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Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen March 1st 2020

February 26th2020 Chefchouen Morocco “You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.” Gautama Buddha “Virtue shuns ease as a companion…It demands a rough and thorny path.” Michel de Montaigne "To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself." Søren Kierkegaard “....there's no need for turning back 'Cause all roads lead to where we stand. And I believe we'll walk them all No matter what we may have planned.” Don McLean From a previous blog ( ) : Chefchaouen (35.1695 -5.2685) was founded in 1471 as a small kasbah fortress to fight off the invading Portuguese. It is 113 km south-east of Tangier and is nestled at the base of the R... read more
Route from my hotel .. clockwise direction once in the gorge
My starting point
Breakfast point looking at the gorge from where I had come

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen January 20th 2020

We arrived yesterday in Chefchaouen to the rain and cold. Having dropped off our bags, we headed in to the beautiful Medina to lose ourselves and eat of course. I am still looking for the beautiful biscuits we ate in Casablanca .... all shortbread and sesame seeds but with oh so much more butter! Chefchaouen is famous for its beautiful blue-washed buildings and streets in the old town. The steep cobbled laneways are slippery to say the least, but it has dried up quickly today thank goodness. In the main square of Place Outa el Hammam is the red walled Kasbah which was a 15th century fortress and dungeon. The views from the top of the tower of the immediate town are stunning, as they are from the Spanish mosque, which is about a 15 minute ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier January 18th 2020

18th January 2020 We werent going to eat last night given the amount of lunch we'd had, but I started getting peckish at around 8...I did have half a taco after all. Shane isnt going to have anything. He's still full from lunch. The Riad does cook meals but you need to give advance notice. The cook can make some cous cous up if thats ok. I'm well happy with that and so apparently is Shane, who isnt going to have anything tonight because he's still chockers from lunch! Honestly, both of these meals were monstrous and included salads and 2 tagines of cous cous and beautiful vegetables and lamb. We've had a fabulous day today exploring the city and its outer areas. The beautiful park here behind the city, Perdicaris Park, was owned by a ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier January 17th 2020

Ok, so not a great start to the blog because after spending over an hour capturing our last few days, I deleted it instead of saving it! It was almost the shortest blog in history. So fortunately for anyone who choses to read about it, you're now getting the abridged version or the bloody thing wont get off the ground at all! We opted for a 24hr stopover in Doha before moving on to Casablanca. You should know that Shane is a Poppy now AND he turns 50 next year, so he's slowing up a little. Doha went something like this - 5.30am check in, rest, brunch, rest, dinner, sleep, flight to Casablanca at 7am. Get the picture? Did I forget to mention that Poppy also left his day pack in the back seat of the ... read more
Hssan II Mosque

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier December 7th 2019

Rifugio di sbandati, paradiso degli emarginati, porto franco dominato da contrabbandieri, trafficanti di armi e moderni pirati; luogo dove l' eccentricità era un privilegio, ritrovo di tossicomani, diseredati, omosessuali, artisti e fuggiaschi, di tutta quella gente che rifiutava il rigore morale che pervadeva la cultura occidentale in quel periodo, oasi dove era possibile dare libero sfogo all' inconscio e ai propri impulsi proibiti senza timore di ritorsioni da parte delle autorità; insomma, un sogno ai confini del mondo. Tutto questo è stata Tangeri intorno alla metà del 19° secolo quando il suo status di "Zona Internazionale" attirava individui di ogni tipo e da ogni dove. Tra tutti, quello che ha maggiormente associato il suo nome a questa città è stato lo scrittore americano Paul Bowles, colui che ha tracciato la strada per tutta una folta schiera ... read more
La medina
Il Gran Socco
Legazione Americana

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan October 18th 2019

Morocco 10 14 2019 Tangier, Morocco 10-14-2019 Tangier, Morocco Sang hom nay toi muon taxi di den cac noi hoi xa thanh pho den xem Hercule cave va Cap Spartel noi ma Alantic Ocean giap ranh voi Mediterrian Ocean. Toi den Cave truoc va di vao cave Hercules. Cave nay sau va co cua mo ra bien nen dac biec. Tu day toi di den Cap Spartel noi giap ranh giua Atlantic va Medeterriance sea va rat dac biet. Toi ghe qua camel ridede coi lac da rat thu vi mac dau toi da coi mot lan o Dubai. Sau do toi tro va Medina de xem khu cho o day. Den 4Pm toi xuong thuyen de ve lai Tarifa, Spain. Den Tarifa khoang 7Pm va toi di thanh den Granada de ngu nhu du dinh. ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier October 1st 2019

More musings or as Lee condescendingly remarks more ramblings. Because it’s train time again and I have almost 2 hours on a line we have travelled before but in the opposite direction and no Julie I do not mean backwards! This time we are Fes to Kénitra whereas 4 days ago we traveled Kénitra to Fes. We loved Fes, did last time did this time. The atmosphere is friendly and more so than Marrakech, the souks just as enchanting, the food better and our accommodation the equal or better than anything we have experienced. Having our 40 anniversary, and advertising the fact well, sure helped as the riad went well beyond expectations with gifts and little bonuses but the place is delightful. The staff were terrific and they have a policy of leaving a tip in ... read more
To Tangiers on the very fast train.
To Tangiers on the very fast train.
That’s it. Officially faster than 300 km/hr.

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier September 22nd 2019

Seems like a fairly lazy day is on the horizon. Admittedly yesterday was quite a long day and although a significant proportion was just sitting in the car it was tiring. As a consequence, or just because we can, not a lot is on the agenda. I went out last night and found some almonds for Lee and about 8 little pastries for me (something does not sound right about that deal!), had a delightful espresso at the Cafe de France and snuggled down for the evening. I like the Cafe de France more than the very well known Cafe de Paris (used in the Bourne films and known as the artist and intelligentsia haunt for several decades). The Paris is too well frequented by old and slightly intimidating men who all smoke too much and ... read more
Grand Mosque minaret. Tangiers.
Across the old Médina square.
Seems like a clash of cultures.

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier September 22nd 2019

I only just realized this blog entry hadn't been posted... Tangier - before the disastrous departure and Spain - worth sharing the memorable highlights and many many photos. ..... Basically we have had a day and a half to enjoy what we can of Tangier. We leave the riad early tomorrow morning to go to Tangier Med port for our ferry to Algeciras. Several booths here on the seafront promenade are selling ferry tickets to various ports, but they weren't available on line when I was searching. Now instead of leaving from Tangier Ville where we are located, we have a 40 minute drive to Tangier Med which is the main harbour. That's where our on line tickets are for. Riad Hostel Tangier our accommodation is in the heart of the Old Medina. Suddenly the taxi ... read more
Riad Hostel Tangier
In the hands of Omar we took a 2 hour ramble around the Kasbah

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier September 21st 2019

I’ll drop lots of pictures and put some comments on each that hopefully will weave some kind of commentary regarding the last 2 days. Lee chastised me for writing too much (which I don’t subscribe to at all. If you are too lazy to read what I write bad luck!) so in response you can have 1 day off.... read more
Spanish high speed rail. Don’t hold your breath waiting for 300 km/hr!
Hot chocolate and an espresso help anyone anywhere with anything anytime.
Art work at the Antequera Santa Ana Station.

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