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5 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Dia en Ludhiana
August 28th 2015
-SP- Poco he dormido esta noche, por los pesaos de los soldados, a las 3 se han pirado, y el ruido de los trenes ha comntinuado toda la noche. A las 6 o asi todos arriba, he empezado a recoger ...
16 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Kartarpur - Ludhiana (75km) (Total 52165km)
August 28th 2015
-SP- Esta mannana habia chai en la gurdwara y poco mas, asi que un par de galletas para empujar y es lo que hay. Tengo un dedo un p[oco chungfo en lo que parece una pequenna infeccion en el pi ...
36 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Amritsar - Kartarpur (65km) (Total 52090km)
August 25th 2015
-SP- Bueno, despues de la panzada de ayer, que despues del pakistan show fui al langar de nuevo, pues cuesta levantarse. A las 8 o asi arriba, ir al banno, y como no, a desayunar al langar, ot ...
1 hour 10 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Visado Irani el lunes y bici reparada
September 5th 2015
-SP- 3 dias en Delhi y todavia no he visto nada, aparte del decathlon, tiendas de bicis, embajada irani y juzgados. Finalmente he tenido que comprar dos llantas nuevas para la bici, y 4 neumat ...
1 hour 50 mins ago - canadaadanac published a blog
Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine, USA
September 5th 2015
After 3 days hiking at Campobello Island in New Brunswick, it was time to head home. Since I was only a bridge away from Lubec Maine, I decided to get one more visit in - Quoddy Head State Park. There ...
1 hour 57 mins ago - Maisondubonheur published a blog
Meteora, this place is simply gorgeous!
August 4th 2015
You have all seen the pictures, but how many of us can actually point exactly where is Meteora. Well, we are here right in the middle of Continental Greece....three hours driving from Thessaloniki, an ...
2 hours 27 mins ago - SA Gerdes published a blog
Niagara Falls
September 5th 2015
What a great place and we learned a lot about Niagara Falls. First of all Niagara Falls is the city names, not the name of the falls. There is Niagara Falls, NY, USA. Then there is Niagara Falls, Onta ...
2 hours 31 mins ago - Tillerman published a blog
Kaskaskia River
September 4th 2015
Yes we keep hopping from Illinois to Misouri because the Mississippi devides the two. A short day on the water today to reach Kaskaskia lock. We don't actually lock through this but only tie up to ...
2 hours 36 mins ago - Kubabelle published a blog
Kadoka to Newton
September 4th 2015
7am start today to make ground East. Shouldn't be much to see for a while. A hard start to the day with strong crosswinds, grooved road surface with bumps so you bounced along the road, wet surface ...
3 hours 11 mins ago - MrPlanet published a blog
fascinante Thailande
August 17th 2015
Fascinante Thaïlande Villes visités : Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai Ah la Thaïlande…Gens sympas, on y mange bien, plein de choses à visiter, pas trop chère, les plages superbes (que nou ...
3 hours 17 mins ago - Frankardenas published a blog
Supporting the national sweet industry in Velez

May 10th 2014
Well, not many goings-on around here for the moment, just revising and reading. But in the meantime, I had the chance to visit a quiet destination; located in Santander, at only 231 km from Bucaramang ...
4 hours 56 mins ago - Donel published a blog
Day 4 Koper Slovenia
September 1st 2015
We arrived this morning in Slovenia at 7:00 am. Our tour today is a Hop and Taste bus tour of 4 towns around the Koper area. We received coupons for various eateries at each stop, anything from gelato ...

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