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Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang March 30th 2012

Battambong is a small town in the North of Cambodia. It is probably most famous for the bamboo train which, as the names says, is a train made of bamboo. It's more like a raft with a small engine that travels on railway tracks. It used to be a form of transport for the locals and ran on an active railway line. Nowadays it seems more like a tourist attraction but it's still good fun. You pay $5 for a return journey of about 14km. The last stop is at some shops where you can get a drink, talk to the locals, visit a rice factory and kids make you some bamboo jewellery. There are plans to re-open the railway line which means that the government will stop the bamboo train. After the train we continued ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang March 15th 2012

7th December 2011 A four hour bus ride to Battambang (town in North West of Cambodia) today. I was feeling worse again and toilet trips were becoming extremely frequent. We spent the afternoon roaming around the rather derelict town. We had pasta for the first time since we'd been away (apart from weird pasta breakfast at Hoi An hotel!) 8th December 2011 Following a recommendation from some fellow travellers we contacted Mr Blue a tuk-tuk driver who did tours of the countryside surrounding Battambang. Mr Blue arrived this morning on a tuk tuk painted black with Batman signs and "The Batmobile" written on it. Mr Blue was also wearing a black eye mask. "I am Mr Blue/Batman" he told us! Brilliant!! We knew it was going to be an entertaining day! First stop was the infamous ... read more
Disassembling bamboo train!
Man and fancy side car stall
Killing caves picture

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 22nd 2012

AFTER SIEM REAP WE MADE OUR WAY to Cambodia’s second largest city, Battambang. We decided to visit Battambang because we wanted to visit a more traditional Cambodian town and we had heard the surrounding countryside was beautiful. We could feel the difference immediately upon arrival – the pace of life was slower, the streets a bit dingier, and the scenery not as picturesque. At first sight it was a little disappointing but after walking around it became clear that this was a much more authentic version of Cambodia and I was happy for it. Since there are no large monuments or attractions in Battambang it doesn’t see many tourists, which means it has a very local, almost provincial feel. A frothy brown river runs through the center of town with small, open face storefronts on ... read more
Riding In The Tuk Tuk
Serpent Statue
Machine Gun Parts

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 29th 2012

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so I’ll try to get you guys up to speed on my life here in Battambang! We last spoke before my first full weekend here in Battambang, and I wanted to do some touring of the local area. First off, I’ve attached a few pictures of my place, from outside the gate, and outside my room, the pictures of the inside were in my last blog. My first Saturday in Battambang I took it a bit easy, Mr. Kun, the owner of the guest house took me for a drive around Battambang, to show me some places of interest and to a coffee shop where we spent a couple hours talking about culture, people in Cambodia, relationships in life, among many other great topics. I must say ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 27th 2012

Once again, I have decided technology is against me. About three hours ago, I sat down and once again typed up a 1100 word blog, that was humorous, interesting and entertaining. The internet was not working, so I thought I’d be clever and ‘select all’ and ‘copy’, so it would be forever stored in clipboard. I then proceeded to restart the computer, open up the TravelBlog webpage, and smiling quietly to myself, hit the paste button and stared at a blank screen. Oh My God… clipboard deletes itself every time you turn off the computer. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO FRUSTRATED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! So, after going out for dinner and getting changed into my pyjamas, I am going to give this another go! Thursday morning, we grabbed a quick breakfast, then went to an ... read more
Raw Talent
Bamboo Train!
Bamboo Cricket!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 17th 2012

The last entry was endless, I know. Don't worry though this one won't be as there is not much to say about Battambang. The alarm woke us up at 5.45 as we were meant to get picked up at 6.40 and we wanted to have some breakfast. We got picked up at 7.45 eventually and at 8.20 the big bus to Battambang left Siem Reap. We arrived there around midday and got dragged to several hotels of which one was worse than the other. After a while we found one and at 1.45 pm we were in the room, had a shower and went for a nap. At 5ish we had a walk around and sat at the river for a while after we had dinner. As Ryan wasn't very well we went back to the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 6th 2012

Greetings from Battambang, Cambodia! I have now been in Battambang for 6 nights, each day and night filled with new adventures of exploration and discovery. The first 10 days of my trip was spent with the guys in Thailand, being a tourist, so I’ll let the Facebook photos and stories serve as a summary of that, but this is the experience I have been gearing up for since the summer! I tore down my old life in Canada, and am attempting to build a new one here in Cambodia. One of the themes of this trip is to build something out of nothing, starting with only a backpack (and some savings), and building a life and a sense of belonging in a completely new place, culture, and life. This adventure starts in Battambang because I was ... read more
Tuk Tuk driver

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 11th 2011

K - So after a lovely week in Phnom Penh we pushed north to the sleepy town of Battambang. Things did not start well as we boarded the bus at the start of the 5 hour journey – not only was this the most disgusting bus in Cambodia© but some locals had decided to sit in our seats. I was not amused and held my own ignoring their waving for us to sit at the back of the bus, apart from each other and on completely broken seats. Women obviously do not do such things in Cambodia so when the men eventually moved I received beaming smiles for the women around us for the rest of the journey! Battambang was an OK place to spend a few days – relaxed and relatively tourist free. It was ... read more
Bamboo Railway Engineer
Uh oh - traffic!
A quick dismantle

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang October 4th 2011

The drive to Battambang was ok, we had a nice driver who was actually a guide but during low season was doing some driving to help suppliment his income. We stopped for a toilet break at a sandstone stall along the road and have to say experienced the cleanest, best squat toilets ever. White, shiny, non-smelly, they made a pleasant change from the usual Cambodian standard. Once we had arrived and settled into our hotel we thought we would spend the afternoon during a light spot of sight seeing however it turned into a marathon of cramming in as much as possible. First was the Bamboo train, a train which is basically a platform made of bamboo and a two stroke engine curiously balanced over a centre hole providing the muscle. Strangely enough this odd contraption ... read more
All Aboard The Rattan Train
Leaf Cricket
Phnom Sampeau

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 28th 2011

Beste mensen! De vorige keer ben ik mijn blog geeindigd toen we op het eiland Koh Phangnan waren, dit eiland hebben we bezocht voor de beroemde "full moon party" mee te kunnen maken. Dit feest is op het strand van Haad Rin en is zoals de titel het ook zegt op de avond van de volle maan. Hier komen iedere maand circa 20.00 tot 30.000 mensen op af. Iedereen draagt fluoriserende kleding en accesoires, en overal zijn blacklights opgehangen om de kleuren nog beter te maken! Ook zijn de "buckets" hier erg bekend, dit zijn kleine emmers gevuld met een mix van sterke drank,redbull en fris welke met massa's worden aangeboden in de vele kraampjes langs het strand. Overal zijn ook shows te zien, meestal in combinatie met vuur! We zijn s'avonds om 10 uur begonnen ... read more
1. Koh Phangnan (2)
1. Koh Phangnan (3)
1. Koh Phangnan (4)

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