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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls March 6th 2015

The day was off to a beautiful start - the sunrise from my room was breath-taking! Today is also one of the most important days of the trip - for the Give Movement Journey 2015 - led by Suzanne Evans ( and Sandy Salle ( I had breakfast on my favorite terrace, overlooking the Victoria Falls and river. Wow. I am blessed. I sit back and think about the life I have created over the past few years - big WOW. This hotel is magnificent - the people I am with are incredible - the circle that surrounds me in Suzanne's community have become family. This trip is a pivotal moment in my life and in my career. As I enjoyed my green tea (the latte machine wasn't working - boo!) - and thoroughly enjoyed my ... read more
at the breakfast terrace
if you want it, they've got it!
gorgeous morning view

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls January 6th 2015

Went to Victoria Falls today. 25min. walk from hotel. Amazing sight. Africa is a real energy charge. Future trips in the thinking process, (Zambia, Mozambique and Namibia). White and African tourists everywhere. Went to a touristy performance show and dinner tonight. Ate Crocodile tail, Impala meat, Wharthog steak and fried Mopani worms. All were tasty. Watched native dancing and drumming performances. The Zimbabwians are all courteous and friendly. Everyone speaks a little English. Extremely hot, like Bangkok. Gotta love summer!!! ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 8th 2014

After a brief respite in the afternoon, we were booked on a river cruise for 5:30. Little did I know that the cruise was going to generate so many pictures. We met a Hippo or two. Now I can spot a Hippo in the water. Just watch for twitching ears. When a Hippo opens its mouth it is a site to see. With the huge insisors, you can see how the teeth can rip a human apart. On a side note, there were 2 Hippos late last night in the hotel yard by the pool.. I was asleep, but did hear strange noises around 1PM. Back to the cruise. We snacked and drank on the boat while zig zagging back and forth on the Zambesi river. We saw many other wild lifewhile cruising such as exotic ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 7th 2014

After we arrived in Johannisburg, we had time to eat in a Casino on the premises. I had a slice of pizza and the beer was welcome,after being in transit for 29 hours. That night it was sleepless. Not a night owl, I read ad read and read and read and read. Following day, we took off for Victoria Falls. Another flight and another hotel. After arriving, we quickly took an excursion to an orphanage with about 70 children. We brought candy and left a donation. Imagine these kids were left on the orphanages door step with no place to go. From babies to 14 years old. They do an amazing job without governement help. I felt fortunate to be there and see this. It reminds me about how lucky I am. We capped off the ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 7th 2014

Pünktlich Um 06 Uhr am nächsten Morgen holt uns ein Jeep ab, der uns zum heimlichen Highlight des Urlaubs, der Elefant Back Safari, bringen wird. Außer uns ist nur ein amerikanisches Pärchen mit auf der Tour und wir fahren mit dem offenen Jeep aus der Stadt heraus und in ein privates Wildreservat etwa 40 km entfernt. Dort bekommen wir erstmal eine ausführliche Sicherheitseinweisung und müssen unterschreiben, dass uns bekannt ist, dass wir auf "wilden Tieren" reiten werden und dies gewisse Risiken birgt. Obwohl das natürlich nicht ganz stimmt. Die etwa 20 Tiere, die im "Stanley and Livingstone Game Reservat" leben, sind alle gut an den Menschen gewöhnt. Sie sind die "Überbleibsel" von während heftiger Dürren in den letzten Jahrzehnten verstorbenen Mutterkühen, oder schon deren direkte Nachfahren. Nach den Dürre wurden die verwaisten Elefantenkinder, zunächst in die ... read more
Kleine Bestechung zu Beginn
Elefant Back Safari 1
Elefant Back Safari 2

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 5th 2014

Nach einem etwas turbulenten Flug mit einer kleinen, nur 36 Passagiere fassenden Maschine landen wir am frühen Nachmittag in Zimbabwe am Victoria Falls Flughafen, der lediglich aus einem kleinen Häuschen besteht. Wir füllen etliche Formulare aus und stellen uns dann in der Warteschlange an, über der deutlich "double entry visa" steht, denn wir werden übermorgen noch für ein paar Tage nach Botswana fahren, zurück fliegen wir jedoch am Freitag wieder von Zimbabwe aus. Wir freuen uns schon diebisch, weil die "single entry"- Warteschlange viel länger ist und kramen unser Geld heraus. Hier in Zimbabwe kann und muss man fast alles in US- Dollar bezahlen weil die landeseigene Währung sehr instabil und inflationär ist. Wir wissen nicht mehr genau, was das Visum kosten soll und es steht auch nirgends angeschrieben aber die Teilnehmer der Gruppe vor uns ... read more
The Boma
Drumming at The Boma
first View of the falls

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls October 11th 2014

Madagascar A virtuous land An Exodus trip With 10 others I’d band Tana was hilly Obvious poverty Big noisy city Not my cup of tea Discovered a village ‘twas remote not near Danced with the children Singing Shakira’s ‘waka waka yeah yeah’ Ranomafana rainforest came next Lemur’s were to be seen Long hours by mini bus Just ask if you need a pee Angositra national park Featured in the itinerary Early rises and long walks Navigating Mount Boby Leaving lemur family’s behind Camera and backpack we clutched By 4WD we travelled to Anja Being told “you think too much!” A canyon and piscine Ranohira camp one was our base ... read more
By helicopter at Victoria Falls
Vic Falls
The ride!

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls September 19th 2014

We landed on the run way at vic falls. You are greeted by a small old style airport. Lots of single engine planes sitting on the runway waiting to take you off on safari. As a UK passport holder I had to pay $55 for my single visa. Passport control that issues these visas is literally 1 person, I believe they have to write every persons detail that come through there into a book, no computers here. Your bags are unloaded and put on the floor before you put them through the X-ray machine! No baggage carousel!!!! Peace Maker greeted us out side and took our baggage to the combi. He did tell us his actual name, but Peace Maker was its meaning. Much easier to say. It took us about 40 minutes to drive to ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls July 16th 2014

We head home tomorrow and have had a most enjoyable and interesting month in Africa. Yesterday we walked alongside Victoria Falls which are far more spectacular than Niagara Falls, and we got very wet feet and trouser legs despite the voluminous rental raincoats. We also learned some of the history of the falls and that Dr. Livingstone married a Scots lass called Mary Moffat so perhaps she is a distant ancestor of mine. This morning we spent 3 hours 'canoeing' down the Zambezi River - one thing I said I definitely didn't want to do when we were booking our holiday and deciding on side trips. I was concerned about being on a river infested with hippos, crocodiles and snakes. Not to mention the travel advice about not going barefoot because of parasites. However Keith went ... read more
Ruaha River
Baobob Tree
River crossing

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls July 16th 2014

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