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Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw November 20th 2016

Suzanne here... I'm a bit ambivalent about night buses. It means you don't spend a whole day travelling, plus you save the cost of a nights accommodation. However they tend to be a bit more dangerous, you can't see the scenery as it's too dark, and you won't get any proper sleep as there will be toilet stops with full lights on, everyone trooping on and off and invariably there will be a pair of ass-clowns who don't want to sleep and, even though everyone else does, will think nothing of loudly chatting all night. However, it was the easiest way to get to Kalaw. The journey was actually ok. We were given water and cakes which was nice, (but then we had paid $19 each). The aforementioned assclowns were right behind us and not only ... read more
Kalaw central pagoda
Kalaw central pagoda

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw March 18th 2016

Nous voilà de retour après 3 jours de marche pour vous raconter nos aventures ! Après 3 jours à Yangoon, on a pris un bus pour Kalaw, ville dans le centre du Myanmar. De là, pendant une journée nous avons été en quête d'informations sur le moyen de réaliser un treck sans guide. Pas que nous voulions être des grands explorateurs, mais plutôt pour rester autonomes et décider de faire des pauses quand bon nous semblait ! Après nombreuses rencontres qui nous disaient ne pas tenter ce périple, nous sommes finalement tombés sur un guide très sympathique qui nous a partagé sa carte "secrète", les lieux habituels où les trekkeurs dorment et mangent. C'est à 7h le lendemain, avec nos 20 kilos chacun sur le dos que nous sommes partis à l'aventure dans la nature ! ... read more

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw February 2nd 2016

Day 23-Tuesday-February 2 After breakfast we met at the dock again at 8:30 and boarded the same boat with Rick and Jeanine. The yellow group headed out into the lake and came upon some morning fishermen. We got some nice photos. We then saw men filling their boats with more underwater vegetation. Our first stop today was the Nyaung Shwe 5-day market, only open here every 5th day. It rotates between different locations over a five day period. It was a very interesting spot for seeing many fabulous images. Women and men from various hill tribes who live in the Inlay region come to sell their home crafts, products, fruits, fish and vegetables in this market. Being here today was a great experience. Next, we walked over to the Hpaung Daw Oo Pagoda. Situated on Inle ... read more
Casting their net
Balancing act
Close up

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw February 1st 2016

Day 22-Monday-February 1 Buckle-up…this will be a wild day! We awoke this morning with our room not any warmer. Doug called the front desk and asked about the heater problem. He was told the units in each bungalow were only air conditioning and not heaters…oh well. So, as it does get warm here in the daytime, we’ll turn our units off when we return from our excursions in the afternoon to preserve some of the warmth before sunset when it starts to get cool. Then they won’t be constantly blowing cold air into the room. After rising, Doug looked outside and saw a couple hot-air balloons in the distant sky. Following breakfast, we met the group at 8:30 down at the pier adjacent to the Sunset Bar and we split up into our original yellow and ... read more
Sunset Bar
Floating garden beds
Ye Min waves

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw December 2nd 2015

Next stop on our Burmese adventure was Shan State, starting in the lovely little town of Kalaw. Trekking HQ for Myanmar, Kalaw was a hill station founded by the Brits to escape the heat of the plains and the jungle. It's the place to go for nice day treks and longer trips, with the big draw being the three day trek to Inle Lake, which is what we were there for. We intended to spend two nights in Kalaw, to give us one day to chill out before starting trekking. After getting everything ready to go, however, the night before starting trekking we happened upon the best bar we've been to in Burma. A tiny little place called Hi Bar, with just 12 seats around a little oval bar, it serves almost nothing but rum sours, ... read more
Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake
Sun-dried chillies

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw March 6th 2015

Our 3 day trek through the mountains of Myanma: We did not know this at the time, but this was to become one of the main highlights of our trip to Myanmar. We made a quick stop in Kalaw which was pretty uneventful but the purpose of which was to book and begin a 3 day 2 night trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake. We happily took the day bus option to get here as opposed to any night bus, although arriving in the daytime still made no difference. Following an 8 hour ride we were both disoriented, tired and restless. In minutes however we settled on Honey Pine Inn and were pretty happy with the hotel. Using P’s bartering skills we managed to get a $35 room to $20, and it was the best room ... read more
Rice paddies during dry season
Lady working in the field

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw November 28th 2014

Kalaw. 2h du matin. A la porte d’une agence de treks guidés vers le lac Inlé. Nous frappons à la porte depuis une demi-heure mais personne n’ouvre… Un passant nous aide à réveiller le propriétaire qui nous laisse nous reposer dans sa chambre. 4 heures plus tard, nous organisons les sacs et démarrons une marche de trois jours à travers les montagnes birmanes. Bernard le belge, Ana l’espagnole, William le québécois, et nous-mêmes suivons Momo, notre guide de 28 ans. Lui, il porte des tongs, un vieux sac East pack, raconte des blagues toutes les 2 minutes et n’a jamais entendu parler du Mc Do (« c’est une chanteuse non ? »). Il nous apprend la négo, en birman, que nous pratiquons dès que l’occasion se présente ; les vendeurs et les rangers adorent ! La ... read more

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw January 20th 2013

14 January 2013 It is a crispy cold morning which we are not really prepared for ( we are packed for beach weather). We put on most of the clothes in our packs and go for a walk. We have three hours to kill before taking the train from Kalaw to Inle Lake. We decided on the train because it is a short trip from here down to Inle and we'd like to check out what the train journeys are like before taking a long one. The fact that the 46km journey was going to take 5 hours should have been warning enough..... We take a covered path up the hill towards a monastery that overlooks the town, and on the way discover the village well. As mentioned before, wells are a great place to meet ... read more
at the well
more from the well at Kalaw
Kalaw from the monastery

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw January 20th 2013

13 January 2013 Falling asleep to the sound of monks chanting at the Buddhist monastery next door.. The air is cool and crisp and smoke from cooking fires is beginning to seep into our room. Kalaw was once a hill town where the British colonials came to escape the heat and it still has a faded but gently colonial ( is that an oxymoron?) atmosphere. The people here are much more guarded. They are not too keen to talk to tourists - they have seen and done this all before. We are only approached by two people during our afternoon walk-about. The first is a Christian nun from the old church up the hill. She is selling blessings for donations and she takes us for prime christian donation candidates. Little does she know that our light ... read more
Andrew in tea shop
Kalaw Barber Shop
Aung Chan Tha Zedi in Kalaw

Asia » Burma » Eastern Burma » Kalaw July 30th 2012

Kalaw is high in the mountains we'd passed through it on the way to Inle Lake. In the dry season it is where you come for trekking but this being the wet season for us it was basically a hop down the road to somewhere different that chops a bit of time off the long bus trip back to Yangon. After breakfast in Nyaungshwe we went to the internet cafe and actually managed to get some photos on the blog. The internet works here 'best' i.e. it works - between 7:30am and 10am after that you might after much patience be able to get onto a website or into your inbox but its near impossible to open anything from there. After we collected our bags, checked out and headed to where pick up trucks collect passengers ... read more
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Photo 8
Photo 12

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