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Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier April 25th 2019

It was a bit soggy when we arrived in Tangier. Once again a taxi from the airport was easy to find and the whole journey from Nador to the url= Rembrandt was over in the blink of a bleary eye. Our room wasn't ready though, one of the perils of an early flight, but the cafe opposite had good coffee and croissants, and strong WiFi so we were able to chill for a couple of hours. Once inside the hotel we were pleased with our choice. Yes, there's a lot of faded elegance going on and it's definitely a throwback to the 1970s but it was comfortable enough and the price is great too. Unfortunately, especially for those in need of a siesta after an early flight, there was significant renovation going on somewhere inside the ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier April 7th 2019

It’s 23 years since we visited Tangier on a long weekend from Gibraltar. Since then we’ve been on so many adventures and travelled so many miles. We wondered if, in the intervening years, this intriguing city had stayed the same. The truth is, neither of us could recognise it from our memories! We drove up to Valencia and stayed in the Travelodge near the airport ready for an early morning Ryanair flight to Morocco. Everything went smoothly and before we knew it our taxi was dropping us off at the foot of the medina and Google Maps was guiding us through the maze of streets to Riad Tingis. Fending off guides, official or not, was tiresome. We were relived to get to the door of the riad and led up to the rooftop terrace while we ... read more
Mosque by the port
Where the ocean meets the sea
Tea on the terrace

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier June 19th 2018

There were two things I most wanted to explore in Tangier – writers and spies. And since a lot of them hung out together, their stories were intertwined. And the more I looked into things, the more tangled the stories got. I started with a tour guide. Badr was the night manager at the guest house I stayed in, and did guide work during the day. He was a good guy, and I knew he wouldn’t trot me around to shops when I really wanted some history. I told him I was interested in history and writers, and I particularly wanted to see Dean’s Bar and Caid’s Bar, both of which had been known for the writers, shady figures, and people rumored to be spies and agents of foreign governments during the 1930s and ‘40s. The ... read more
Grand Socco2
Cafe Central
El Minzah

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier June 12th 2018

The United States declared independence from England in 1776. Maybe you heard about it, it was kind of a big deal. Quick, which was the first country to recognize the new nation? If you answered France you would be almost correct; France was the second country to recognize the United States, in February of 1778. But the very first country to recognize the United States was Morocco in 1777. Of course, the Americans, being busy with the Revolutionary War with England, didn’t get around to formalizing a treaty with Morocco for another decade or so .The first US consul to Morocco arrived in 1797. Morocco occupies a unique position on the northern coast of Africa where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet. Add in its proximity to Spain and Gibraltar, along with a protected, deep water ... read more
President Eisenhower and King Mohammed V

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier May 9th 2018

Mir geht's vielleicht gut. Ich habe nicht nur meine private Regenwolke, genannt Schweini, sondern auch meine private Großbaustelle vor dem Fenster. Erst nach Mitternacht kehrt Ruhe ein. ... Den heutigen Tag verbrachte ich wieder mit Tourismus. Kap Spartel, ganz in der Nähe von der Stelle, wo Mittelmeer und Atlantik zusammentreffen. Die Grotte des Herkules. Dahin zog er sich zurrück, nachdem er die Straße von Gibraltar gebaut hat. Leider war er heute nicht daheim. Einkaufen wahrscheinlich Dann in die Medina, zur Khasba hoch. Dort ist ein Museum. Es ist mehr das Bauwerk, das wunderbar ist, die Exponate sind nicht so hinreißend. Dann war ich noch zum Abendessen bei McDonald's - und wieder sprach mich ein junger Mann an, der marokkanische Eltern hat und in Deutschland aufgewachsen ist. Er hat einen Foodtruck mit dem er auf Jahrmärkte geht, ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier May 8th 2018

Nachdem ich den Fußmarsch zu Paul absolviert hatte und ich mich aus dem Straßengewirr von Sale herausgewunden hatte, fuhr ich auf Landstraßen nach Tanger. Die Straßen waren immer wieder gesäumt von Ständen mit Töpferwaren. Ich könnte mich da richtig austoben aber Paul sprach ein Machtwort. Mein persönliches Regengebiet, ich hab es Schweini getauft, ist auch wieder zur Hand. Sowohl in der Nacht als auch in der Früh. Storchennester im Funkmast. Bei McDonald in Rabat (Internet für Screenshot wegen Lage von Hotel) wollte ich gerade gehen, als mich ein junger Mann auf Deutsch ansprach. Er und seine beiden Freunde sind in Deutschland aufgewachsen haben aber marokkanische Eltern. Der eine hat eine Firma für Telemarketing in Marokko (weniger Steuern), die beiden anderen arbeiten für ihn. Sie waren recht verblüfft, dass ich in meinem hohen Alter und als Frau ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier March 16th 2018

Morocco recorded a bumper year for tourist arrivals in 2017, breaking through the 11-million barrier for the first time, the tourism ministry announced Monday. Visitor arrivals numbered some 11.4 million, a 10-percent increase over 2016, with tourists from "emerging markets" such as China and Brazil joining those from France, Spain and Germany. Revenues from the sector jumped to 69.7 billion dirhams ($7.55 billion, 6.16 billion euros) in 2017, up from 64.2 billion dirhams the previous year. Fez, Tangiers and Marrakesh, along with Ouarzazate on the edge of the Sahara desert, recorded the strongest growth in tourist numbers, the ministry said. After several years of stagnation, the tourism industry has turned around, partly thanks to new budget air links with Europe and increased flights by national carrier Royal Air Maroc. Tourism is Morocco's secon... read more
The Medina in Tangiers
Where in the world?

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier February 24th 2018

No easy way to summarize this side trip from Malaga. Two booking errors on my part led to some temporary grief, but we still came away with a worthwhile experience in a part of the world we have not visited before. The local bus got us to the ferry terminal in Algeciras, but I had bought tickets to Tangier Med, not realizing it was 50km east of the city. Instead of the expected 10 minute walk to our guest house we had to find a way there. Fortunately for us Omar, a fellow passenger, recognized our confusion and arranged to get us into a taxi-van with 3 other passengers and share the fare. Omar actually apologized for not coming with us! The taxi dropped us off outside the Medina (old walled city) and gestured vaguely in ... read more
Dar Jameel guest house
Our room
Bathroom door

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier December 14th 2017

Tak ako aj v minulom ubytku aj tu hadzem kluce do schranky len s tym ,ze tu odo mna nechceli ziadny depozit. Vonku este tam a to je uz 8/00, pre istotu sa pytam okoloiduceho na cas, nahodou ci zas nezasibalo mojmu mobilu ale cas potvrdzuje. Opat idem pesibusom az na stanicu Intercambiador de Avenida América odkial ide bus c.200 az na letisko. Tentokrat idem cez obrovsky park El Retiro. fakt obrovsky park ale je tma takze si ho moc vychutnat nemozem, je tu fontana a jazero, par bezcov a par len tak sa prechadzajucich ludi so psami. Povodne som chcel kupit neake tie ranajky cestou ale vsetko este zavrete, na bus stanici prave pristaveny moj bus, tak nelenim a uzaj sa tlacim dnu. Ten riadne napraskany ale asi 3/4 ludi vystupuje hned na prvej zastavke. ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier May 16th 2017

Geo: 35.7728, -5.8235Over the past few days we exchanged emails with a private tour guide in Morocco, hoping that we might put together a brief, customized tour to Tangier and Chefchaouen. Our cooperative guide has been able to make the arrangements, so this morning we are up early, and drive to the southernmost tip of mainland Spain, Tarifa, to catch the ferry. Africa is a short, 1 hour ferry ride from Tarifa. We are met by our guide and driver, Morad and Omar, upon arrival in the port of Tangier.We do a short driving tour of the city, before heading to Cap Spartel and the Caves of Hercules on the northwestern tip of Morocco. We then return to Tangier, and do a short walking visit to the Kasbah, before stopping for a very tasty Moroccan lunch. ... read more
Our ferry to Morocco
Jim on the ferry
Viewpoint with Spain in the distance

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