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39 mins ago - Akio published a blog
Hong Kong, l'étape de trop
September 18th 2015
L'arrivée à HK était assez étrange. On a pris un train de nuit Guilin-Shenzhen et étions supposés gagner HK via un métro à Shenzhen. Étant donné le statut spécial dont jouit Hong Kong, le p ...
41 mins ago - Thelma and Louise published a blog
goodbye madrid
October 5th 2015
Both feeling drained today........saw some gorgeous architecture around madrid. Stunning rooftop views and had a gorgeous lunch. Went to art gallery and it was closing in 10 mins!!!! We haven't be ...
42 mins ago - ThroughMyEyes published a blog
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
July 30th 2015
We all woke up excited because we were going diving and snorkeling . We had a quick breakfast then got on our bus . The dive master showed us cool fish and bad fish on a chart. I was hoping to see a u ...
1 hour 27 mins ago - Tommy No Papers published a blog
The Passion of Athens
October 27th 2012
After 38 days on the islands I finally boarded a plane and headed back to Athens. No more boats for me. When I landed I thought I was going to hop on the airport trains and be in central Athens quick ...
2 hours 25 mins ago - Hikebike published a blog
Days 2&3 Isla Mujeres
October 5th 2015
Our bodies have been in recovery from the 6 hour time change since we arrived here. So we've been alert by 6am and then out early for breakfast. Also it's hard to stay in bed when the hot sun is beati ...
2 hours 26 mins ago - cateandrog published a blog
Practice Entry - If we were in Thailand
October 5th 2015
One day, we went to Ko Tao. It was bumpy on the boat so Cate was very sick when we got to the beach. Also, we then had to get on the back of a truck and go over the islands to our repsort which was on ...
2 hours 27 mins ago - subman published a blog
Camino de Santiago de Compostela - Navarette to Najera
September 1st 2015
1 October 2015, Tuesday. Stage 9 tomorrow is a rest day! GPS: 11.1 miles, moving 4 hours 19 minutes, left 0830 arrived 1400 so 5 hours 30 minutes from hotel tp hotel Fitbit: 10.96 miles, 71 floo ...
2 hours 49 mins ago - cateandrog published a blog
The route
October 5th 2015
2 hours 50 mins ago - cateandrog published a blog
Time is approaching...
October 5th 2015
3 hours 19 mins ago - alferov published a blog
October 2nd 2015
I first heard the name of Pori about a year ago when I was reading about Rauma and I thought it a nice city for a visit. First I wanted to go there on one day with Rauma, but then decided not to rush ...
3 hours 54 mins ago - hkwoody published a blog
In With History
September 26th 2015
Not many words or photos but Persepolis is historically significant enough to get it's own entry. We were lucky, our guides had arranged for one of the previous archaeologists to give us a tour. No ...
4 hours 3 mins ago - cateandrog published a blog
The beginning of something...
October 5th 2015
With just under a month to go now, I thought I better start the blog. We'll be detailing here all of our adventures and travels - so feel free to keep up with us or you'd like. We'll be saving ...

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