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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 13th 2019

Today was our only full day in Victoria Falls so we started off with an adrenaline rush. We did a 25 minute helicopter ride over the falls and the national park. The views were spectacular of the falls and it was fascinating to see the herds of elephants, giraffes, buffalo and hippos from above. They really do move like on national geographic. After that we went to the historic Victoria Falls hotel and wandered the grounds. It had a bunch of old posters about the British empire and trade that were fascinating. After that, we walked over to the market and did the little bit of shopping we’re doing on the trip. We have to keep outlet bags light do we’re not doing much shopping but we saw some beautiful works from local artisans. We had ... read more
Victoria Falls .
Victoria falls hotel
Vulture feeding

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 12th 2019

What a day! We started off from our (very chilly) camp on the Zambezi river early this morning through Zambia’s smallest national park. We were treated to a great show from giraffes, elephants, some wart hogs, s wildebeest, water buffalo and, of course, impala. There are no big cats in this park so the animals were quite relaxed. At the end of this drive, which was basically in a mini van taxi, we got out and got to walk up to Zambia’s only white rhino population. We got about 20 meters away and were able to take pictures of the group which included a 2 week old calf. From there, we went to the Elephant Cafe, an elephant sanctuary, for lunch. We saw hippos sunning themselves on the far bank. We got to feed peanuts to ... read more
Eleywith baboon
Makuni  village
Falls from Zambia side

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 12th 2019

We had deliberately not taken in the falls yesterday afternoon when we arrived. For one thing there is a USD30 each entry fee and it is for one admission only. So we decided to hold off until this morning our visit to tick off another of the Seven Wonders of the World. Flying in to Living stone yesterday the pilot had announced as we were in our descent that the falls would be visible from the right side of the aircraft. Where were we on the aircraft you may ask? The left side !and belted in for landing ! So today will be our first sighting of one of the greatest sights one can imagine when it comes to looking at geographical views. We had established from a map that there is a rain forest to ... read more
Devils Cataract,Victoria Falls
Mist rising in a bright blue sky
Plunging water Devils Cataract

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 11th 2019

Again we didn’t a wakeup call for breakfast and then a ride to the airport for our flight to Livingstone, Zambia as we are now well in the mode of waking well before dawn. In saying that the sleep we do have is solid and we generally seem to last the day without a ‘nana’ nap in the afternoon. O R Tambo airport is spacious and modern and we got some help from a woman at the automatic check in machine to get our boarding passes. We had done everything else ignoring the chance for an upgrade on the flight to business class where the lowest bid was USD85 that you could make for the upgrade. What do you think they take us for? There was heaps of leg room and the economy seats were generously ... read more
Nobody took any notice a steam train was just metres away from the uncontrolled crossing
The luxury excursion steam train runs Tuesday(lucky us) and Fridays
Great name for a restaurant

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 5th 2019

Our 4th day of the trip was a morning of "optional activities", those we chose earlier that week. Then we would have a 5 hour drive to Bulawayo for our Rhino trek the following day, something none of us were looking forward to. Optional Activities As mentioned, another girl and I had planned to go skydiving, having pumped ourselves up for it the first dinner and following through with the sign up and then scheduling it, only to be told the second evening that it was no longer an option. Bummer. We were only allowed to choose 2 activities, though if you were smart, you could probably have fit in more. However, they were not cheap and I was glad for the limitations. Instead, I signed up for the helicopter ride over the falls and the ... read more
Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls
Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls
Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 3rd 2019

My initial Eid planned trip to Scotland fell through, so instead my friend suggested an African group tour with a local touring group he uses. The trip was to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia, with stops in multiple national parks and the waterfalls. I had been wanting to take a trip to Africa for a while now, but did not want to go solo for my first time, so this was perfect. Victoria Falls Rest Camp We left from Dubai airport at 4:30 in the morning on Ethiopian Airlines, stopping in Addis Ababa (crazy airport), and landing in Victoria Falls. I met everyone at the coffee shop after checking in and it seemed to be a good, but diverse group of people, a few of whom had quite a few to drink on the way. We ... read more
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
Mama and baby elephants on drive back

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls May 4th 2019

When I last wrote we were headed to Zimbabwe, well not really as Victoria Falls is a small tourist bubble in a troubled country. Unlike most short visitors we stayed four nights. The country is bankrupt and everyone uses US dollars in the Falls, or credit card. We knew this in advance and brought dollars with us. Getting there was a nightmare. After really enjoying Namibia we were left fed up and disappointed at the main airport in Windhoek. Chaotic, hot, disorganised and terrible staff, security took over an hour. We were delayed by about 45 minutes and when we got to the guest lodge the staff said be grateful Air Namibia often cancel the flight! We were picked up by the guesthouse by a larger than life female taxi driver called Pretty. We are out ... read more
Enjoying the wine
Happy birthday
Village trip

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls October 17th 2018

Victoria Falls “…scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” – David Livingstone As a child, on Sunday morning Merry Jo would eagerly hop up each morning to watch a Shirley Temple movie followed by a Tarzan movie. She was enthralled by people swinging through the jungle and the falls featured prominently in these movies. Her quest to see the falls in person has been many years coming. Dave however found the Tarzan movies too fake, phony or campy and rarely watched one. He humored her once again in her need to see something that made an impression during her childhood. Just a side note: MJ has had wanderlust since she was a small child when she would sit on the floor of the den in her home and leaf through ... read more
The Power within Victoria Falls
Simply.......larger than one can imagine
The falls cover a large area

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 21st 2018

Today was a free day until 3pm, so we took it easy. We had been going to get the shuttle into the village and explore, but after hearing from other travellers that you are harassed by beggers and hawkers, decided not to. That’s not our idea of a holiday. Instead, we had a leisurely breakfast by the pool, refreshed and then left our room to be serviced and went and sat in the comfort of the lounge adjoining the pool and dining area. Here we sat, Tom catching up on information on coming days, and me doing my blog while the bus load (of Chinese, it turns out) are out touring and the internet is not under stress! Just before 3 we made our way down to reception to wait for our tour. A lovely Canadian ... read more
and again
Beautiful day for a cruise
The smoke that thunders - just keep paddling

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 21st 2018

Het is, zoals alle dagen tot nu toe, weer heerlijk weer. Om 8.30 uur zitten we al buiten aan het ontbijt, met op de achtergrond de geluiden van het neerstortende water. Zo’n 3 kwartier laten wandelen we naar de watervallen, gewaarschuwd door de receptie in verband met gesignaleerde olifanten op de route. En inderdaad na een paar honderd meter komen er drie vrouwen uit het park gerend: “Elephants!”. We moeten dus omlopen via de weg. Volgens de mannen moeten we niet het Zambezi N.P. in voor de watervallen, maar moeten we naar het Lookout-café. Kortom we lopen verkeerd en moeten nog twee keer omlopen vanwege de olifanten om uiteindelijk toch bij het Zambezi park naar binnen te gaan. We lopen eerst een deel van de uitkijkpunten af, bij sommige is er goed zicht, bij andere is ... read more

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