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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 7th 2018

Not something you see everyday whilst sipping your morning coffee. The guesthouse owner’s brother has a farm and this giraffe was head butting visiting cars and getting aggressive so had to be shot. He was quite pushy and a cheeky negotiator. In fact you could say he had a hard neck. Reminded me a bit about the famous Falty Towers moose head sketch. Only weirder. Flew to Zimbabwe this morning. 29 degs up here and wall to wall sun. Our group (now reduced to 7) was hosted by a local lady and treated us to a traditional local meal of peanuts and blackeyed peas, roasted caterpillars, whitebait, chicken and local veg. We spent a fascinating couple of hours hearing about life in Mugabwe’s playground. It is hard to believe what this country has been reduced to. ... read more
Erm.... it’s not going to fit, is it?!

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 12th 2018

After a slack day of doing the Panorama route in the area around Hazyview, one place was the so-called window of God, with amazing views of the landscape, they said. God was not on his best mood and a heavy fog closed his window and gave us 10 m visibility. I was riding around with a German bloke who stayed at the same B&B as I did and it was fun to have some company and i got to practise my German a bit and managed to polish some of the rust away. Unfortunately there are not many cafes around, we stopped at a petrol station and bought some water, yes indeed water! I visited the little boys room and had the smell in my nose for the next hour, not so much fun, especially knowing ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 12th 2018

Leaving Mom for Zimbabwe took a while, endless paperwork and 61 dollars later, visa fee, road tax, insurance and a carbon dioxide fee, The coastal plain was gone and the sun also, replaced by a slow chilly rain, Africa, Africa is hot they told me! Some places are hot but the you get up on the high plain, the high veld, it’s not hot anymore and with the rain it dropped to 15C which is of ok if you’re not on a bike with some wind chill factor to count in. Rant: May the devil and all his little devils and all the other helpers, lawyers, reals estate vendors, inland revenue and other riff raff take the vendors and makers of so called water proof motor cycle gear and put them on endless trips on bikes ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls December 17th 2017

Victoria falls was nothing like I expected! After weeks of rural Africa we were suddenly in a bustling town with western style restaurants and cafes. I think we were all excited at the prospect of different food, especially when we realised they have good cheese!! After being herded in to the activity centre to book adrenaline filled activities for the coming days we headed off in search of food and shopping! Walking around town we saw a sign for a brewery, and were drawn towards it! Luckily they did food too, so it was a unanimous decision to stay there. The brewery is called the river brewery, and is only 5 weeks old. They brew 6 of their own beers on site, as well as offering platters of food. I opted for the veggie platter and ... read more
Beautiful tiles in the public toilets
Helicopter flight

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls December 2nd 2017

Nach dem kurzen Aufenthalt in Botswana ging es auch schon weiter nach Zimbabwe. Der Grenzübertritt dauerte Stunden (Botswana ging ganz fix) und war ein Beispiel, wie afrikanische Bürokratie Geduld einforden konnte. Da Zimbabwe nach Jahren der Hyperinflation nun einfach mehr oder weniger den US-Dollar als Währung hat, waren wir dankbar für unsere mitgebrachten Dollars. Von den Menschen her hat uns Zimbabwe sehr überrascht. Wir wurden überall sehr zuvorkommend behandelt. Die Lodge war schön, nur das Mückennetz etwas dürftig. Das Essen war stets ausgezeichnet. Doch irgendwie krass für ein Land, das mit Lebensmittel-Kürzungen lebt. Eigentlich hatten wir keine 24 Stunden in Victoria Falls. Wir haben daraus gemacht, was man wohl maximal machen kann. Den Nachmittag nach der Ankunft genossen wir im Lookout-Café mit Blick auf den Sambesi Fluss. Kaum zurück im Hotel, gings sch... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls September 25th 2017

My husband and I had a unique experience when we were in Victoria Falls - we were able to walk with and pet two 22-month old lions who had been orphaned and then rescued by Lion Encounter. This r is an active conservation program that is passionate about ensuring a secure future for the African lion. The species has seen an 80 – 90% decline in the past 20 – 30 years and Lion encounter is Africa’s first genuine program to ethically re-introduce the offspring of captive-bred African lions back into the wild. Lion Encounter offers people the chance to walk with this magnificent species, or volunteer with them and actively contribute to their efforts, to save the African Lion. For more information go to read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls August 29th 2017

August 29, 2017 Episode 1: Victoria Falls; The smoke that thunders. Dear family, friends and colleagues, I am thrilled to report that we are back here in Africa, easily my favourite travel destination in the world. Like a chilled glass of Frangelico, Africa is intoxicating and addictive. It never ceases to amaze me with its wonderful people, landscapes and - most of all - its incredible wildlife. This time, I was particularly interested in going to Botswana, home of the legendary Okavango Delta – to spy all sorts of animals - but wild dogs in particular. And then a self-drive in the neighbouring country of Namibia, home of the vast red sand dunes of the Namib desert and incredible Etosha National Park. Most people traveling from Australia to Africa enter via Johannesburg in South Africa. We ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls August 18th 2017

This trip is gruelling....long days...early mornings and late nights...but you really have to make the most of it and see as much as you can while you can. Takes us extra time to get ready every day with applying deet, deet and more deet, our tour guide contracted malaria about 4 weeks ago, so we have to be vigilent. Took the long 7hr drive back to JoBurg from Thornybush, visiting the potholes and the Blyth Canyon on the way. Overnight JoBurg and took flight next morning to Victoria Falls, I think this would have to be the smallest international airport we have ever been to. Bused to our beautiful hotel The Victoria Falls Hotel, what a grand old dame she is, built in 1906 and virtually right in Vic Falls. Took a cruise down the Zambezi ... read more
Chobe National Park
Chobe National Park

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 13th 2017

So, I left my last post describing how we had been absolutely drenched in Livingstone and heading back over the boarder into Victoria Falls town. Now when I was planning our honeymoon and had mentioned to friends that we were going to Zimbabwe they mostly responded with 'are you mad??' or saying to be careful being a British woman in Zimbabwe (???). To be honest, I am not overly worried about going anywhere as I always take care, but if ever there was a hint of worry it would very much have been unnecessary. Victoria Falls town is a dream- a teeny tiny quaint town with an old railway intersecting the town, with a smattering of cute cafes and pretty hip restaurants and bars, and small craft shops selling handmade souvenirs. We were told by our ... read more
Vic Falls from the air
Vic Falls from the air
Vic Falls from the air

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 9th 2017

So, a previous blog post detailed how we got engaged in Zanzibar following a safari adventure through Kenya and Tanzania, and then our wedding in Crete, so here I was run through our incredible honeymoon in a number of blog posts. When it came to discussing honeymoons, it was tough- one thing for sure is we aren't a 5 star hotel on the beach in the Maldives kind of couple (nothing wrong with this- it just doesn't float our boat), and our limited attention span meant it would be a trip on the move, that is for sure! So after a lot of uhming and aahing about various different possibilities, we decided to head back to Africa and travel the gadzillion kilometers from Livingstone to Johannesburg, and then flying down to Cape town for a few ... read more
Cape Town
Blyde River Canyon
Cape Towns V&A waterfront

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