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September 24th 2019
Published: September 24th 2019
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Still love Rabat.

Breakfast on the sun balcony required a ‘parasol’ as today’s sky was as blue as we have seen anytime in Spain or Morocco (or England!) and the sun quite intense. Moving around there’s been a refreshing breeze but the delightful blue sky remains. Breakfast was very Moroccan which is fine by me but a bit tougher on Lee as much is bread based. There was honey, jams, fresh pot set yoghurt, goat cheese and olives. As well some lovely lemon juice but the basis was crepes, a form of flat crumpet and some pastries. We share the riad with a small group of travel agents, many or most are Australian and several are a little loud especially around 7 o’clock in the morning. Shame they didn’t want 2 typical tourists to trial a few tours on we would have been available. But Rabat‘s tourist draw cards are relatively accessible by foot with the exception of Chellah. As I managed to get to a couple yesterday and we taxied to one today the rest of the time will be on foot (hence the half time for Lee). We have navigated quite successfully here and seen plenty but that success has been based on going then retracing the route which is certainly not the most efficient way although it may be the most effective.

Just about to get Lee moving again so bye for now.

Back again.

We had the quick lap around the block. Managed to weave our way from our riad to the a recognisable region just outside the Médina which is more difficult than it sounds. Lee said she was relieved as she did not think she could have retraced her steps and gone via a better known route. We were probably only 100 m or so from the wall yet the windy, convoluted passages make that quickly turn into twice the distance. From there to the necropolis which is amazing. I’ll include a couple of shots but they don’t really convey the full picture. For some reason no one in the family, apart from me, likes cemeteries. (Note. I still have not visited Elvis’s grotto! You know who that’s directed towards!) I did not want to leave Lee in the sun so a couple of quick shots and we were off. Managed to pass the hawkers spruiking henna tatts which was something Lee did not manage last time. Ain’t experience grand! Along the Rue Souk, which is a ramshackle alleyway chock full of stalls selling what seems mainly junk. There’s tap ware, old shoes, coins, pieces of wood and such brick a brac that it stuns me that anything is sold. Lee was a little hot and uncomfortable so a quick ice-cream then home for some afternoon tea looked like the cure. She‘s actually having a snooze now so in a minute I’ll sneak off and have a walk through the Médina again which will allow her time to recover before heading off for something to eat. It looks like the riad here provides good Moroccan food but it is too expensive for us. At €44 per head that’s a lot and it’s not our anniversary yet! We can eat fairly well here for less than $10 each without too much drama.

Back again and been ‘around the block’ again. Becoming more familiar with the labyrinth here and if I stick to the main thoroughfare alleyways (seems to be of a contradiction there but I know what I mean) I can get around fairly well. I’ve found a couple of vendors I’m happy to buy nougat, peanut brittle, ice-creams and water from as their prices are good and consistent and one or two pastry vendors I wouldn’t go back to as I think I may have been overcharged a bit. Good pastries but not so good prices.

There’s a hubbub around the riad as the travel agents have returned from their day tour. They are significantly more subdued than early today but they are starting to get a second wind as they shower and freshen up. It seems as though they are dining in the riad as tables are being set up and the staff are busy. The dishes are very Moroccan and traditional but as I mentioned too pricey for us.

Bath time. Our room has a deep bath tub that has been calling me for a while. Think I’ll listen and act.

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