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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls July 20th 2021

Victoria Falls Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and the major waterfall on the Zambezi River. The African people who live around the falls call it Mosi-oa-Tunya which means "smoke that thunders". The water makes a roaring noise as it falls over the cliff and down into the Zambezi River below. A cloud of water vapor is always seen around the falls. Dr David Livingstone was the first European to see the falls in 1855. The Scottish missionary and explorer had heard many tales of the thundering, smoke like waters on the Zambezi. Livingston stood on a small outcrop on the edge of the falls and named them Victoria Falls in honour of Queen Victoria. Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was interesting to ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls September 27th 2019

Busy day today, started with a short bus ride to the entrance to the Victoria Falls National Park, then we "walked the falls" with our Zimbabwean tour guide, Mike, and our Scenic tour director, Katia. It is a 3km loop with many view points to see the falls. Also a statue of David Livingstone. Initially walked through rainforest, (complete with rain - spray from the falls), branching out to the viewpoints, some had dubious fencing, and got a little wet. Because it is the end of the dry season in Zimbabwe, the first part of the falls were flowing, (they are 1.7km wide), but the second part were dry. Walked to the viewpoint for the Victoria Falls bridge (the border with Zambia) and then completed the loop back to the entrance (and the shop and the ... read more
First part of the falls
Main falls
Another part

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls September 25th 2019

Yet another early morning for our flight from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. (And they keep giving us wake up calls when we don't want them!). A short flight then through the very long immigration process at Victoria Falls airport. (Think we were in the queue longer than we were in the air!) There were some traditional dancers outside when we finally exited. In Victoria Falls, we are only 75km from the spot where the borders of four countries meet - Zimbabawe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. A short drive to the Victoria Falls Hotel, a beautiful old colonial hotel built in 1904 by the British, where we are staying for the last three nights of our trip. A quick visit to our room (which you need a map to find) and then back on a ... read more
Champagne on the sunset cruise
Cocktails on the sunset cruise

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls August 27th 2019

Day off from driving today but we headed east into Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls. Nice later start, picked up by a guide at 7:30 before heading to the border. Another interesting experience and you realise that actually getting into Botswana wasn't as interesting as it felt at the time when you compare it to Zim. The visa fee for us is $55US each (ironically the only peolple who it's dearer for is the Candians but everyone else pays 30. I only had Pula so the conversation went along the lines of how much is that in Pula? The imigration guy thought about it, got out a calculator, chatted to two of his mates then looked blankly at me. So I merely "suggested" I could pay by credit card and his eyes lit up and said ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls August 16th 2019

Today we woke up at 6am to get ready for a white water rafting trip down the rapids in the Zambezi River, but we didn’t know if it would actually happen. We were told that Yehoshua was too young. We had breakfast and at 7 the guide came to “assess” Yehoshua. He wasn’t sure so he took us all to the rafting place to ask his boss. The answer was no. And none of us wanted to go without him. So, they drove us back (my mom did not go with us, she wanted to enjoy a quiet time alone). As we descended from the Jeep (open and freezing in the morning weather) a man came up to us and told us he’s from a different rafting company and they take kids. It’s a matter of ... read more
Us with the wonderful men who guided us, MD in the blue, Morton, in the hat, and Spasho, my guardian angel next to me.
MD, our amazing river guide, pointing to Oblivion. 🤣

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls July 23rd 2019

Hello readers. We are happy to report that today was our last early wake up. We're glad we did it, though, as departing from our lodge at 6:00 meant we had the opportunity to spend some time with orphan elephants. The reserve we visited was home to ten elephants who had been orphaned. Most of their mothers died during Zimbabwe's most recent droughts. We were given information about their care and how they had been saved from certain death, but also that they had lost their fear of people, which meant they could never really succeed in the wild. Trained only with positive reinforcement, they knew their names and each other well. Our ground leader led us on a trail around the reserve and each elephant had a handler/driver who filled us in on the individual ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls July 22nd 2019

Today we were able to sleep in enough to enjoy a buffet breakfast in Johannesburg before catching a flight on South African Air to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls was "discovered" by Dr. Livingstone in 1855 (we presume) after he was taken to the site by two local guides. Our driver, Fanuel (like F instead of M in Manuel), met us at the airport and we were relieved to learn he would be with us for the next three days. After checking in to our hotel, the Victoria Falls Lodge, he would take us on a personal tour of the magnificent falls. Our rooms are very nice... Two stories with a living area below and bedroom suite upstairs, along with a balcony overlooking a watering hole. On our arrival, it was mostly birds gathered. Later that ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 15th 2019

Well, what a contrast of two successive mornings. After an overnighter in Joburg, we were due to take the short flight to Livingstone, Zambia (gateway to the Victoria Falls) leaving around 10.30 am. We duly arrived at the airport around 7.30am to be greeted by a mammoth ‘peasouper’ fog and a flight schedule board full of ‘delayed’ status on almost every flight, including ours. After an hour or so, the fog lifted and planes got away, but not ours. We were then designated ‘delayed indefinitely’ with no indication of when a plane and crew would become available. Eventually, the former landed but apparently the crew had worked their designated hours and they had to track down a new crew. To cut a long story short, they suddenly listed our gate number and time and scrambled us ... read more
'The Main Falls' - just a fraction of the total width
No flights getting away through this!
This had me feeling my age!

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 13th 2019

Today was our only full day in Victoria Falls so we started off with an adrenaline rush. We did a 25 minute helicopter ride over the falls and the national park. The views were spectacular of the falls and it was fascinating to see the herds of elephants, giraffes, buffalo and hippos from above. They really do move like on national geographic. After that we went to the historic Victoria Falls hotel and wandered the grounds. It had a bunch of old posters about the British empire and trade that were fascinating. After that, we walked over to the market and did the little bit of shopping we’re doing on the trip. We have to keep outlet bags light do we’re not doing much shopping but we saw some beautiful works from local artisans. We had ... read more
Victoria Falls .
Victoria falls hotel
Vulture feeding

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