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Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis October 11th 2005

Hi Guys, I am going to try to upload some pictures, I am not sure if I will be able to figure out how to do it in the time that I have. Have no fear, I wont tease you like that, if I cant figure out how to upload pictures onto this site, I will post them on Yahoo and then post the link here. Hope all is well back home. I miss you guys! Love Nicki... read more
Cape of Good Hope
Table Mountain

Africa » Mauritius » Moka » Floréal February 18th 2005

Driving down to Port Louis, in the extended rush hour, normally until 9:30 am but when it rains, and because money is scarce for the majority of the population in Mauritius, car tyres are as bold as my Dad's head. So as to avoid the famous “aquaplaning” in Mauritius which actually looks like water skiing, instead of driving at the permitted speed limit in Mauritius on the dual carriage way : 90 KMS an hour Mauritian drivers have "grinded" to a 35 km, stop and go, for the 30 kilometre stretch from Floréal to Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. It seems the sun will not be here for quite a few days still. The poor tourists who, since arriving in Mauritius, have only had rain for nearly 2 weeks, what a holiday for them - ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Port Louis February 16th 2005

We have nothing but rain for the last 10 days. All this is starting to get depressive for Carol, my wife and 2 boys Zowie and Zidane. It must just as depressive for the tourist (peak season now). Come the week-end we should have the sunny side of Mauritius back but with an extreme humidity. If you want the news about in Mauritius, in french, then visit 2 online daily newspapers. Express Le Mauricien You can also use my search engine to question all Mauritius online newspapers and media,Search Media and Newspapers in Mauritius more tomorrow ... read more
Carol and I at Villa Caroline, Flic en Flac

Africa » Mauritius June 25th 1983

June 1983 A couple of months after we were married we moved up to Johannesburg from Cape Town for better work opportunities. Exciting to live in another city but sad at the same time to say goodbye to our home town, Cape Town with its beautiful mountains and sea. After much adjusting, hard work and settling down and a couple of years later, it was time for our next annual holiday and we decided to be daring and go to Mauritius. This was our first holiday abroad! Admittedly it was really just going to be a beach holiday, but it was quite a big step for us in those days to venture out of our country! Preparations began. Excitement building up. It's the middle of winter, how could we consider packing costumes and light summer clothing ... read more

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