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December 25th 2017
Published: September 30th 2019
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Funny how experiences are different from person to person. And I do not know how to even be honest about my Mauritius experience without sounding like a spoiled brat :D

By having said that, don't get me wrong: Mauritius is a nice destination, with beautiful weather and a diversity of things to do. Here is where the spoiled and/or brat thing comes in, my friend and I were expecting to be WOWed and we weren't.. So how does this work? I guess it depends on a few things: are you for example going on a honeymoon, and got everything at your doorstep in a fabulous resort with no desire to venture out; not to worry, you can still go and you will completely disagree with me! Are you not spoiled rotten yet with the most amazing dives, scenery, nature, beaches and looking for this on an easy to go around sunny island, again do go! You will love it!

For us, but maybe just speak for myself: the diving was okay, nothing special colourful coral wise nor big pelagics. The nature was okay, but for me not the lush green forresty full of life scenery I was hoping for.
"Sober Insanity" "Sober Insanity" "Sober Insanity"

Due to elections somewhere at a council on the island, the whole island was on alcohol lock down for the weekend...
The beaches looked alluring around the resorts, not per se outside of these resorts. Altogether not the most picture perfect pristine beaches I'm lucky to have come across on earlier trips.

Okay done with the whining, here a little bit what we have done and enjoyed, mostly displayed in the photo's: yes, obviously the prettiest ones 😊. We stayed at an Airbnb in Flic en Flac, which was a great spot to roam around the island by scooter and by car, as well as having an amazing Christmas dinner in this restaurant run by a French chef.

Do's: relax, enjoy, try different foods, roam around island, get a massage, go in the water, you have to try the local rum (not so good, haha), hike up Le Monte Brabant for the underwater waterfall view, visit the pristine bay at Mahebourg, visit Hindu temples, stop at the Vortex (if you are spiritual), watch sunsets & get coconuts at the beach!
Dont's: don't visit any of the animal parks, they are definitely not animal friendly, do your research..!

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Magic, Natural Bridge Magic, Natural Bridge
Magic, Natural Bridge

(south part Mauritius)
Ile de la PasseIle de la Passe
Ile de la Passe

or Lighthouse Island, from Mahebourg (credits: internet)
Ile aux CerfsIle aux Cerfs
Ile aux Cerfs

or Treasure Island, from Mahebourg
Seven coloured earthSeven coloured earth
Seven coloured earth

(South of Mauritius)

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