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Africa » Mauritius February 22nd 2020

Saturday 22nd February Nearing the end of our holiday :( Only a couple more days before we are back home but for now we continue to enjoy all that this hotel offers. We never tire of the beautiful lagoon view wherever we are within the hotel. Our room on ground level overlooks the water sports centre with plenty of action throughout the day, and on a neighbouring beach we watch & hear the sound of a micro-lite set off from the water, it soars high over the beautiful lagoon and beyond. It appears to have just a rubber dinghy as it’s seating area and looks a bit scarier than the one I took flight in a couple of years back. Breakfast - The Indigo buffet restaurant is where we enjoy breakfast, we always try to sit ... read more
view from breakfast table
Indigo restaurant

Africa » Mauritius February 21st 2020

Friday 21st February Maha Shivaratri Hindu Festival 49% of the population of Mauritius are Hindus, followed by Christians (32%), Muslims (17%), and Buddhists (0.4%). When the sun sets on the day of Maha Shivaratri, the celebrations begin with the festival honouring the much-loved deity Lord Shiva. The festivities of Maha Shivaratri actually last a few days and allows thousands of devotees to make the pilgrimage to the sacred lake. Interestingly, the Mauritius Maha Shivaratri festival is the biggest Hindu pilgrimage that takes place outside of India. During this time, thousands upon thousands of devotees worship, light incense, chant, pray and make offerings to the gods in the form of the leaves from the sacred Bael Tree, or in the form of fruits and vegetables. Those who observe the festival journey in droves to the incredible Ganga ... read more
Maha Shivaratri Hindu Festival
Maha Shivaratri Hindu Festival
Maha Shivaratri Hindu Festival

Africa » Mauritius February 20th 2020

Thursday 20th February Birds Bats & Brides BIRDS As we wander around the grounds there are plenty of birds flittering about, mostly a starling type with bright yellow markings & white around the eyes, (Mauritius Bulbul) but at lunchtimes when we sit outside our room enjoying a light snack a beautiful little orange bird, I now know to be a Mauritius Fody, pops by. You have to be quick to catch a photo unlike the Mauritius Bulbul who are quite tame and sit with us for ages, singing away hoping for a scrap. Another bird that we often see at our lunchtime rendezvous is the Red Whiskered Bulbul (named for obvious reasons), but these are rather shy compared to the larger variety. I did see a pigeon the other day but sadly not the Pink Pigeon ... read more
Mauritius Fody
Red whiskered bulbul

Africa » Mauritius February 18th 2020

Tuesday 18th February We are now into our 2nd week here in Mauritius & continue to enjoy the hospitality of all of the staff here at the hotel. The room maid, beach boys, reception, waiters and bar men greet us each day or at meal time like we are long lost friends! We have seen many of the interesting sights of Mauritius on previous visits so this trip was purely for a R&R holiday to recharge our batteries. The days seem to pass without us doing very much, we spend our time relaxing on the beach, in one of the wicker cocoons or under the shade a a palm tree on one of the grassy areas around the hotel. Water skiing, paddle boats, sailing & surfboards , horses riding along the shoreline, there is always something ... read more
Off we go !

Africa » Mauritius February 16th 2020

Sunday 16th February I have spent my birthday in a number of places over the years but back in January last year when David asked me where I would like to spend this milestone birthday I thought of one place I wanted to return too - Mauritius. So today has been nice and relaxing, well I am now 3 score & 10!! Birthday cards were opened whilst enjoying a coffee sitting outside the room watching the little birds flittering amongst the palm trees. Enjoyed a light breakfast and then went to the beach area where we had a ‘cocoon’ for the day. We had just settled down into the comfy cushions when Ajay came along with ice cold towels, a scented rose water spray which felt wonderful on your face in the warm sunshine. No ‘cocoon’ ... read more

Africa » Mauritius February 15th 2020

Saturday 15th February For Valentines dinner last night we sat under a thatched roof with the sand beneath our feet, those on the beach had to scatter a few times, just as the rain showers scattered too. We were glad we chose a table under the thatched roof. The evening was enjoyable but service was very very slow which was a shame because when the drinks & food finally arrived it was beautifully presented and tasted delicious. It was a set 5 course menu which was presented on a personalised scroll with the words “I love you, not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you” . Although each course was small we skipped the risotto and the chocolate dessert as we were feeling quite full. There were plenty ... read more
We skipped 3 & 5 feeling full!
No. 1
No. 2

Africa » Mauritius February 14th 2020

Friday 14th February Today we paid a return visit to Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens. We visited the gardens 10 years ago on our first ever visit to Mauritius and having visited most of the other interesting places on previous trips i.e. tea plantation, sugar plantation, colonial houses, historical buildings and museums etc, we thought it would be enjoyable to revisit the gardens. We booked through the hotel a half day tour which also took in Port Louis, the capital. We were introduced to Rudi, our guide and Navi the driver, David & I were the only English passengers, the other 10 were French but did not speak English (Well if they did they didn’t let on!). Pamplemousses is the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. Famous for its long pond of giant water lilies. The garden ... read more
Main gates Pamplemousses Botanical
Gates erected by the British
Nice office !

Africa » Mauritius February 12th 2020

Wednesday 12th February Today we feel we can really relax and start our holiday, Monday was a tiring day after the 11 hour flight on Sunday, yesterday we changed rooms so the day was a bit disjointed but this morning we awoke to what we thought was going to be a very windy and overcast day. The palm trees outside our room was swaying very strongly. I read on the local weather station that a cyclone was approaching.! Yesterday we experienced quite a few short sharp rain showers. What a difference today turned out to be! We found a nice spot in partial shade just back from the beach & not far from our room. I took a wander along the shoreline to the far edge of the hotel. The lagoon was a picture with beautiful ... read more
Morning Stroll
Morning Stroll
Morning Stroll

Africa » Mauritius February 11th 2020

Tuesday 11th February We slept well after our day of travelling and awoke early to beautiful blue skies. Enjoyed a coffee sitting on the balcony listening to the surf has it slowly rolled onto the shore. A couple of horses cantered along the beach, no doubt those tourists were up early to enjoy the freedom to ride along the shoreline. Yesterday the staff who escorted us to our room could see that it was a bit of a struggle for Mr. M being so far away from the main hotel facilities plus the two flights of stairs at the end of it. They asked if we would like to change rooms but we were both tired and said let’s see how we feel in the morning. The room itself was not a problem just the location ... read more
Local fisherman
Still walking to breakfast
The furthest point was our original room.

Africa » Mauritius February 10th 2020

Sunday 9th Feb/Monday 10th Feb We were unsure what to expect today in view of Storm Ciara that was heading our way. Our taxi was nice and early for our journey to Gatwick airport. The traffic was light; so I’m guessing people heeded the warnings not to travel unless necessary. The traffic at the Dartford crossing was better than we thought despite the bridge being closed due to the high winds. Check in was swift and efficient and we were able to enjoy the facilities in one of the lounges, still not knowing the status of our flight. Chatting to several people in the lounge many flights were delayed and even more cancelled so we were delighted to see that our flight at 17.30 was still in schedule. We took off, all be it rather bumpy, ... read more
Lush tropical vegetation
Just one type of ‘Home’construction
En route to Belle Mare

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