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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi November 20th 2020

Lundi 26 octobre : c’est aujourd’hui qu’officiellement mes vacances commencent. Ça ne sera pas facile. Entre 6 :00 et 8 :00 du matin. C’est le chaos a l’aéroport de Bangui. J’ai fait mon test pour le virus chinois le vendredi matin, pour avoir le résultat le samedi matin, or le samedi matin ce n’était pas prêt. Je me pointe quand même le lundi matin à l’aéroport. Qu’est-ce que je peux faire ? Ils refusent que je fasse le check-in sans le certificat de l’Institut Pasteur. Par la grâce de Dieu et grâce au dispatch de la MINUSCA, je réussi à retourner au centre-ville à l’Institut Pasteur et à obtenir rapidement mon certificat. Je laisse mes valises dans le bureau de MOVCON a l’aéroport. L’aller-retour vers le centre-ville ça s’est bien passé, le gardien de sécurité ... read more

Africa » Tanzania October 23rd 2020

After a desperately needed shower and a good nights sleep in our hotel we met with our safari guide, Ebenzer “Ben”, to start our second part of our trip. Ben had a wide smile and an incredibly enthusiastic attitude which was infectious. We jumped into his tan 4x4 Land Cruiser with a safari pop top and we were excited. Excited to see a ton of animals and excited to just be sitting for several days “relaxing.” We left Moshi and drove 4 hrs to our first National Park ,Tangire. Along the way Ben taught us some more Swahili to add to our ever expanding short list of vocabulary. Swahili is the national language of Tanzania and a few other African countries, which helps everyone communicate in a country where there is over 120 completely different and ... read more
Gates to the endless sea of grass.

Africa » Tanzania October 16th 2020

We were woken up by Frank at midnight after having a few hour long nap that was too short but thankfully pretty restful considering. The wind was howling and it was painfully cold making it hard to get started, but luckily it wasn’t raining, which really was all I had hoped for. As much as we didn’t want to get out of our warm sleeping bags the summit called. We quickly drank some coffee and ate some popcorn and cookies and were off. We were instructed to wear 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, 4 layers on the bottom and 5 on top so we both slowly waddled up the mountain at the mountaineering pace we’d established. We had to put warm water in our camelbaks and had to blow the water from the ... read more
Dawn above the clouds on Kilimanjaro
Mount Meru in the distance
Ice fields around Uhuru peak

Africa » Tanzania October 15th 2020

“There, ahead, all he could see, as wide as all the world, great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun, was the square top of Kilimanjaro. And then he knew that there was where he was going” – Ernest Hemingway: The Snows Of Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro has been one of those trips Dennis and I have always wanted to do since we were both teens, the highest free standing mountain in the world. Mom and I had talked about climbing it “one day” during the peak of our frequent Appalachian trail hiking trips in her younger years before the start of her pulmonary issues, but it just never came to pass. I finally bought our tickets in January long before Covid was a worry, when I saw fares finally just too good to be true and impossible to ... read more
Several hundred year old Giant Groundsel tree

Africa » Tanzania May 9th 2020

Michele's version from an email sent December 26, 2001 Subject: Kilimanjaro climb Hi! Wow, where to start?! It was incredible! We had 7 really delightful days of hiking with one night of - hell might be too strong, but it was tough!! (we have only been back down @ 5 hours, so lest my story soften too much by the time we get home, here's the honest impression.) this is so weird, I am sitting in an internet cafe in Moshi Tanzania, the day after Christmas, listening to Dolly Parton! But, we made it to the top - Uruhu peak at 5950 meters of 19,300 feet!! I honestly can't take credit for getting to the top. At about 3am, had i had a choice I probably would have turned around. It was incredibly windy and we ... read more
Just beautiful!
the first day
Giant Lobelia

Africa » Tanzania » Centre May 7th 2020

DEC 26, 2001 It was another difficult time for all of us in the US. 9/11 had just occurred and we were trying to understand, and I guess adjust to the impact of it. We had already accepted a 30 day assignment in Uganda to begin mid November with US AID VOCA. And it seemed more important than ever to show Americans were no different than anyone else. It seemed critical to show the humanity of us all, which sometimes means, just one on one exposure. Nov and some of Dec, was spent traveling around Uganda working with farmers groups to help strengthen their organizations. Upon completion of the assignment, we took the opportunity to also climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in Dec. It was something we wanted to do when living in Kenya as Peace ... read more
Start of the trek!
Ed hiking Kili
The trail on day 5

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro March 25th 2020

After not achieving my goal of reaching Uhuru Peak on Mount Kilimanjaro, I book to go back in February 2016. This time I booked with a company called Climbing KILIMANJARO, based in Perth. I also chose the Machame route, one day shorter than my previous trip, but basically the same route. I also made the decision to book a single tent after my previous experince. On a business trip to Papua New Guinea, I was talking to a friend, who asked, "So what are you going to do different this time?" Well I hadn't thought about that, but after thinking my answer was, "Not let others dictate my outcome." That may sound selfish, but this time, my decision was too prove correct. So in Febuary, 2016, I return to Moshi and Mount Kilimanjaro. I had decided ... read more
The Crew
The Goal
Uhuru Peak

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi March 24th 2020

After completeing the Kokoda Trail and having returned to Australia, my wife asked me, "So what's next ?" I had always wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and that was my answer. So in February 2015, I headed to Moshi in Tanzania having booked with a company called Adventure Peaks, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Arriving in Moshi, I found that there was only two of us in our group. My companion was an ex British Marine, who had done tours of the Middle East, was very fit and about 6feet 2inches tall. I am 6foot tall, so the two of us in a two man tent, with our duffel bags, frequent trips to wee in the night due to drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water each day to help with altitude sickness, made ... read more
Made it to base camp
The Summit
Base camp

Africa » Tanzania March 1st 2020

Once again we got up early, hoping the roads would be better but this was ill judged and it proved a very long and tiring day. We left Kasulu after managing to re-fuel and head off on a 200km mud road. The conditions were variable with potholes and corrugations but for the most part the mud was well compacted and we could drive at about 30-40mph without too many problems. We were now driving through the middle of nowhere over the course of about 4 hours we probably saw about 10 people, 10 trucks and 1 car. We were driving through endless forest on all sides with little in the way of human evidence. We eventually got to the entrance to the Kaprivi National park, which gets less visitors in a year than the Serengeti gets ... read more
Stormy Skies
Beer in Sumbawanga
Church Conference centre hotel

Africa » Tanzania February 29th 2020

We knew today would be tough roads but it was certainly that and the good new is Nelly survived. We got up early to head to the border at Rusumu Falls to get to Tanzania. It would be polite to say it took us 2 hours to get through but there was a lot of queuing and then queuing to que. All told to get a visa we had to visit one desk to get a form, one to have the form put in a computer, one to get an invoice to go to the bank next door, one to provide the invoice once paid and then you get a stamp. Anyway we cleared the border and we knew the 80km getting into Tanzania were supposed to be bad. The road was tarmacked, but likely 30 ... read more

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