to write this on the way) as we meandered along very tight riverways into Tonle Sap lake then out the other side again. Along the way we saw many floating villages and stopped at one for a drink and toilet break plus a pineapple sliced by hand in front of us - very refreshing. After hearing a few bangs as we went through some of the ... read more
all aboard
no passing place
creating waves

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 11th 2018

Mit dem Boot sind wir von Siem Reap nach Battambang weitergefahren. Die Fluss- und Seelandschaft ist malerisch, aber auch der Handel auf dem Fluss ist interessant: der Captain hat ständig telefoniert, irgendwo gehupt und gewartet. Dann kam jemand angepaddelt, und ein Sack mit irgendwelchen Waren wurde rauf- oder runtergereicht. Das ist wohl eine Art Amazon für regionale Waren und abgelegene Gegenden. In Battambang sind wir in den Zirkus "Phare Ponleu Selpak" gegangen - eine tolle Show! Hervorragende Tänzer und Akrobaten, gute Musikanten und alles sehr unterhaltsam verpackt. Danach gab es noch ein kulinarisches Highlight: süßen Avocado-Shake - unbedingt probieren! Andere kulinarische Genüsse haben wir uns verkniffen: am Straßenstand gab es gegrillte Ratte und Schlange. Wer sich an den Vorräten der Bauern bedient, wird selber zur Nahrung - so ist der Kreislauf wieder gesch... read more
Millionen Fledermäuse auf dem Weg zum See
Alle Kinder lieben Eis
Phnom Sampeau: Tempel mit Aussicht

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang October 13th 2018

Tentoraz na recepcii uz o 8.30, ze nech stihnem ranajky. Sefko ma hned potesil, ranajky je kava a polka suchej bagety. Tak som to ani nechcel. Berem motorku, kupujem bus na zajtra do siem reap a cez agodu bookujem este jednu noc. Bolo to lacnejsie o 20centov :) Ale hlavny dovod je, ze nemam prasule nazvys, tak preto platba kartou. Ono som chcel aj ostatne veci zaplatit kartou, mali tam terminal. No sefko, ze cez vikend im nefunguje, bo banky su zavrete. Tak nieco taketo som pocul prvy krat no ale neva. Na izbe navliekam dlhy rukav a mozem vystartovat. Mensi problem so startovanim ale chytilo to. Ranajky tak ako vcera, par kolacikov, tie zjedene na lavicke pri rieke. Na pumpe natankovane cca 1.7l (malo by to stacit na planovany okruh). Samozrejme mi tankoval pikolik, platil ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang October 12th 2018

Z izby som sa vykopal az nieco po pol desiatej co bola chyba. Na recepcii ma odchytil zrejme majitel. Tak mu ukazujem potvrdenie o platbe. Dava mi par info : Mam gratis ranajky od 7.00 do 9.00 (na agode bolo, ze nemam). Motorka za 6usd na 24hod (zrejme semi ale to mi nevadi, je to len o cviku v nohe), bus do siem reap za 6usd, do bkk za 15usd (treba prejst hranicu pesi) alebo za 24usd (ostava sa v buse). V prvom pripade udajne colnici pytaju za vystupne razitko 5-10usd. Busi treba nahlasit den vopred. Vonku pod mrakom, na jednej strane cernota. Idem k miestnemu trhu (dolava z ubytka), ze dam nieco pod zub. Obchodiky na ulici pootvarane, kopa ludi. Trh samy ovozel, maso ale nic pod zub. Na ulici 120 alebo 121 objavujem stanok ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 13th 2018

Not having to meet Chim until late afternoon I spent the vast majority of the day lazing around Battambang. I grabbed another gorgeous breakfast at Madison’s Pub and then wandered over to the internet café and its video game playing youths. Then since this was a holiday after all, it was back to the hotel for swims and naps. By the time late afternoon rolled around I was refreshed and ready to go. To my surprise it was actually Chim who arrived and not some substitute driver that he had come in his place. I decided he liked these shorter tours as opposed to the all day drives he was used to. This tour would not only include watching the bats fly out of the mountainside at Phnom Sampeau, but a trip to the killing caves ... read more
Mountainside Temple
Remnants of War

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 12th 2018

As I sat by the window eating my breakfast at the hotel café I noticed a Cambodian guy outside excitedly trying to get my attention. I didn’t have the foggiest idea who he was so I looked away and focused on my coffee and eggs. I was feeling rather refreshed from my early night and eager to once again tour the countryside around Battambang with my new pal, Sok. I lingered with my leisurely breakfast, downing the last sip of my coffee before exiting the hotel out to the street. Unfortunately, I did not see Sok anywhere. Maybe he was late? Once again, the guy from the window came trundling toward me. He seemed to be saying that Sok was not going to make it and he would be doing the tour in his place. I ... read more
Cambodian Crocodiles
Well of Shadows
Memorial to the Victims

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 11th 2018

The loud noises arising from the central market below reminded me that yes, I was in Asia. It was barely 8am, and since I had been out late the night before I had planned to have an easygoing lazy day. But still there was no way I was going to be able to sleep through all that racket. Feeling rough the way I was, I decided that the simple hotel breakfast was not going to be nearly enough for me, so I headed to Madison’s Pub for something more substantial. When I arrived the only people there were the French owner counting last night’s receipts and a friendly Khmer waitress. When the waitress laid my breakfast out before me, I knew I had come to the right place. The highlight was this huge fresh baguette. I ... read more
Breakfast at Madison's
Vishnu Roundabout
Phsar Market from my balcony

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 10th 2018

Of all the places I was going in Cambodia I was most interested in being in Battambang. Here was going to be a more untouristed side of Cambodia. Of course, as soon I arrived and disembarked from the bus there was a rush of tuk tuk drivers offering their services. One said he could take me to my hotel for $.50, but first he wanted to tell me about his tours. I didn’t really have any plans in Battambang anyway so I listened. He spoke very good English and I figured maybe he could actually give me some insight into the place. He told me about the numerous sights he could show me in one day, but I actually dislike cramming a whole day with sightseeing. We settled on him showing me everything to the south ... read more
Cows in Country
Elephants Asking For Blessings

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 31st 2018

Awakened by heavy rain, we worry our planned half-day trip by Tuk Tuk to Ek PhNom Temple may have to be aborted, however the sky brightens and we decide to risk it. Our driver is not Oeurm but a replacement, a friend called Somcat, apparently Oeurm had a more lucrative ride! As before, we head out of town via minor roads , following the river. After 20 minutes we meet a traffic jam and appear to join a procession of various vehicles whose passengers are all wearing white shirts/blouses etc. Somcat explains that today is the Buddhist Festival of Meak Bochea, one of the most holiest of the Khmer calendar. The name means 'Big Prayer', candlelit ceremonies follow the offerings of food and money, in order to gain merit. We could have bypassed the procession but ... read more
Procession to mark Meak Bochea Festival
Ek PhNom Temple
Leo with Lilies

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 30th 2018

Tuesday is a free day. After breakfast we take advantage of the Hotel's complimentary bicycles, which are in a surprisingly good condition. Our aim is to exit the City in a general Northerly direction and find some quiet rural pathways to absorb the peaceful and friendly environment. The weather seems to be following us, it is overcast and very humid (again). We set off, following the river, and as usual are impressed by the friendliness of the local people and children, if smiles were currency most Cambodians would be rich indeed. Paula comments that everywhere we travail, it feels like we are on a royal visit and likens the local reactions akin to a Charles and Camilla moment. Leo baulks at this suggestion, so she drops the idea like a hot cake! We cycle for about ... read more
Bicycle ride terminates here

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