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Tourist Attractions in Mauritius

tell me some adventure places in mauritius
14 years ago, December 18th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #24366  
I want some information about the tourist Attractions in Mauritius. if anybody knows plz give me some information about this. Reply to this

14 years ago, December 20th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #24481  
There are lots of things to Discover in Mauritius. Depending what you want to Visit. 😊

There are lots of Domaine : Example : Domaine Les Paille, Domaine Du Chasseur etc.. And Also Casela Birds Park... There are too many things to visit... 😊
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14 years ago, January 8th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #25213  
I have heard about Blue Safari, Port Louis in Mauritius. I want full detail on this places in mauritius. These are which type of places. Reply to this

14 years ago, March 20th 2008 No: 4 Msg: #30376  
S Posts: 5
Hi dear, For your information, I can just say that "Mauritius is a paradise" like tourists say.
There are too much too say about the attraction. bye....
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13 years ago, December 14th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #57436  
Hi Geeta,

My wife and I went last year. Great place. The people are very friendly.

We went to Port Louis, the capital, to visit the market which was interesting. The city was safe to stroll through, not that much to see but there are some nice parks, statues and buildings. The Jardin des Pamplemousses is very nice too. Car rental is a good way to see the island, it's slow going as the roads are windy and you have to go slowly but you can see beautiful places along the coast by car. Grand Bay was nice to see, we weren't staying there.

If you want to read about the island a bit have a look at this
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13 years ago, January 20th 2009 No: 6 Msg: #60768  
N Posts: 2
I first went to mauritius for my honeymoon. Flic en Flac is a great place. The sea is blue and blue and blue! And the sunset there is the most wonderful on earth! It was so romantic to watch the sky turn to red at sunset. We had very nice and affordable accomodations as well
Flic en Flac is a must place to go when in mauritius !
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13 years ago, May 2nd 2009 No: 7 Msg: #71676  
Hi everyone,

for tourist attractions in Mauritius i would suggest to order in advance and NOT TO WAIT FOR THE LAST MOMENT from http://mauritiusattractions.com/ website. They offer a very very wide range of tours - here is what it says on their website :"sightseeing tours, full/half day tours, range of sea & water activities, submarine rides, deep sea fishing, diving packages, swimming with dolphins, golfing packages, horseback riding, quad biking, trekking , mountain biking, jeep safari, hunting, private helicopter tours, yacht cruises, boat and catamaran trips, all levels courses- (golf, kite surfing , windsurfing, scuba diving, parasailing...), spa & massages packages, sport activities, romantic activities, tailor made VIP customized tours and adventure, and many moreĀ…"

I stayed in Pereybere Beach and the first tourist attraction i went to was through a tour agency we found and the service was very bad. Someone on the tour told us about this website and after checking it we ordered the second, third and forth tour from them. Their prices were the best (maybe because they r in Mauritius and not in UK like some other websites) and the service was top class.

The only bad thing- not they and not any other tour agency had any room left with the helicopter tour we wanted to do,so next time i come for sure ill order it in advance!

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11 years ago, December 11th 2010 No: 8 Msg: #124582  
Theres dolphin watching as well ! Reply to this

10 years ago, December 14th 2011 No: 9 Msg: #148798  
Hi everyone,

If you really want to know more about the attractions, places of interest, activities in mauritius, visit the following link http://mauritius.uk.com. Reply to this

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