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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 24th 2017

Geo: -17.93, 25.84 Last night we slept in civilization again, enclosed in a very pleasant hotel with all its attendant (and undesired) amenities: windows that don't open (monkeys could scamper inside), television, sounds of traffic, a refrigerator humming on and off, outside lights shining all night long, and an annoying fresh paint smell because our rooms have been recently renovated and there is no way to dissipate the foul air in these sealed rooms. I'd rather be in the bush any day. But the staff here at the Rainbow Hotel is lovely, accommodating, friendly, courteous, and seemingly happy, as are all of the Africans we've met on this trip. And so today is our last full day here in Zimbabwe, here in ancient Africa. It will be enormously sad to leave this continent. I need to ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls October 23rd 2016

After Kruger National Park we passed through the Botswana border and you would not have believed the hundreds of lorries queued up to cross. Everything is so slow! It is also very, very hot. We went to Chobe National Park and went out on a day safari followed by a boat cruise on the Chobe river which I organised for a group of 14. Both events were superb and we had a good viewing of lions on safari. Following that we crossed into Zimbabwe by coach to see Victoria Falls. That was a real whirlwind tour as we dropped our belongings at the Kingdom Hotel, jumped back on the coach to Victoria Falls ... which was spectacular ... and then went back to the hotel for half an hour. Next we were on an excellent sunset ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls September 7th 2016

Geo: -17.93, 25.84MOSI OA TUNYA means "The smoke that thunders" is the native name for Victoria Falls. It is another 2 months until rain will come. The falls are a fraction in size. One area called "Horseshoe Falls" is completely dry. Soon only Devil's Cataract and the Main Falls will be flowing. All others will dry up. In the rainy season, Victoria falls is the longest falls in the world. Not now! Niagara is the largest in volume. Iquazu is largest in system of falls stretching over 2 miles with 275 falls while Angel Falls are the highest. We have now seen them all! Even though it is the dry season, they are still magnificent. Zambezi Explorer sunset cruise for our last excursion. A nice lazy trip to see the sunset and have a few drinks. ... read more
The smoke that thunders
The smoke that thunders
Here we are again

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls September 6th 2016

Geo: -17.93, 25.84The wake call today was bittersweet. No game drive. A flight to Victoria Falls. About a two hour drive to the airport but it's the only direct flight. Soon we will have seen Victoria Falls (largest?), Angel Falls (Venezuela in 1989) which is the tallest, Iguazu Falls (Argentina 2014) which are spectacular and of course Niagara Falls. I think we have most of the major waterfalls covered now. According to some websites, these are the top four in the world! We have a couple of adventures booked so hopefully I can get some good shots. Made it! Glad we had help with getting here. We had a direct flight but it lands in Zambia. We are staying in Zimbabwe. Very interesting border crossing. We had to purchase a Visa in Zambia. Our driver got ... read more
Around the hotel
Around the hotel
Around the hotel

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 29th 2016

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe We flew into Livingston Airport in Zambia, and then had to cross the border into Zimbabwe. The border crossing was the slowest we have ever encountered in all of our travels. The border post had no computers so all the passports had to be taken and the information hand written down before returned to you. Needless to say this took some time. Climate change has been visible in all of our travels, in Southern Africa they are suffering with drought and this was evident at the falls.... read more
Statue of Stanley Livingston

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 3rd 2016

Up again early and down we went for a Jeff breakfast. The monkeys were being chased around the dining room. Outside the sun was shining, the geese were swimming in the pond, and we were excited to be going to the Victoria Falls. . So began my third water adventure. We boarded the vans and drove for five minutes down the road to the Victoria Falls Park. We were given waterproof ponchos for our walk along the falls. . We were greeted by a large statue of David Livingstone, the explorer who discovered the falls and named them after Queen Victoria. We walked a bit further and were greeted by the spectacular sight of the rivers rushing along. And then we saw the first of the falls and as we walked along the approximately 1.5 km ... read more
Dr Livingstone, I presume
Don't look down
Victoria Falls makes mist

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 1st 2016

After only a couple of hours sleep following last night's kitchen fire, the alarm went off at 3.30 am to get ready by torchlight for our next adventure. Our adventure came very soon - Don realised that he had lost his glasses in the dark. So after a search around the room and coming up with nothing I dredged the carrier bag into which he had thrown all the charging cables from the gadgets and found his glasses amongst the wires. We were summoned to the coach and in the pitch black with only the light from our iphones we wandered downstairs to the coach - the last on but only one minute late! The reason for arising so early was to go from Cape Town to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe by early afternoon. This entailed ... read more
Native Dancers greet us at Victoria Falls airport in Zimbabwe
themed lobby in the Kingdom Hotel
Agatha Christie fan updates her Travel Blog notes in our Victoria Falls room

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 21st 2015

I once again chose the Intercape coach for my onward journey. It seemed well run and punctual. Next to me was a young black man who introduced himself as Andrew. He was a Shona from Masvingo who had gone to school in Harare and later the University there, around the same time as me. I recall him saying he'd studied tourist and/or environmental management. Later he had completed an MBA. He was well qualified anyway. He was en route to Ganda Lodge at Hwange Game Park, run by the Forestry Commission, and which he managed. We had an interesting conversation for the next hour or two. From him I learnt exactly how corrupt the system had become in Zim when he told me about his business operations in Bulawayo. He ran three commuter minibus taxis. From ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls March 22nd 2015

The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is such a special place. We really felt blessed to finally be able to visit here.... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls March 7th 2015

Another glorious morning at the Victoria Hotel - my Gratitude Journal is overflowing on this trip. Oh my goodness! It's an emotional roller coaster, too. Started the morning getting some great photos down by the water - with a view of the Victoria Falls - so beautiful. Sun is shining. Birds are singing. And my buddy Sandy Salle and I recorded a special video for all of you. I've mentioned her so many times that I wanted you to see the pretty face that goes with the amazing personality - along with the extraordinary professional skills that she has when it comes to travel, customer service, and speciality offerings. Another great breakfast on the terrace and then back on the bus........and over to the church again, for Day 2 of Sales and Marketing training with the ... read more
sitting room, off the terrace
Victoria Falls Hotel
Suzanne and her sister, Amanda

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