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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar September 4th 2006

Well, Suraj flew back Friday night and Manoj & Daxa flew to Zanzibar early Saturday morning. After our shortest flight ever (15 minutes) we reached Zanzibar Airport, picked up our luggage and were transported to La Gemma Del Resort which was about an hours drive away on the north side of the Island. This resort was fabulous. It was at a very good location, really nice beach, all the rooms on a hill overlooking the blue waters in the Indian Ocean. There was a little gym located in an open hut with a really nice ocean view. We had a nice lunch, dinner and breakfast and we spent sometime on the beach relaxing. Next two nights were at Serena - Stone Town, Zanzibar. (Downtown Zanzibar) Very centrally located - right on the Indian Ocean. Our room ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro September 4th 2006

We did it! Kilimanjaro at 5,895m conquered by Merryn, Joe and Mike at 6:24am on Saturday 2 September 2006. And here are the details....... After I had been away from Australia for 4 months, Joe was finally able to join me in my world adventure, even if it was for only one week. But what a great week it was. Mike, Joe's best mate, also joined in for the challenge. As mentioned a little later, I know I would not have made it to the top without them. So, note to anyone contemplating this climb - take good friends with you. We met up in Nairobi, took a bus to Moshi, Tanzania and waited at our hotel to meet our guide and find out a little more about what we were in for over the next ... read more
Day 2
Early morning sun on Kili

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam September 4th 2006

SWISS - LX 737 0715 0850, SWISS - LX 292 0945 2015. Voor de zekerheid stuurde ik de avond voor mijn vertrek deze informatie nog naar mijn begeleider. Ik had het hem al gestuurd maar je weet nooit! Na een onrustige nacht ging om 04.00 uur de wekker. Fuck ass, het ging er dan toch van komen! Op het ticket stond dat gedurende de vlucht van Amsterdam naar Zurich men een snack kreeg. Aangezien ik hier weinig vertrouwen in had en eten bij mij toch redelijk belangrijk is, probeerde ik wat na binnen te krijgen. (Raar, want de durum döner gaat er normaal gesproken gemakkelijk in rond dit tijdstip). Eenmaal op Schiphol begon het wachten. Eerst bij het inchecken en in de vertrekhal. Bij het inchecken had ik gelukkig aangenaam gezelschap, maar mijn vertrekhal was het ... read more
Nairobi airport

Africa » Tanzania » East » Kibaya September 2nd 2006

Many things have been happening this week, some very interesting and i am following leads for unexpected research that i would rather not publish on the internet. in any case, firstly, i should mention that i have malaria. it makes life almost impossible, but i am on medication and i am sure will recover soon. high fever, muscle and joint pains, all of the symptoms i have and so my brain has not been working quickly lately. the internet is my one activity of the day so i am not stuck in bed all day. instead of taking the train back (which was almost impossible anyway since the 1st and 2nd class tickets were sold out), i am going to fly back to dar asap, which seems to be on monday. now i will continue about ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Kibaya September 2nd 2006

that night we slept at the park hostel, which is rather expensive at 20 dollars a night per person. the night before if i didnt mention, we went to stay in the village near the burundi border and woke up early to catch a boat to gombe. the night in the park we met a very nice solo lady traveller danielle and spoke to her all night about her travells for the past 10 years all over east africa. the 2nd day at gombe was not near as exciting as the first because there was a major fire in the park. all of the researchers went to take care of the fire all night so there were none in the forest tracking the chimps. therefore, our guide who knew nothing took us up and down mountains ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi September 1st 2006

Well, I've booked my climb of Kili - heading off on 12 September, and am now wondering about the sense of taking on the biggest physical challenge of my life… Am thinking it would have been far more sensible to treat myself to a luxury safari for my 34th b-day rather than face the -37 degree summit. The Guardian here (that's the Tanzanian version and nothing like our very own Grauniad) reported the other day that 2 men lost their lives for a $3 duck. They tried to steal it and an ‘’ enraged mob ‘ took them down and beat them to pulp. They also cut off a third miscreants toe. I can only imagine this is to force him to waddle for the rest of his life. I guess he’’ll have to visit a ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 31st 2006

Early Thursday morning we left 7 degree Cape Town travelling through JoBurg (which was a cold 2 degrees) to Dar es Salaam (which was a hot 32 degrees when we landed). Getting through the immigration and customs was quite a process with the inefficiencies in the local systems especially not believeing in any sort of organized ques. The drive from the airport to the hotel was quite different than South Africa. The roads were quite crowded (and not maintained as well) and many more people were walking along the street. Later on in the evening we drove along the ocean and had the locally made cassava chips and drank cocnut water (madaf) from the street vendors. After seeing a few oceanfront hotels, we had a dinner at a local Indian-Chinese restaurant. We noticed the many casinos ... read more
Aiport shuttle
Curio Factory
Curio Market

Africa » Tanzania » East » Kibaya August 31st 2006

The spirit of the chimps and jane goodall i did not feel until we walked about ten minutes into the forest, i was so upset over the bearacracy of the park. it is so badly runned and the visitors get no respect at all, unless of course you spend thousands of dollars there. anyway, the first day it was just us and a dutch couple. i hate to admit this, but i think its how the universe wanted it and its how life was before cameras, but i brought my video and the charger but i forgot the converter, so i have no video of my experiences. i will tell you what i wrote in the forest though. there are three communities, five families in each community and about 6 in each family. there are total ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City August 30th 2006

14th to 19th August: More Kenyan Adventures Having crossed the border back into Kenya from Uganda, we clearly had lots more Kenyan adventures in store. From Eldoret we travelled to Lake Baringo, hippo territory! Hippos kill more people in Africa by crushing them with their massive teeth than any other creature in Africa so...We camped right next to a hippo infested river! The trips to the long drops were pretty scary, particularly as the lads took a liking to hiding in the bushes and jumping out on us. Didn't sleep much the first night and when I did I dreamt about being attacked by a hippo...the noise of the beasts fighting sounded like it was literally right outside your tent...still claim they really were peering in the window! Our first encounter with a swimming pool was ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 30th 2006

The flight to Dar es Salaam boarded on time despite the complaints from the cranky British tourists - who thought they had been waiting too long in the lounge before boarding. Now I hate to stereotype..but have found in the last few weeks that the Brits and the Germans can be quite rude - not sure what that is about! Any way… as we approached the plane on ground each of us picked out our luggage that was lined up in rows on the tarmac. I was quite relieved with this as I physically saw my luggage put on the plane. What I didn’t see happen was it removed some 15 minutes later - as I learned later from a fellow passenger. We had a smooth flight - most of the plane was full of German ... read more

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