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16 mins ago - Eyelidoc published a blog
June 2nd 2015
June 2, 2015 (Chengdu, China) Tuesday we were ready to roll up the sleeves and start the planning work. We agreed to meet earlier than usual. Space had been assigned and now we had a real project t ...
59 mins ago - Roaming Gypsy published a blog
June 3, 2015
June 3rd 2015
As I approach the departure date for my adventure of a lifetime, I find that I am more calm than I thought I would be. But perhaps that is because I have done a lot of research and planning in advance ...
1 hour 18 mins ago - Albertson published a blog
Cappadocia troglodyte villages
April 30th 2015
Cappadocia region is famous for its troglodyte villages, subterranean churches and fortresses have been hewn from the soft, porous, rock. The rock formation has been formed by both wind and rain erodi ...
1 hour 20 mins ago - Valley Girl on Tour published a blog
The 5 Day Countdown
June 3rd 2015
Well its been a busy one today, with finshing off my CV for the dreaded "work section" of my trip and updating my Linked In profile, to sorting out some currency for each of the destinations, to an ho ...
1 hour 25 mins ago - diggo published a blog
La Ramble Fresh Markets
June 3rd 2015
Photos attached from fresh markets at Barcelona. There may be some double ups as was easier to load the lot. ...
1 hour 28 mins ago - piaunterwegs published a blog
Der Countdown läuft....
June 3rd 2015
So meine Lieben! Morgen geht es nun los Richtung Frankfurt, am Freitag hebt der Flieger ab. Da mir mittlerweile viele folgen, die meine Beweggründe nicht kennen, hier nochmal eine kurze Zusammenfassu ...
1 hour 49 mins ago - MartijninBelfast published a blog
Kerk en kroeg
June 3rd 2015
Er waart een seriemoordenaar door de nachtelijke straten van Belfast. Hij dringt de huizen van zijn slachtoffers binnen, wurgt ze en laat hun ontklede lichamen zorgvuldig opgemaakt achter. Vervolgens: ...
2 hours 3 mins ago - Miltonrabbit published a blog
A Quiet Day in the Loire Valley
June 3rd 2015
Wednesday 3 June 2015 Amazing how things look after a good sleep. We got quite a surprise at the time - 8:10 am. Today was a quiet day. No long drives, no significant sightseeing, just a quiet day. ...
2 hours 15 mins ago - Miltonrabbit published a blog
The Day We Entered the Loire Valley
June 2nd 2015
Tuesday 2 June 2015 In 2011 while making a whistle stop tour of the Loire Valley we made an instant decision: we shall return. Today we returned. While leaving Nantes we came to the conclusion t ...
2 hours 16 mins ago - Rod and Gill published a blog
Bidart and around
June 3rd 2015
Arriving at Bidart on a hot sunny afternoon we walked to the beach. We then returned to site and made use of the water park - not so much a swimming pool but a giant Jacuzzi, the water temp. Was 30C ! ...
2 hours 26 mins ago - Nathan Steckel published a blog
June 3rd 2015
My stop after Vienna was Salzburg. Salzburg has been high on my list of stopping places after I found out that my grandpa was stationed there during the Korean War. It was a beautiful city to visit, s ...
2 hours 29 mins ago - Zpet published a blog
Sankt Goar to Luxembourg
June 3rd 2015
Random thoughts about countries so far: - Cold, windy, beautifuly! Drive on the wrong side. People are friendly. Galic is weird! Really like Irn Bru soda! Neil, our guide rocks! - Warmer, but ...

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