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Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 3rd 2014

Hello. J'accumule les kilomètres en même temps que du retard sur mon blog. J'ai quitté le Sud et la plage ce matin pour remonter vers le Nord-Ouest et la ville de Battambang, non loin du lac Tonlé Sap. Il paraît que c'est la deuxième ville du pays. A première vue, ça parait plus petit que Sihanoukville mais je suis arrivé de nuit et j'ai pas encore eu le temps d'explorer. En plus, je me suis tapé 11h de route aujourd'hui, ça faisait longtemps, alors je ne ferai pas de vieux os ce soir. En tout cas, c'est une des dernières villes khmers, pas encore envahie par le tourisme, mais avec des inconvénients, la ville se lève tôt et se couche tôt... Donc c'est un peu mort le soir... Mais de toute façon, Battambang n'est qu'une étape ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang December 22nd 2013

Hello again! After leaving the nice plush hotel in Kep we headed to the port of Kep to catch a boat over to the tiny island of Koh Tonsay (rabbit island). We hung around for an hour or so watching the goings on on the pier, waiting for Alexi and Flo to turn up and then negotiated a price for the boat. A short half an hour boat ride later we were dropped off at the island's beach which consists of little more than a few bamboo huts and some shacks that serve beer and basic food. We quickly dumped our stuff at our bungalow and went for a stroll along the beach, settling down for a few cold beers as the sun went down over the beautiful view. Early next morning we grabbed the boat ... read more
Rabbit Island
Rabbit Island
On the boat to Rabbit Island

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 24th 2013

Didn't reall rate Siem Reap so soon found myself on a bus to Battamband. The journey took 4 hours but worth it. A soon as we arrived I immediately liked the look of the place As the bus pulled into the terminal we were met by a swarm of tultuk drivers. I picked one I liked the look of and asked him to take me to a guesthouse. Well we soon pulled up at this place right in the centre of Battambang and a receptionist was showing me the most luxurious room Ive seen during my travels- I thought that no way I could afford such opulence but on asking it worked out under £8 a night o after a peaceful evening and a Khmer meal followed by a couple of bottles of Bruntys I went ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang October 28th 2013

We left Vietnam early on Monday morning and crossed the Cambodian border by river. We were charged $25 instead of $20 for the visa process, which was the first of many times being ripped off in Cambodia. However our minibus dropped us in the centre on Phnom Penh where we arranged a tuk tuk tour to the Killing Fields for the next day. We travelled up with a lovely New Zealand couple, Gary and Jeanette who came with us the next day also. My first lunch unfortunately continued the theme of peanuts in most local dishes...even after a prolonged discussion with the waitress about peanut free food and getting her to write the cambodian down for no peanuts, she then suggested the royal amok, which was amok with it was pizza and burgers for the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 30th 2013

Another long journey and another tale of woe! Our posh minibus from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh broke down half way there. That meant a late arrival and when we arrived at our hotel (Hotel Number Nine for those wanting a black list!) we were offered a room with a ventilation shaft right outside the window. We were assured that the noise, which was so loud it prevented conversation, would cease around midnight. We had a 7am bus so there was no way we could stay in that room. Instead we were shunted into a tiny single room where you couldn't swing a mouse, let alone a cat. The next morning the tale of woe continued as our 7am pick up didn't turn up. There had been an accident we were told. Fair enough but rather than ... read more
Monk on the bridge
Baby croc
Cheers and a happy birthday!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 24th 2013

Arriving in Battenbang at 7am, we found Nitch, a tuk tuk driver who took us to a cheap guesthouse '333' where we freshened up and arranged for pick up again at midday. As we were only staying here for one night we wanted to see all of the main sights in one day so Nitch was our chauffeur for the day. The main attraction being the Bamboo train. This is an old railway track which is no longer used for a proper train service, but used as a tourist attraction. They built bamboo platforms with an engine that run on the track. You sit on the bamboo and let the 'train diver' take you down the track. We were greeted by women and children selling stuff as usual, but some of the kids took us to ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 8th 2013

We have spent 3 days in battambang and the cambodian people here are something else. Cambodia is such a poor country and we have been told by the locals that life here is hard due to extreme poverty and government corruption, despite this they remain warm, friendly and smiley people who are always very happy to speak to you and give a warm welcome. Ive found it very emotional being here and on more than one occasion had to swallow hard to not cry. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary so we wanted to do something memorable, we hired a tuk tuk for the day and asked him to take us around the sites. John, as he called himself had excellent english skills and could tell us everything about the sites. John told us alot about his ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 7th 2013

Well, we have been in cambodia for 3 days now....its hot! Spent the first couple of days in siem reap after flying in from laos. Only been there an hour and headed straight to the angkor wat to see the sunset. Beautiful view from up there and a gorgeous place to watch the sun go down...... next day up and at it early to hire bikes and cycle to the temples of angkor. Interesting ride and a bit sketchy in places, cambodia seems to have a free for all mentality on the roads...... The temples are amazing, hard to believe how they was built around a 1000 yrs ago. Check out the pics to get a better idea. There is one that is so overgrown with buttress trees but this only adds to the beauty. There ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang May 30th 2013

It took me just over four hours to reach Battambang by bus from Siem Reap. Although a fairly easy journey, it would have been better without the blaring sound from a DVD in Khmer, followed by some equally deafening karaoke or the driver constantly using his horn, when overtaking! Much to my surprise awaiting at the bus station, was another tuk tuk driver with my name on a sheet of paper. I hadn't told the hotel where I was coming from or at what time, so I guess when guests are expected at hotels, they send out their tuk tuk drivers with instructions to wait until the relevant people arrive! Battambang wasn't quite as I was expecting. I had read that some of finest preserved colonial French architecture was to be found there and although I ... read more
Restored Shophouses
A Chinese temple about 150 years old
A restored French colonial building

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang April 18th 2013

At the western end of Battambang, the old train station clock reads barely past eight. It has been that way for years – maybe decades, even – because, having lived out its purpose long ago, it stopped ticking. But the truth is, it’s already one in the afternoon, and the clock feels like it has stopped less because of technical malfunction than a result of a magical spell that froze time indefinitely. With skies overcast and streets eerily quiet – except for the occasional cars, motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians – the whole place feels like a scene from a post-apocalyptic film. A couple of Western tourists ride their bikes before disappearing in a narrow alley. In another narrow street, virtually all houses and stores have their doors shut, except for one in which the doorway frames ... read more
Drying Out
Psar Nat
On Board the Bamboo Train

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