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Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier November 22nd 2023

Just like Tarifa, I have passed through Tangier on several cycling trips. But I've never spent a night here. Well, that's been corrected this week. I've had a lovely few days in the city. The city is clean and bright. The waterfront is very nice and the old city is beautiful. I decided to sail to the new port at Tangier Med, about 40km from the city. I wanted to enjoy a bit of a cycle along the coast before my city break. I was booked on the noon sailing from Algeciras to give me plenty of time for cycling. The ship eventually sailed about 2.45 pm. It was after 5pm when I disembarked. I had to cycle the last 20km in darkness. Fortunately it was a good road and traffic was very light. I have ... read more
Tanger, old town.
Old battlementsTanger
Place 9 Avril

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier October 2nd 2023

After another hearty buffet breakfast, we set out to explore the city that has served as Europe's gateway to Africa for centuries, Tangier. Our sightseeing would take us to the legendary Kasbah, the Grand Socco, and the Tangier American Legation, a five-story mansion located in the Medina. Our first stop was the Kasbah, and this sample only made me fall even more in love with the architectural style. Here, the samples of the traditional blue brought by the Jews feeling Spain in the 15th century became more prevalent. In this Kasbah, there were more buildings that have been converted to guest houses and B&Bs than in Rabat, which is to be expected from a city as cosmopolitan as Tangier. But from what we were told, they are not going cheaply, and good candidates can be sold ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier October 1st 2023

Tangier is fascinating in many ways, not the least of which is the constant reminder of the proximity to Spain, it's landmass clearly visible from the port across the beautifully blue water. A ferry that leaves every two hours provides easy access to those who wish to spend a day exploring Gibraltar. Tangier is one of the many Moroccan cities that take advantage of their waterfront location by having a beautiful and lively promenade with access to the wide beach on one side, and many restaurants and cafes on the other side. Fortunately, The Hilton Tanger City Center, where we were staying, was situated about two blocks from the promenade. It provided us with two fun evenings exploring the variety of choices available to us, as well as also providing spectacular views from its 15th floor ... read more
Perdicaris Park
Perdicaris Park
Perdicaris Park

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier July 24th 2023

The plan today is to take a trip west on the local hop-on-hop-off bus over towards the Atlantic coast. I ask the gent at reception where it leaves from, and he tells me that he can sell me a ticket … well a sort of a ticket … he tells me I have to give him 20 dirham, and when I get to the bus stop I need to pay the other 110 dirham to the driver. He says he hasn’t got any change for the 50 dirham note I give him, so he’ll give me my sort of ticket, keep my 50 dirham, and give me my change when I get back. I wander along to the bus stop, where it seems everyone else is only paying 110 dirham in total; none of them have ... read more
Cape Spartel Lighthouse
Tangier waterfront
Our hotel

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier July 22nd 2023

A quick glance out the window into daylight suggests that things aren’t quite as chaotic as they were last night. And it seems that the immutable rule of driving with your hand constantly on the horn only applies during non-daylight hours, which probably explains why we were eventually able to get some shuteye. It seems much cooler here than in the oven that was Spain. I cautiously head out for a wander. This felt like a very intimidating place when we arrived last night, and my confidence isn’t helped by the hotel entrance … well actually that would be two entrances. One of them you just walk through like any normal door, but next to that there’s the red carpet entrance - it’s roped off at the sides with braid supported on gold posts in true ... read more
Plaza Espana
The Kasbah
Entrance to the Kasbah Museum

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier July 21st 2023

Today we’ve got a long and messy day of travelling to Tangier in Morocco, via Malaga where we’ve got several hours to kill while we wait for our late evening flight. The bus that we came on to Nerja stopped at every pretty coastal settlement along the route, and we‘re looking forward to again enjoying the excellent coastal scenery on the way back. … and as an added bonus the trip will again be a long one, soaking up some of those hours we need to kill. But it seems Mr Murphy has again decided to intervene in our lives. The bus back is an express; there are no stops, so so much for the time we were looking to kill … and it doesn’t follow the coast so there’s no scenery to look at. I’m ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier October 23rd 2022

Our Morocco phase of the trip is almost at an end, we head to Spain tomorrow. Today we woke to sounds of activity. From our balcony, you can see the beach and promenade, and last night we had seen that they were setting up for a sports event. Monica looked up online, and found out that there would be a triathalon. At 8am, we could already see things were happening, so after breakfast, we headed down to check it out. The first race was an open one, and mainly had Moroccan participants. They had already finished up the swimming when we got down, but we saw the bike riding and the running. Then the women's event wasn't going to start til 11, and the men's at 1, so we decided we'd take a walk over to ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier October 21st 2022

We decided to do the hop on, hop off bus today. It's 13 euro, and there are 2 routes that are both included. Fiest we headed to Hercules Csves. That route only goes every couple of hours. There are a few stops, but really unless there's some place that you want to stsy for 2 hours, you just stay on board. It gave a nice overview to the city though, and stopped for 5 min at Cap Sparta, where the atñantic meets the mediterranean, and then 15 min at the caves. We had decided we didn't want to have to spend over 2 hours at the caves, so we quickly headed down. It wasn't well signed, so we weren't sire exactly where to go. We took some steps down to the rocks, and then there was ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier August 3rd 2022

Occupying the northwest shoulder of the African continent, url= is rich with history and full of color. For some, its essence can be found in the bustling souks and walled medinas of Imperial Cities like url= read more
Tangiers camel races
The famous medina

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier January 18th 2020

18th January 2020 We werent going to eat last night given the amount of lunch we'd had, but I started getting peckish at around 8...I did have half a taco after all. Shane isnt going to have anything. He's still full from lunch. The Riad does cook meals but you need to give advance notice. The cook can make some cous cous up if thats ok. I'm well happy with that and so apparently is Shane, who isnt going to have anything tonight because he's still chockers from lunch! Honestly, both of these meals were monstrous and included salads and 2 tagines of cous cous and beautiful vegetables and lamb. We've had a fabulous day today exploring the city and its outer areas. The beautiful park here behind the city, Perdicaris Park, was owned by a ... read more

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