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Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat April 4th 2019

If at noon the king declares it is night, behold the stars… ~ Moroccan Proverb HE SAID... Today we were travelling northeast from Casablanca to Rabat. We were catching a morning train to Rabat, so we headed down to the hotel lobby for an early breakfast. Breakfast was a reasonably simple affair, but enjoyable all the same. We started with freshly squeezed orange juice and mint tea, then grazed on baguettes, boiled eggs, croissants and jam. We organised our packs in our room, then loaded them into a minibus and made our way to Casa Voyageurs, one of Casablanca’s three main train stations. The station was empty, so we breezed through the various ticket collectors and settled into our oven-like carriage. We eased out of the station at 9:45am, and stared silently at the decrepit and ... read more
rabat medina
rabat medina
kasbah des oudaias

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat February 14th 2019

Sara's knee swelled up nicely yesterday due to the serious amount of walking we did. We were going to visit the Musee Archaeologique but some more research reveals it is underwhelming and not worth the effort of getting there. We decide to go out of the medina and venture south into the ville nouvelle, built by the French during their occupation from 1912 to 1956. We negotiate our way through the medina much better this morning. The streets are less crowded as most of the shops and stalls have yet to open. Only the little corner shops selling the ubiquitous small single portion loaves and the juice and sandwich shops are open, and a few stalls selling fruit and veg. Parents are hauling small children to school, and the beggars are already out. The ville nouvelle ... read more
A grey day in the French quarter in Rabat
Andalusian garden in the Kasbah
Kasbah in Rabat

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat February 12th 2019

We enjoy the best breakfast of the holiday in the riad. Freshly cooked, piping hot pancakes, a perfect omelette, bread, yogurt, fresh fruit and even a bowl of tiny strawberries, halved and macerated in a little sugar. Madame who is in charge is French, so that is probably why. Thus refreshed we set off to visit the Bou Inania Medersa (what they call a madrassa in Morocco). Despite being listed as opening at 9.00, it’s closed when we arrive. The cleaning lady tells us it opens at 10.00 so we decide to walk back to the main square, confident we now know the route. However, the souks are entirely different this early. None of the shops have opened, so instead of navigating our way down incredibly narrow passages between the shops selling young men’s fashion, and ... read more
Bou Inania medresa, Meknes
Heri es-Souani, Meknes
Chellah necropolis, Rabat

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat August 18th 2018

Rabat – Capital city with a thousand cats (& kittens). A Travel back in time experience……. The Start - Flying out London Stansted to Rabat We fly from Stanstead Airport with Ryan Air to Rabat – they only fly Tuesdays and Saturdays which is a bind as we will arrive in Morocco in the last two days of Ramadan. So being in the country for the end of Ramadan and Eid itself we thought, should be an interesting experience. The plane leaves 45mins late and is ok, despite the irritating screaming kids whose Moroccan parents don’t seem to give a toss about the noise they are making. The flight time is about 3Hrs. In Rabat, Passport/Immigration Control is fast and efficient and could have been quicker had the airline given out the Landing Cards to fill ... read more
Mohammed V Moselum - from the Kasbah, Rabat
Royal guards, Mohammed V Mosaleum, Rabat
Rabat from Sale Cemetery

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat May 7th 2018

Im Hotel wurde mir versichert, dass die bei Auto Ryad = BMW Motorrad erst um 10.00 anfangen würden. Aber sie wären schon um 8.00 dagewesen. Ich also etwas später, es waren auch 20 km zu fahren. Irgendwann geriet ich auf eine sechsspurige Prachtstraße, gesäumt von Straßenlampen in marokkanischem Barock und vielen Polizisten. Diese machten gerade die Straße frei für irgendwas Wichtiges. Vielleicht wurde der Pudel des Premierministers zum Gassi gehen gefahren. Bei BMW spricht kein Mensch Englisch aber wir einigten uns schnell, dass Paul ans Diagnostik Gerät muss. Jetzt warte ich. Ich soll in SECHS Stunden wiederkommen..... Vielleicht müssen sie das Diagnostik Gerät erst erfinden???? Fertig waren sie allerdings erst um 18.30, da bekam ich zuerst die Rechnung und dann das Ergebnis. 25.- €, alles in Ordnung. Vielleicht soll ich an dieser Stelle gleich einfügen, dass ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat April 28th 2017

Geo: 33.9905, -6.8704Karim had given us an alternative for today's travel from Marrakesh to Casablanca, that is a trip on a local train. After the 11 hour trip from Fez we were all for not spending all the time on the bus, even if it does have WiFi. So this morning we were all up for breakfast at 5-30am and left the hotel at 6-15.We were driven to the main Railway station and then our driver Mohammed took off to drive to Casablanca with our luggage while we caught the 6-45am train. We were in a first class carriage with six of us in each compartment. The trip took us through fairly barren country side with many cactus plantations and small towns,We arrived in Casablanca about 10-20am.We left the station to find our bus waiting for ... read more
Marrakesh Railway Station
Our train
Along the way

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat May 20th 2016

So the Drive down to M'hmid was short, but an ok road with a small mountain pass and the edge of the desert to look at. We arrived at the campsite way to early, so the guy showed us around and then showed us one of the air conditioned rooms, so we choose one instead of camping. Lunch was really nice and after the owner discussed what extras we were interested in doing. It was at this point he told us the dunes were still another 40km's away, so I wouldn't get to cycle them with the fat bike! The next day, we realised that the sand was just behind the place, all of a mile down the road, and that the dunes he claimed were 40 km away were the big dunes that you have ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat October 20th 2015

V noci som sa par krat zobudil na bolesti brucha. Rano uzaj upalujem na zachod, hnacka. Na izbe pokracujem v baleni ked tu zrazu sa zacne ozyvat naduvanie, sprint na zachod, ledvaj som to stihol a uz vraciam. Kurnik, vcera ta omacka na tom kurati musela byt zavadna. Pomalicky kracam na zel.stanicu al amir. Povodne som si chcel kupit aj neake ranajky ale furt mi je blbo a boli ma brucho. Na stanici kupujem listok len do sale ville, kvoli mojmu stavu vypustam plaz a nakupy. Fakt mi je dost nahovno. Pri kupe listku trochu traposim, davam predavacke 50D, nieco mi hovori ale ani ju moc nevnimam,ukazuje mi 10D, tak jej ich davam. Berem listok a zrazu na mna kricia za mnou stojaci ludia, nechal som tam 1D co mi predavacka predala. Kontrolor listkov ma posiela ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat October 6th 2015

Noc bola nahovno, furt som sa budil. O 6/00 ma definitivne zobudila blizka mesita, odkial zvolavali ludi na modlenie. 7/30 ma CS naklada do auta a vyhadzuje ma na elektrickovej zastavke Madinat Al Irfane. Cestou k zastavke uviazneme v mini kolone. Oznacene su tu 2 pruhy a jazdi sa v troch. Obcas niekto zatrubi ale pohoda. CS je dnes az do noci v skole. Na papier mi pise arabsky info pre petit taxikara,upozornuje ma aby mi zapol taxameter,max cena 20D. Podla CS su petit taxi poctivci narozdiel od grand taxi, ktory su hajzlici a snazia sa ludi natiahnut. V budke si kupujem hned 2 listky na elektricku. Dnesny plan mi spravila CS. Vystupujem pri zel.stanici a smer blizka medina. Je skoro rano,tak nikde nikoho, obchodiky zavrete. tak ju opustam smer kasbah of the udayas. Pri opustani ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer » Rabat October 5th 2015

A je to tu. Opat dalsia cesta. Tentoraz prvy krat na africky kontinent. Dva dni pred cestou na mna utoci choroba, najskor bolest mandli, neskor aj hlava. Uvidime co spravi so mnou oslabeny imunitny system Rano vstavam este pred zazvonenim budika. Do batohu davam zo vcera nachystane rozky. rychle umytie, ohololenie, rozlucka a smer bus do BA. Vonku je este tma (6/15), na bus stanicu to mam uz z noveho bydliska 10.min, na zastavke cakam este dakych 15.min. U vodica si dobijam arriva cipovu kartu a usadzam sa na predne sedadlo. Bus je napraskany. Par ludi si kupuje spiatocny listok za 4€, jednosmerny stoji 2,8€. Ja mam cenu 2,5€ bo platim pomocou cipovej karty. Dvaja ludia dokonca ukazuju v mobile zakupene listky cez net. To je pre mna novinka a zrejme aj pre sofera, bo nevi ... read more

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