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Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area November 19th 2006

After the wide open spaces of the Serengeti, we journeyed to the world famous Ngorongoro crater. In case you didn't already know, the crater is an ancient volcano that eventually collapsed in on itself, leaving the approximately 20km diameter crater that is there now. The crater rim is at approximately 2300m above sea level and completely encloses the floor, that is several hundred meters lower, with steep sided walls. The floor is mostly flat, with a few gentle undulations, a natural spring and a salt pan that only has water in it during the wet season. The floor of the crater has grassy plains, similar to those of the Serengeti, while the top of the rim has dense rain forest clinging to the steep slopes. Ngorongoro is unique in that the animal population is largely 'trapped' ... read more
What is the view like where you are?
Twenty seconds after complaining that the animals always face away from the road, we got this!
Eyeballing a Lion

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha November 18th 2006

All week long Brent and one of our visiting campaigners Fred Cabler have been holding a week long Seminar in Usa River, with great sucess! It's been wonderful to hear fred preach and revivie the church there. It was a much needed boost for this steadily growing congregation. Usa river is one of our older small churches out in between Arusha and Moshi. Established back in the 70's with Andrew and Claudine Connally here working in this area. Fariji Paul and his wife Gladness have been serving as the minister there for several years. This area is always bustling with children as you come to visit you get the car chasing herds hollaring "Wazungu, wazungu" because they don't see visitors as often as the ones in Arusha and Moshi. Emily and I decided when we heard ... read more
127 kids in class
A great day in Usa River
Down to the river

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area November 18th 2006

From when we were in the Karioko Markets in Dar es Salaam the Masai people have been catching our eye in their distinctive bright red, purple and/or blue robes and ornate jewellery. The security guards at our Hotel on Zanzibar were also Masai, and there were some in Stone Town as well. They are a very striking people, generally tall, brightly dressed and obviously proud of their background. We were now in the area they call home and we had the chance to actually visit a Masai village and get a closer glimpse of what life is like for them. All over the Ngorongoro Conservation area there are Masai villages and they still live largely the same as they have done for hundreds of years. They are cattle herders and live in permanent villages that are ... read more
White Man Can Jump
White Woman Can't Dance

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park November 17th 2006

What does the name Serengeti National Park bring to your mind? Endless plains teeming with animals, a sky that seems so much bigger than at home, the chance to get up close to the Big 5? This was in our minds as we passed through the gates of the Ngorgoro Conservaton Area, and then into Serengeti National Park. We had spent the morning driving from Lake Eyasi to Oldupai Gorge, site of the discovery of early human remains. It was both educational and slightly interesting. The one thing that stands out from the drive from Lake Eyasi to the gates of Serengeti and then into the park was the road - it was the kind that James wanted to ride on, which generally means uncomfortable and bumpy in a car. Still, we stopped noticing this upon ... read more
Big Sky and Endless Plains
Dusty Roads
Lunch with a Lazy Lion

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Eyasi November 15th 2006

Lake Eyasi is one of a series of salt lakes near the Ngorogoro highlands. The plan was to camp near the lake and visit the Hadzabe tribe, a group of people culturally similar to the San Bushman. Our drive took us through some rough roads, which had James wishing (for the twentieth time) that he had brought his mountain bike. The campsite was fairly basic, but instead of bugs flying onto our plates, we had monkeys jumping onto our tent. Once again, camp was set up, we had lunch, then we set off to locate the Hadzabe. Our guide/translator was from the nearby Datoga village and he trades with the Hadzabe tribe so speaks their language. We drove for half an hour to the valley where the Hadzabe live. They are nomadic so do move around, ... read more
Hadzabe Bushman
Hadzabe Children
Coca Cola own everything in Africa

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha November 15th 2006

Who is this little one standing at the door? Have you ever had a bad day, but there was one little face that made you smile! Have you ever known of someone who had been delt a hard life, but through it all continued to show God's love and grace in everything they did? Have you ever just felt like Life wasn't fair? Have you ever wanted to help someone, so bad, but there just wasn't much you could do? Life is a daily challenge here in Tanzania. Life is filled with harsh circumstances, and here in Africa we encounter trials and troubles daily in the lives of the people we come into contact with, befriend, and adore. Its hard to see someone you love living a hard life, suffering unjustly, and there beng very little ... read more
First one in the Doors!
Wish there were more like Umi in this world!
Come rain or Shine..

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam November 14th 2006

Dar Es Salaam is a very strange city, the kind that is neat to experience but you would never want to stay for any length of time - at least in my eyes. It is the capital city of Tanzania and is so full of contrasts. As we arrived into the ferry port at Dar Es Salaam, I was pleased to see that it wasn't quite as chaotic as I had been told it was. As a matter of fact, only one taxi driver approached us to offer his services, and even quoted the correct price when I asked him "How much to the Peacock Hotel". I always know ahead of time how much it should be and if they try to rip me off by doubling the price, I refuse to use them. It is ... read more
The tower in the center of town that sends out the call to prayer
Rural Tanzania
Laundry day

Africa » Tanzania » North » Tarangire National Park November 14th 2006

Safari time! We flew from Zanzibar to Arusha (the plane was only two hours late), then transferred to Masai Camp, a campsite and safari company. We were booked on a 6 day safari with Tropical Trails which would take us to some of Tanzania's world famous national parks. Early Tuesday morning, we loaded our gear into a Land Cruiser and along with our guide, Stephen, and cook, Kasim, set off for Tarangire National Park. En route we stopped for a morning tea of fried green bananas and goats intestines. No kidding. Kind of tasted like pork crackling, but that could have just been all the salt I poured on it. While I went to the (squat) toilet James walked to the car and was besieged by women trying to sell him beaded necklaces and wood carvings. ... read more
Fried Green Bananas and Goats Intestines
Baby Elephant Walk
James and Stephen

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha November 13th 2006

It's here so very early! The house is busy with boxes! We were expecting not to receive the container until December! and the Hedgehog, well that's one I never expected! Well November is already half way through and the time is just flying by. It hardly seems possible that we have already been here for 2 months. With thanksgiving just around the corner and the holidays fast approaching I know everyone back home must be busy about getting things prepared for family and friends and all the get togethers we tend to have this time of year! We are planning on having a Thanksgiving meal here at the staffords house next Thursday as well. All the Missionary families and guests that are here along with some of our co-laboring Tanzanian & Kenyan families. The container ... read more
IT has arrived!
Unloaded in the Rain!
one truck load at a time

Africa » Tanzania » East » Saadani National Park November 13th 2006

ended up negotiating a tent to sleep in, which was lovely. camp fires, beach sounds, village sounds, and even animal sounds (including lion roaring yesterday morning) rocked me to sleep. went on safari the next day. got ripped off by the park ranger. hired a local vehicle. took a local amazing guide who knows so much---for any travellers coming across this---andrew starting a new "warthog camp". was going to be great budget trip. five minutes into the drive we have to forge a newly-formed river. made it. see some giraffe, antelopes, lots of warthogs, beautiful birds, some kind of rare antelope type things (so im not great at remembering this type of thing but i wrote them all down somewhere and have pictures ill put some up). got stuck in the mud. spent most of the ... read more
our home in saadani

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