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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls October 17th 2018

Victoria Falls “…scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” – David Livingstone As a child, on Sunday morning Merry Jo would eagerly hop up each morning to watch a Shirley Temple movie followed by a Tarzan movie. She was enthralled by people swinging through the jungle and the falls featured prominently in these movies. Her quest to see the falls in person has been many years coming. Dave however found the Tarzan movies too fake, phony or campy and rarely watched one. He humored her once again in her need to see something that made an impression during her childhood. Just a side note: MJ has had wanderlust since she was a small child when she would sit on the floor of the den in her home and leaf through ... read more
The Power within Victoria Falls
Simply.......larger than one can imagine
The falls cover a large area

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 21st 2018

Today was a free day until 3pm, so we took it easy. We had been going to get the shuttle into the village and explore, but after hearing from other travellers that you are harassed by beggers and hawkers, decided not to. That’s not our idea of a holiday. Instead, we had a leisurely breakfast by the pool, refreshed and then left our room to be serviced and went and sat in the comfort of the lounge adjoining the pool and dining area. Here we sat, Tom catching up on information on coming days, and me doing my blog while the bus load (of Chinese, it turns out) are out touring and the internet is not under stress! Just before 3 we made our way down to reception to wait for our tour. A lovely Canadian ... read more
and again
Beautiful day for a cruise
The smoke that thunders - just keep paddling

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 21st 2018

Het is, zoals alle dagen tot nu toe, weer heerlijk weer. Om 8.30 uur zitten we al buiten aan het ontbijt, met op de achtergrond de geluiden van het neerstortende water. Zo’n 3 kwartier laten wandelen we naar de watervallen, gewaarschuwd door de receptie in verband met gesignaleerde olifanten op de route. En inderdaad na een paar honderd meter komen er drie vrouwen uit het park gerend: “Elephants!”. We moeten dus omlopen via de weg. Volgens de mannen moeten we niet het Zambezi N.P. in voor de watervallen, maar moeten we naar het Lookout-café. Kortom we lopen verkeerd en moeten nog twee keer omlopen vanwege de olifanten om uiteindelijk toch bij het Zambezi park naar binnen te gaan. We lopen eerst een deel van de uitkijkpunten af, bij sommige is er goed zicht, bij andere is ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 19th 2018

Wow - what a day. We started with our buffet breakfast by the pool at our hotel, very early because we had an 8.10am pickup with our tour company. The usual bacon, egg, sausages etc. When the tour guide collected us we joined a group of Aussies, Scottish Aussies, French and Spanish people. after stopping at a couple more hotels to pick up people we drove to the entrance of the park that surrounds the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi side. Just a couple of miles upstream, the Zambezi merges with the Chobe River, and at this confluence there are the borders of four countries, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. At Victoria Falls we are in Zimbabwe, looking at water also in Zimbabwe to begin with, but then it becomes Zambian water. There is no public ... read more
Colleen with David Livingstone, I presume.
Our first glimpse
Victoria Falls

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 18th 2018

Our Virgin flight to Perth was chockers, all seats occupied! The lady on the other side of Tom was another Colleen, and she loved chatting! She was amazingly interesting though. Another person childless by choice and wow, what a life she has! She was on her way back home after a weekend catching up with her sister and nephews. The plane sure was cramped though. The piccolos of sparkling wine with our chicken chasseur dinner made it more bearable. When we got out at Perth we had to go to South African Airways counter to get our boarding pass for the sector to Victoria Falls. The lovely lady was making sure our luggage was booked all the way through. Apparently when they upgraded our fare it isolated it from the other sectors of the trip, making ... read more
Shongololo Lounge at OR Tambo Airport
African themed crisps!!
Welcome to Zimbabwe!

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 10th 2018

Very swish afternoon tea in old Colonial hotel. Absolutely stunning hotel almost identical to Grand Hotel in Habana (bit of sneaky name dropping there....did you notice?). With grand terrace and stunning view of falls. Wild Warthogs, Baboons and Banded Mongooses ( or should that be Mongeese?) just wandering around the grounds. Doesn’t seem that much has changed over the years, with about 4 blacks attending each white! Superb opulent service and ambience. A must see experience. Then traditional Boma supper and drum/dance performance. Huge spread of traditional fare inc Warthog steak (delicious), Impala stew, Eland meatballs and roasted caterpillars (they call them worms...quite tasty but probably don’t try this at home!). Now sitting waiting for minibus to drive 3 hours over rough and badly potaholed roads (no change there then) to an African Wild Dog rehab ... read more
Victoria Falls Hotel
Colonial Opulence

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 9th 2018

Ok so we had an engine. And it wasn’t a canoe, it was a dinner cruise and rather nice too. Saw hippo and dined with 2 of our remaining couples, who were brilliant company. Adrian and Fiona, newleyweds from Dublin, and Bruce and Nancy from South Carolina. Saw the falls in the morning and very impressive too. Twice the size of Niagara and twice as wet! Rainy season so water very high with trees half submerged though we have had no rain since here. Much warmer than SA. Vervet Monkeys and Baboons everywhere. Now off to the old colonial and rather swish Victoria Falls hotel with Bruce and Nancy for ‘Afternoon Tea’ on their famous Stanley’s Terrace which overlooks the falls. Then off to a traditional Boma tonight for dinner and Drums. ... read more
Victoria Falls
Victoria Bridge
Dr Duff I presume?

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 7th 2018

Not something you see everyday whilst sipping your morning coffee. The guesthouse owner’s brother has a farm and this giraffe was head butting visiting cars and getting aggressive so had to be shot. He was quite pushy and a cheeky negotiator. In fact you could say he had a hard neck. Reminded me a bit about the famous Falty Towers moose head sketch. Only weirder. Flew to Zimbabwe this morning. 29 degs up here and wall to wall sun. Our group (now reduced to 7) was hosted by a local lady and treated us to a traditional local meal of peanuts and blackeyed peas, roasted caterpillars, whitebait, chicken and local veg. We spent a fascinating couple of hours hearing about life in Mugabwe’s playground. It is hard to believe what this country has been reduced to. ... read more
Erm.... it’s not going to fit, is it?!

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 12th 2018

After a slack day of doing the Panorama route in the area around Hazyview, one place was the so-called window of God, with amazing views of the landscape, they said. God was not on his best mood and a heavy fog closed his window and gave us 10 m visibility. I was riding around with a German bloke who stayed at the same B&B as I did and it was fun to have some company and i got to practise my German a bit and managed to polish some of the rust away. Unfortunately there are not many cafes around, we stopped at a petrol station and bought some water, yes indeed water! I visited the little boys room and had the smell in my nose for the next hour, not so much fun, especially knowing ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls February 12th 2018

Leaving Mom for Zimbabwe took a while, endless paperwork and 61 dollars later, visa fee, road tax, insurance and a carbon dioxide fee, The coastal plain was gone and the sun also, replaced by a slow chilly rain, Africa, Africa is hot they told me! Some places are hot but the you get up on the high plain, the high veld, it’s not hot anymore and with the rain it dropped to 15C which is of ok if you’re not on a bike with some wind chill factor to count in. Rant: May the devil and all his little devils and all the other helpers, lawyers, reals estate vendors, inland revenue and other riff raff take the vendors and makers of so called water proof motor cycle gear and put them on endless trips on bikes ... read more

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