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Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape » Kimberley March 10th 2021

Here we are, this is March 2021...and we are on for a solid road trip at home. The car is a small Suzuki Swift this time. So yes, you don't need a huge car to do special road trips. We will be on the road for 20 days. 2/3 of this trip are actually roads I have not drove if you ask, yes there is a lot more for us to discover in gorgeous South Africa. We encountered close to no foreign tourists on this trip. And as it is back to school here, not many locals either. I'm dividing the blogging in 3 different blogs. The first one is leading us North. We drove first to Durban to exchange our category A car...a little Picanto...for a category B the distances are huge here! ... read more
Enjoying our time in the Drakensberg...
Kimberley Old Town
Sishen, ranked 21st in South Africa...I've played all the top 23rd so far...

We reached the falls via Upington. Its impressive but not flowing strong as i expected, but it was a dry year...i think it must be a sight if the Orange River is in flood....on the way to the falls we also pass through Kakamas an old friend Izak van der Hams home town... MORE PHOTOS TO BE UPLOADED....... read more

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape November 29th 2020

An incredible experience made worthwhile by an old man named Blackie Swarts that stays on site for nearly 6 months...a very humble person that entertained us with stories and history of this ghost town....and shared his food with us.This is actually private property and permission must be obtained first to camp there.... read more
On our way to Putsonderwater
On the way to Putsonderwater
On our way to Putsonderwater

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape November 28th 2020

Day 1...Me and Tony left King William's Town, travelling via Dimbaza, Alice, Adelaide, Bedford, Cradock, De Aar to Britstown our first stopover. Matthew our mate from Port Elizabeth joins us just before Adelaide and travel with us for a while before turning back to Britstown we are staying in the Vyfster Prison Accomodation...quite nice ...... read more
Testing some moonshine from Tony
Matthew and Tony

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape November 28th 2020

We met up with Achmet, Shady and Glen in Britstown where we stayed over in the old jail now called Vyfster....not bad but i don't like the old building structure that is mixed in with newer takes some character away..Also meet a paramedic from JHB, Mark that tests all employees of shipping companies for COVID...he himself had COVID in a bad way, but is now fully recovered. Its his own company and he gets paid by the shipping on his way to Cape Town..... read more
Our motorbikes
Die Manne

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape » Springbok September 2nd 2019

Didn’t sleep well. As lovely as the location of the farm was the bed was a bit hard for me and at 4:10 I gave up and got up and dressed. Had some breakfast, Nutrific with lovely organic milk bought from the farm the night before, and a coffee. Decided to load up and get on the road and by 4:45 Rita was up and dressed and we got ready to leave. By 5 we were away and heading for the B1. The first 45 minutes were busy, loads of commuter traffic heading north to Windhoek for the start of the working week. The traffic continued until we got though Rehoboth. Another 30 minutes and were saw ahead what seemed to be a fire. As we neared it it was a hay lorry that was completely ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape » Kimberley August 24th 2019

Captains Log - Stardate 91028042 4am from Knysna got us off to a great start. By 7:30 we were eating breakfast in Wimpy in Beauford West having watched a fabulous sunrise in the Karoo. Back on the road by 8:15 and with a quick splash and go fuel stop mid way we were in Kimberley by 12:30, couldn't have gone any better (touch wood). Spent the afternoon at The Big Hole in Kimberley, and what a great and informative visit it was. The biggest man dug hole in the world is staggering from the observation platform. The tour was really good rounding off with a visit to the vault to see some actual diamonds discovered in the area. Wasn't sure what to expect from Kimberley having read a lot about it being run down but there's ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape September 30th 2015

409 km auf Teerstrassen sind natuerlich ein Vergnuegen im Vergleich zu der gleichn Strecke auf Schotter, bei dem man keine Sekunde den Blick von der Strasse wenden kann, weil man sonst in irgendeine Schwierigkeit geraet und stuerst. Aber diese 409 km waren schon etwas Besonders. Sie waren ungemein langweilig und ganz gerade, nur mit kleinsten Kurven. Einmal habe ich 25 km GERADE Strecke gemessen!! Man konnte die Strasse entlang schauen, so weit man Lust hatte. Vegetation: niederes Gestruepp. Zwei trostlose Doerfer. Da muss man dann allerdings unbedingt tanken, denn sonst sitzt man dann irgendwann am Strassenrand. 12 - 16 Grad, starker Westwind, saukalt, Griffheizung, muehsam zu fahren. Besonders die entgegenkommenden LKW haben zusaetzliche Verwirbelungen erzeugt, die sehr unangenehm waren. Zarte gruene Blaetter am Strassenrand und einige unvorsichtige Bluemchen. Calvinia: kle... read more

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape » Upington September 29th 2015

9.00 Abfahrt. Zuerst Schotter, aber super angenehm, fast wie eine Teerstrasse, nur halt staubig. Dann ab Gruenau (weder gruen noch ist dort eine Aue) auf Teer. Karasburg, 4300 E, Tanken. Keine Ahnung, warum es diesen Ort gibt. Er ist mitten im Nichts. Laeden, Alkoholgeschaefte (bottle shop), Bars, Autowerkstaetten. Das Gebiet ist fuer seine Karakulschafe bekannt, ausserdem gibt es Wildfarmen. Und offenbar braucht man dann irgendweo auch ein Wirtschaftszentrum. Nur an Arbeitsplaetzen scheint es zu mangeln, wenn man die vielen Menschen betrachtet, die da herumhaengen. Mitten am Vormittag. Karasburg liegt an der Bahnstrecke Luederitz - Upington (mit Abzweigung nach Winhoek). Laut Wikipedia gibt es momentan Gueterverkehr und Personenverkehr von Windhoek kommend zwischen Keetmanshhop und Upington. Auch die Stracke Aus - Luederitz ist voellig neu gebaut und soll (Wiki) befahren we... read more

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape » Springbok September 15th 2015

The rest of my days in Cape Town were filled with visiting recommended spots for food and beverages as you saw in a few pics last post. Preparing is what I was up to. Preparing for the reason for my timeline of coming to Africa when I did…The Namaqualand Flower route is what I am looking forward to journeying on in search for vast fields of wildflowers. Whats this all about you ask? Well let me tell you…Imagine traveling down a road nothing curious about anything and then all of a sudden past one side of a mountain and in the valley is nothing but millions of beautifully glorious wild flowers blanketing the ground soaking up the South African sun. A myriad of colors adorns the bottom of what seems to be a picturesque painting that ... read more

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