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Africa » Mauritius » Black River April 3rd 2018

Am Nachmittag des 26.3. sortierten wir im Hotel die Kleider, Schuhe, Reiseführer und Unterlagen aus, die wir nach Hause schicken wollten - sicher 15 kg. Der Herr vom Reisebüro kümmerte sich um den Versand. Dieser kostet 22‘ooo ind. Rupien, das sind etwa 330 CHF - immer noch billiger, als das Uebergewicht bezahlen zu müssen! Nach kurzem Schlaf wurden wir zum Flugplatz gebracht. Das Einchecken verlief problemlos, obwohl Delhi Airport auch morgens um 02 Uhr voll von Leuten ist. Das Totalgewicht betrug 76 kg ((80 wären erlaubt). Auch bei der Security musste ich ausnahmsweise nichts auspacken. So hatten wir noch etwas Zeit für Einkäufe. Der Flug mit der A 380 von Emirates nach Dubai war problemlos auch wenn ich kaum schlafen konnte. Dubai ist ein riesiger, sehr schöner Flughafen, mit vielen Läden - so kam ich endlich ... read more
Im Flughafen Dubai
Airbus A 380 von Emirates
Das Hauptgebäude mit Restaurant, Réception, Seminarräumen und Arztzimmer in La Pirogue, Mauritius

Africa » Mauritius » Pamplemousses January 22nd 2018

There are two ways of looking at every situation. On one hand, we're about to spend the night in an ageing Boeing 777; the plane has a technical fault; and it’s going to be raining when we get to our destination. On the other hand, Air France fixed the plane; we have extra space - three seats for the two of us; and it's 27c when we land. OK, it is a bit overcast and sprinkling with rain but by the time we have driven to the west coast, the weather has brightened and the rain stopped. Our hotel is on the beach and the Indian Ocean is just steps away. It is beautiful. Mauritius has many lovely beaches. White coral sands with a reef to break the ocean surf. All the beaches have public access, ... read more
With a guide in Ebony Forest
Berguitta tears at the trees
Amazonian water lillies

Africa » Mauritius December 25th 2017

Funny how experiences are different from person to person. And I do not know how to even be honest about my Mauritius experience without sounding like a spoiled brat :D By having said that, don't get me wrong: Mauritius is a nice destination, with beautiful weather and a diversity of things to do. Here is where the spoiled and/or brat thing comes in, my friend and I were expecting to be WOWed and we weren't.. So how does this work? I guess it depends on a few things: are you for example going on a honeymoon, and got everything at your doorstep in a fabulous resort with no desire to venture out; not to worry, you can still go and you will completely disagree with me! Are you not spoiled rotten yet with the most amazing ... read more
"Sober Insanity"
Get fresh coconuts!
Le Morne

Africa » Mauritius October 16th 2017

Mid-October, we are ready for our next little adventure...this between business trips for me to Congo and Gabon, a little romantic break in Mauritius for 5 nights. My first and only visit to Mauritius was back in 2004. I stay at the local Club Med and play golf at Belle Mare top course, as the director of golf was the pro in my own club in Luxembourg way back when I was a junior. I did remember the horrendous taxi rates too... So this time we are renting a car. Mauritius is not a small island, and renting a car means you are not stuck in your hotel. We are staying the first three nights at Le Meridien and the last two at the Westin. Both resorts are located in the North-West of the island, ... read more
Sunset, le Meridien
That's a huge nudibranch...
Little walk by the beach...

Africa » Mauritius July 7th 2017

July 7, 2017 - I woke up at 7am and went for a walk to the beach, but it was cloudy and windy, so the lighting was bad and it was a bit chilly. I did see a macaque though, on my to the beach. It also saw me and was gone before I could think of taking a photo. I also saw some in the national park that day, but they were also gone quickly. They are not native to the island. I had some yogurt and granola for breakfast and then chatted with Jeroen while he got ready for work. I left at 9:45 to walk to the meeting point for my daytrip, and got there at 10:15. I paid and then chatted with a German woman named Annette until we left at 10:30. ... read more
Before breakfast walk
Snails at low tide
To Ile aux Aigrettes

Africa » Mauritius July 6th 2017

July 6, 2016 - I woke up early, and despite wanting to go back to sleep, I decided to get up and watch the sunrise. In less than 10 minutes I was out the door and walking the five minutes to the beach. It was starting to get light, but it would take about 30 minutes for the sun to rise at 6:21. It was very peaceful sitting there, listening to the waves and the birds, watching some of the large fruit bats fly home for the day. It was a nice way to start the morning. Back at the guesthouse, I started to pack up my bag and then went down for breakfast. I did a little facebooking first, as the internet was working surprisingly well. Breakfast was better today - crepes and fried eggs. ... read more
Aulette making a drink for everyone before dinner
Dinner at the guesthouse in Rodriges
My plate

Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues July 5th 2017

July 5, 2017 - I feel like these posts are becoming repetitive - new day, new island. But it was another good day. Last night we decided to go on another daytrip together, this time to Cat Island (Ile aux Chat) and La Hermitage. Aulette, the host, arranged it after dinner. The meeting point for the boat was at Graviers, where I had walked the other day. Margo, Julia and Walter left at 7:15 to take the two buses, just as I started breakfast. Julien and I had decided to walk, as it could only take an hour an a half, and the bus wouldn't be any faster. It's the same walk I did the other day, but in reverse. We made it in an hour this time, and arrived at the same time as the ... read more
My ghetto backpack.
Our sailboat
Relaxing after the walk

Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues July 4th 2017

July 4, 2017 - Another good day. I woke up somewhere in the 6 o'clock hour, unintentionally, and tried to get back to sleep. I think I was somewhat successful, and finally got up around 7:20. Breakfast started at 7am and I could hear a couple people there. Breakfast was not nearly as impressive as dinner - some white bread, lot of spreads, boiled eggs. Not bad, but not exciting. But the plans for the day made up for it. Everyone but Olivier decided to go to Ile aux Cocos - Coconut Island - today, and we were leaving at 8:45. Olivier had already been, and was leaving to start his journey home today. He has a pick-up truck, though, and offered us a lift, which was great. We drove there through Port Mathurin, the capital, ... read more
The French crew
Jean Michel
Julien catches a fish.

Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues July 3rd 2017

July 3, 2017 - My alarm was set for 5am, and I was already getting out of bed at 4:45. I hate that I can't sleep when I know I have to get up. I had some breakfast, finished packing and waited for Bernard to show up. He was only 5 minutes late. We got to the airport and I asked if we should be at a different terminal, as I had heard all flights to Rodrigues were in a different terminal. He said no, we're good. So I went in, and a guy who worked there told me to go to the left to check in and then come back to security. My airline was not to the left, so I went to the right. I found Mauritius Air, got my boarding pass from the ... read more
Madagascar fody (I think)
Graviers beach
Beach hike

Africa » Mauritius » Le Morne July 2nd 2017

July 2, 2017 - Another day of adventure. Originally I had planned to do a hike of Le Morne Brabant, a mountain in the south that has a sad history. It was a place where runaway slaves lived while in hiding, and when slavery was abolished here, police came to tell them they were free. But seeing the police, the ex-slaves thought they would be caught and were determined not to live like that again. Rather than being caught, they jumped off the cliffs and killed themselves. A sad story. So, my original goal was to go there, but my guide book said you need to go with a guide. I wrote to a guide company last week, but got no response. I decided to just let it go. But yesterday, I was chatting online with ... read more
Where I stopped for a wee wee
Saw several of these guys today
Water on both sides

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