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Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 6th 2016

"Is it safe?" the fair skinned Canadian woman asks, frowning. She eyes the small platforms of slatted bamboo lined up at the station where visitors start their short journey on the bamboo "train." They look like rafts that would sink in water. "Not really," I say. I've ridden this popular attraction in Battambang before. I know how fast the platforms can go, and I know the thrill of hurtling through space with no protective head gear or seat belts. It's something my mother would tell me to never do. "You might as well, you've come all this way. It's very scenic." I have an ulterior motive in convincing her to go. I would only pay $5 instead of $10 if I ride with someone else. She thinks for a moment, and discusses with her tuk tuk ... read more
Wat Ek Phnom
Even the youngest helps by removing the dried papers
In the hammock in the house of my tuk tuk driver's mother

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang December 6th 2015

We arrived at the bus station just outside Battambang to be bombarded by tuk tuk drivers yet again, we were drawn to one guy with a kind face and a sign advertising fifty cents anywhere in town. To go with him was one of the best decisions we have made on this trip, his name was YaYa and was the funniest, most genuine guy :) He took us to a cheap hotel and gave us lots of info on what we could get up to in Battambang. We decided we would go to the bat caves,killing caves and the mountain later that day. We got breakfast and explored the town, seen the market and got a good feeling about the place. It was the same feeling I had in Banlung, almost like you had come home ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 17th 2015

Excuse me but I just need to add a bit about last night. I know this isn't right but, well, deal with it. So, I was looking for some ice cream and was a tad disappointed when they didn't have any. The desserts menu was limited but I was tempted by the Khmer Delight and so asked the smiling waiter what it was. He said it was bananas and coconut and assured me it was really nice and he liked it himself. I trusted him. And he was right, it was nice. Lumps of banana and nuts in a liquidy coconut mass. It tasted fine. But it was grey! A dirty GREY! When have you ever had grey food unless it had gone off? We can't even think of any food that is grey let alone ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 17th 2015

What do you get when you combine bamboo with a 250cc motorcycle engine and left over flatbed minesweepers from the Civil War? A train of course! But only in Battambang as these trains are unique, a cheap way for locals to travel, an inventive response to a lack of public transport. The 'noris' are assembled on a single track and have no brakes. If two noris are playing chicken on the same line, the one with the smallest load has to dismount entirely from the line and remount on the other side of the heavier nori. Despite not having to get up until 6.30am, I was awake by 5.30, having slept soundly after yesterday's 5 temple marathon and hike. We left the best hotel we get to stay in and embarked on a three hour minibus ... read more
Train driver

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 8th 2015

Voici une journée qui est placé sous le signe du repos, marché et massage chez les aveugles pas beaucoup plus à dire si ce n'est qu'elle ce finie par une belle tablé au Flavors of India surement le meilleur restaurant de la ville avec des belles portions comme les gros mangeur les aiment et en plus de ça savoureuse ! Par la suite ce sera un bus couchette direction Sihanoukville en passant par Phnom Phen ont est pas arrivé dessuite ...... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 7th 2015

Youpi c'est le début des location de motorbike tous ce qu'il faut pour explorer les alentour d'une ville en toute tranquillité. Au programme: -Ek Phnom Pagoda , son vieux temple du 11ème et son gigantesque Bouddha ! -Un lac immense , que dire de plus hormis son immensité -Phnom Sampeu , temple situé en haut d'une montagne -En dessus de Phnom Sampeu il y a pleins de grottes dont une ou quelques millions de chauve-sourit prennent leurs envols au coucher du soleil, impressionnant !... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 6th 2015

Petite journée, il est temps de quitter Siem Reap et de rejoindre Battambang, pour le couchage ce sera le Tomato Guest house qui est très très bon marcher ( 1,5 $ la nuit en dortoir ) et en plus une famille adorable et plein d'humour qui gère ce lieu avec un super bar sur le toit! Nous voila dans une ville qui vie au rythme Cambodgien ou à 22H la ville s'endors paisiblement ! Tout comme nous...... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang July 25th 2015

Friday morning we booked in for a ride on the bamboo train, a 30 minute drive out of town to the old (soon to be refurbished) train track where you ride a simple flat bed bamboo truck. Originally designed for track work along the train line, then used by the locals for carting goods. It was super hot, but a fun experience. The truck picked up a lot of speed and we whizzed past a few small houses, rice paddies and scrappy vegetation. Being totally open air and about half a metre above the track really heightened the sense of speed, smells and the whack of the occasional vine. As always we held tight to the kids! The small village we visited was sweet, the kids (who should have been in school) crowded around attempting to ... read more
Straight but buckled
The engine and driver
It was hot

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang July 23rd 2015

You may have noticed we're getting slower and further behind with our posts... We've just slowed down our pace with everything, it's lovely! But seriously Battambang was fantastic, we hired a bike and did a walking and riding architecture tour. It was really hot so we broke it up with some shopping and aircon time. That evening we'd arranged to meet Theanly another friend of Louise and Maree for a drink and deliver some paints to him. We had a lovely drink at bric and brac for Morrison's birthday, then off to dinner. We returned home for an earlyish night only to discover the wedding party under our window that had played dance/pop music the night before, then awoken us with live bands and sermons that morning, was just ramping up again with love songs. Both ... read more
The architecture tour map
The start of the tour
Cnr of 2 and 119

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang July 21st 2015

We caught a mini van 12 seater "V.I.P" to Battambang. It was a nice drive.. if you like the driving style on off on off on off the accelerator so much it makes you sea sick. There was lots of straight roads which gives the driver plenty of opportunities to overtake. We like to call it playing chicken. It's almost like a video game where you take risks because you know you're not actually going to die for real. The front two rows of seats had seatbelts, because these people had a direct line to the windscreen. The rest of us had our fingernails, or in my case my legs tucked under the seat so I could hold the two sleeping babies! After a lunch break our driver settled down, perhaps he was hangry? Or we ... read more
Road quality dropped over the border
Rice fields

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