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Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Essaouira December 19th 2017

Ranajky mali byt od 8/00 ale 8/30 este nikde nic. Ani domaci Dvere zamknute, zacinam prehladavat izby na prizemy, mam stastie hned v prvej. Spi tam jeden z obsluhy. Odomyka mi dvere, peniaze nepyta, ja sa ani nehrnem mu ich dat, bo sak neni su ranajky nebudu peniaze. Takze po gratis ubytku smer bus na vlakovu stanicu. Na Arset El Bilk naskakujem do busu c.14, ktory ide okolo vlakovej stanici. Vodicovy platim 4dh, dostavam listok a usadzam sa. V buse dost skolakov. Skolacky tu maju ako uniformy take biele dlhsie bluzky. Po vystupeny z busu mi ostava este 1,5 hod. Oproti supratours stanici zapadam teda na ranajky. Davam si to iste co sofer busu, polievku, chleba a samozrejme nesmie chybat caj. Ten si uz ako rodeny marocan parkrat prelievam z pohara nazad do cajniku. Najedeny si ... read more

Day 2 - Essouira by day I slept like a log last night, as always! I was warm and comfy. The bedding here reminds me of being a kid. They use heavy blankets; you can feel the weight of them. It offers a feeling of warmth, but also security. It's strange how little things can send your mind and thoughts back in time. I woke up naturally at 8.30. I snoozed until about 9.00. I finally got up and started considering the day in front. I set the shower water running. The instructions on door recommend running it for ten minutes to get hot water. Fifteen minutes later, the water is still tepid! So, I took a tepid shower. It's not the end of the world; I have definitely had colder! I knocked on Ella's door, ... read more

Day 1 a Travelling to Essouira It was a fairly early start today. Ross took me to the train train station at 5.50 for the 6.20 train to King's Cross. It was an easy trip down; a bit of snoozing, a coffee, then more snoozing! I've given myself lots of time to get across to Luton airport, so no rush! I sat for a while outside St Pancreas Station.....strange! There is a huge bird cage with a swing hanging from the centre. I didn't even notice it until a lad sat on the swing and started to work it forwards and backwards.... Whilst whistling! Then it registered in my brain, it's a human bird cage! Is it weird? Or is it art? To me, it became art when he started swinging! Then my eyes, or maybe ... read more
Candy King surprise
Chakib tasting his first Battenburg

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Essaouira November 23rd 2016

The prediction of snow overnight arrived on schedule with a beautiful covering of pristine white greeting us for breakfast. More surprising was the porrage & honey for breakfast (yum). Easy walk back down the mountain to Imlil to collect our stored luggage then drive back down the mountain to the main road to continue our tour with a five hour drive to Essaouira. Essaouira is an old fishing town on the Atlantic Coast that has managed to retain its unique character despite rapid resort style growth. The visual appeal and vibrancy is centred around the walled medina fronting the ocean with sandstone walkways, whitewashed and blue shuttered houses. A late afternoon arrival allowed a brief orientation, pre dinner drinks before a fancy seafood restaurant dinner and traditional music from a gnaua 3 stringed instrument with a ... read more
Valley view on walk down the mountain
Essaouira Medina from the ramparts

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Essaouira October 27th 2016

Kazdy mame sem tam ded blbec. Kdy se proste nic nedari nebo se naopak sejde vice negativnich zalezitosti. Ja ho mel dneska, cimz jsem alespon zvednul naladu svym spolucestujicim. Takze by se to mohlo pocitat jako pozitivni? V planu byla navsteva Essaoiury, coz je pristavni mestecko u Atlantiku cca 200 km od Marrakeshe. Cesta tam probehla v pohode. Zhruba na poslednich 50 km se u silnice zacaly objevovat arganie, ktere produkuji arganove orechy, ze kterych se zistava (prekvapive) arganovy olej, ktery je nejak straslive vzacny. A pry mistni kozy rady na arganie lezou, aby ty arganove plody zraly a pritom pry vypadaji neuveritelne srandovne. Takze jsme meli ocka na stopkach, jestli nejakou kozu na strome uvidime. Videli jsme kozy, stromy, ale nikdy pohromade. Ale videli jsme treba i osla pasouciho se u stredoveho pruhu teto rychlostni ... read more
Essaouira - přístav
Essaouira - pláž
Arganovník? Argánie? Argan?

On the way to exchanging the High Atlas Mountains for sea level and the coast at Essaouira – shortened to 'S'weera' by the locals – we took a detour to a winery. Now perhaps most people are more aware than I but, for much of my life, I have enjoyed a quiet drop of wine from time to time and I can't recall ever having Moroccan wine. I had put wine (and other alcohol) to one side for our time in Morocco figuring that there wouldn't be much, if any about. And, for the most part, I was right to do so. There are establishments that sell alcohol in Morocco. Some of the large cities have what we might call a 'grog shop' and others might call an 'offy'. We had visited one in Meknes, I ... read more
Breakfast is on
Gnaoua stage
Gnaoua Parade 1

Well after my last blog, I spent the next 3 days couped up in a tent/house thing in Marrakesh, feeling the worst I’ve ever felt. The parents managed to make a small trip to the shops on one day, and actually got to go into Marrakesh for the day on another, while I stayed in watching films and waiting for Facebook to load, and load ,and load( the place had WiFi, but our tent house was only just in its zone) Being the first time of having food poisoning to that degree, I didn’t know what to expect, or how long I was going to have to put up with it for. It got so bad that, combined with the awful weather, I just wanted to go home. Which just isn’t right as this is an ... read more

Today was mostly spent in a trip to Essaouira, a coastal city that has been occupied since prehistoric times. The harbor area is protected from the sea by Mogador Island, and thus the harbor is considered one of the best anchorages along the coast. For a while, there was an industry here producing tyrian purple dye from the murex snails that can be found here in abundance. This bromine dye is exuded by the snail when molested (to my knowledge, there are no laws in Morocco against snail molestation, regardless of age) and thus the snail can be "milked" for the dye. More commonly, however, that snail was simply crushed and the dye extracted, requiring about 12,000 snails to produce 1.4 g of dye, enough for a single garment's trim. The dye in antiquity was so ... read more
Morocco 2015 1635 Essaouira Morocco 052715
Morocco 2015 1648 Essaouira Morocco 052715
Morocco 2015 1651 Essaouira Morocco 052715

Geo: 31.5093, -9.76345Despite what promised to be a sleepless night, the stone walls and high ceilings of the riad bouncing every footstep, word and whisper directly into our room, we slept surprisingly well, and even missed the sunrise call to prayer. Our breakfast was a delight of pastries and hot coffee, served in the traditional dining room, bright textiles adorning every surface - cushions, wall hangings, carpets and curtains all in the distinctive rainbow of vibrant, almost neon, colours. It certainly woke up the two bleary eyed travellers, and set us up for our walking tour in the beautiful city of Essaouira. We stepped out onto the quiet streets, the weather much cooler and greyer than we had been used to for the rest of the trip. Wrapped up against the cold, we met our guide, ... read more

Geo: 31.5093, -9.76345I woke this morning to the strangled retching of Stacey hurling into the toilet. It seems that the tagine we are last night had not agreed with her, and she was feeling decidedly rotten. She managed to make it back to bed, where we both lay and tried to sleep. However, nature outside our window had a different idea indeed. Small birds, whose morning call sounded like squeaking shopping trolley wheels sang repeatedly, rousing us from our rest. The peacocks belonging to the riad called out to one another, their mating calls jarring with the bird calls, creating a cacophony of sound.We made our way to the breakfast terrace and were met with relative tranquility and a continental feast - croissants, pain au chocolate, baguettes and preserves were laid out on Moroccan ceramics. Stacey ... read more

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