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Africa » Mauritius » Grand Port » Mahebourg October 9th 2015

Geo: -20.41, 57.7 One of the reasons we chose to stay at Le Bamboo was the fact they advertised free bikes and kayaks. Soo......the next morning after our delicious breakfast of eggs, crepe, fruit, coffee and fresh bread, we said we wanted to go kayaking! Oh no, there is a leak! Checked them out and does not seem to be a real bad leak and it was on the top of kayak and then Vishna also tells us some other guests had taken the boats out and had gone toward the bridge where the river heads to the ocean, got caught in current and were swept out to sea and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. We assured him we only wanted to go the other direction.So, they helped us get the boats in ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Grand Port » Mahebourg September 5th 2015

Geo: -20.41, 57.7Our flight was delayed leaving JNB and we did not finish clearing customs until around 7:30 but were so thankful when we cleared it all and there were our names on a cardboard sign.............Le Bamboo no longer has a restaurant or bar as we had read. Even though we were tired thought it would be nice to relax with a drink. We had bought some samosas from a street vendor and now just need a drink. Krishna offered to take us to find something to drink. Drove around the neighborhood and everything was closed. Drove us across the longest bridge ....not very long to an area where we found a oriental man standing outside his business visiting with someone. Krishna gets out and talks to him. Oh, he has a pinotage and some cold ... read more
right on the wing
passing over Madagascar
waiting for the luggage

Africa » Mauritius » Le Morne August 27th 2015

I hear my phone ring. It's 3.30am and I fear the worst. I answer it but I can't hear the person at the other end and I suspect they can't hear me either. The call cuts off. There's no caller ID, so I have no idea who it was. Now I'm really worried. A few minutes later a voice message comes through. It was a work client wanting to chat about a project. I'm relieved, but then a bit annoyed. I decide to wait until it's 3.30am in Melbourne and then ring him back. I'm now wide awake and so is Issy, and neither of us can go back to sleep. We have breakfast and then lie on the beach. It's really windy, but the sun is shining brightly and there's blue sky all around us. ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Flacq August 26th 2015

This morning we've arranged to go dolphin watching. Our skipper is very confident that we'll actually see dolphins, and told us when we booked that if we don't see any he'll give us our money back. We have to pay him in cash. We don't have enough with us, and our reliable electronic devices tell us that the nearest ATM is 20 kilometres away. We go to reception to ask if this is right. We're glad we did - it seems that the nearest ATM is around 19.7 kilometres closer than our electronic devices thought it was - it's next to the hotel gate. We arrive at breakfast as it opens. It seems there are benefits in getting up early. We're the only people here, and unlike all the other days when we've slept in, there's ... read more
Dolphin Watching
Dolphin Watcher
Le Paradis and Le Morne Brabant

Africa » Mauritius » Le Morne August 25th 2015

Today I've arranged to climb the Le Morne Brabant mountain. I'm told that my guide will be picking me up just before 7am. The breakfast buffet doesn't start that early, so I ordered room service breakfast last night by filling in a menu and leaving it in a box outside our room. It seems to be a bit late coming, so I set off to investigate. My investigatory journey is a short one. The menu is still in the box where I left it. I'm now pretty sure I won't be getting any breakfast, so I gobble down the only solid nourishment available - a packet of gummy bears from the minibar fridge. Our guide's name is Yan, and he is an eighth generation French Mauritian. His accent is a combination of French and South African, ... read more
Hotel Dinarobin from Le Morne Brabant
Hotel Le Paradis from Le Morne Brabant
Climbing Le Morne Brabant

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis August 24th 2015

Today we've booked a tour to the Mauritian capital of Port Louis, and our guide turns out to be the same Ibrahim who drove us from the airport to the hotel when we arrived. We drive past the Le Morne Brabant mountain. Ibrahim says it's now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is associated with a very sad and well known local story. During the years when slavery was practised here, the mountain was used as a hideout by runaway slaves. When slavery was eventually abolished, some of the slave masters found out about this, so they climbed the mountain to tell the runaways the good news that they were now free men. The slaves saw them coming and thought that they were about to be recaptured, so some of them threw themselves off the cliffs ... read more
Port Louis Racecourse from Fort Adelaide
Firing the cannon, Fort Adelaide
Walls, Fort Adelaide

Africa » Mauritius » Le Morne August 23rd 2015

This morning feels like a carbon copy of the previous two. Again we sleep in and just make it to breakfast. At least this morning we don't pig out. Neither of us seem to be particularly hungry which I suspect might have something to do with us not exerting ourselves overly much yesterday. I spot a young girl in a bright pink bikini posing for photos on the beach. Issy sees her too, and gives me permission to look at her. She looks like she might be a model here for a photo shoot. Issy says she wants a bit of variety today, so she's going to lie next to the pool. I fall asleep in the room while she heads off. I wake up and go to join her, but before I've got a chance ... read more
Relaxing, Le Morne
Le Morne

Africa » Mauritius » Le Morne August 22nd 2015

We sleep in yet again, and again only just make it to breakfast. We gorge ourselves as we did yesterday, when we overdid it so much that we didn't need to bother about lunch. We plant ourselves on sun lounges, under an umbrella, on the beach, in front of our room. We sleep, read, and take the odd photo. Issy takes some photos of her knees. They're very nice knees, but I'm still not entirely sure why she thinks she needs to snap pictures of them. She assures me that she's just trying out a newly discovered feature on her camera. We sleep through lunch. It seems that all Mauritian beaches are public, so there's nothing to stop anyone who isn't a guest from strolling along the sand in front of the hotel. I think that ... read more
Relaxing, Le Paradis
Beach and restaurant, Le Paradis Hotel, Le Morne
Sunset, Le Morne

Africa » Mauritius » Le Morne August 21st 2015

We're still really tired. We wake up just in time to get breakfast, but then then go back to sleep again and miss lunch. I hope we haven't caught Sleeping Sickness. I think it's an African disease, and technically we're in Africa. We'd always intended to spend a lot of our time here relaxing, but I don't think we'd meant this to extend to sleeping for the entire time. We decide to go exploring. Our hotel is called Le Paradis and is on the Le Morne Peninsula which is dominated by the Le Morne Brabant mountain. The sister hotel next door is called the Dinarobin, and the two share a manicured looking golf course. Some of the bunkers are bigger than entire beaches we've been to. It's a shame that playing golf makes me throw my ... read more
On the beach, Le Paradis
Beach, Le Paradis Hotel, Le Morne
Yachts, Le Morne

Africa » Mauritius » Le Morne August 20th 2015

We land in Mauritius just before 6am. We've had about two minutes sleep between us, and we feel like zombies. We wait in a long queue to go through immigration and health checks. A girl in the queue next to us faints and people rush to help her. The health officials look a bit worried, and we are now too given there were lots of questions on the immigration forms about Ebola. One of them asked us to list out all the countries we'd been to in the last six months. There were lots of them and I realise as I'm waiting that I left out the Vatican City. I wonder if I should change it. I decide not to. There was no more room on the form, and I doubt there have been too many ... read more

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