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February 18th 2020
Published: February 19th 2020
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Tuesday 18th February

We are now into our 2nd week here in Mauritius & continue to enjoy the hospitality of all of the staff here at the hotel. The room maid, beach boys, reception, waiters and bar men greet us each day or at meal time like we are long lost friends!

We have seen many of the interesting sights of Mauritius on previous visits so this trip was purely for a R&R holiday to recharge our batteries.

The days seem to pass without us doing very much, we spend our time relaxing on the beach, in one of the wicker cocoons or under the shade a a palm tree on one of the grassy areas around the hotel.

Water skiing, paddle boats, sailing & surfboards , horses riding along the shoreline, there is always something for us to watch.

We went out on the glass bottom boat which is free of charge from the water sports centre. The boat comes right into the shoreline so not too difficult for David to get into and the staff very helpful.

There were only 4 others on board, 2 from South Africa & 2 from France.

The trip lasted just over an hour, it wasn’t long before we started to see the beautiful coral in the lagoon. The boatman would slow the boat down so we could get a good view of the coral and fishes below.

We could have been given a little more info on the names of the fish that we saw but we did hear from the boatman that the long fish we all thought were eels were in fact trumpet fish, we saw zebra fish and some angel fish but it was difficult to catch a good photo as they passed beneath us.

As we ventured closer to the edge of the lagoon the waves rocked the boat, and I’m sure the boatman turned against the waves to give everyone on board a thrill !

At one point the boatman hand fed a shoal of fish which was fascinating to watch.

Our hour was soon up as we headed back to the shore.

We decided to stay on the beach and was lucky to find a thatched sun umbrella that was not occupied, a pleasant afternoon on the beach with a dip to cool us down.

There were some dark clouds at one point but they soon disappeared and the rest of the day the sun continued to shine.

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