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July 6th 2017
Published: July 6th 2017
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July 6, 2016 - I woke up early, and despite wanting to go back to sleep, I decided to get up and watch the sunrise. In less than 10 minutes I was out the door and walking the five minutes to the beach. It was starting to get light, but it would take about 30 minutes for the sun to rise at 6:21. It was very peaceful sitting there, listening to the waves and the birds, watching some of the large fruit bats fly home for the day. It was a nice way to start the morning.

Back at the guesthouse, I started to pack up my bag and then went down for breakfast. I did a little facebooking first, as the internet was working surprisingly well. Breakfast was better today - crepes and fried eggs. I made nutella, peanut butter, and banana crepes and a cheese and fried egg sandwich. Yum. The time soon came to say good-bye to my French friends, and the taxi driver drove me back to the airport.

The Rodrigan airport is adorable. They use woven baskets for you to place your things in for security and there is only one gate. There are only 3-4 flights a day in either direction. I had a window seat and no neighbor, and I took a few pictures from the plane. The view was better the other day, but it was still good to get some photos.

Back in Mauritius, another driver picked me up at the airport and brought me 15 minutes away to Blue Bay. He works for the guesthouse, and showed me my room and gave me basic directions for the things I was interested in. Immediately I was paralyzed by indecision. Go to the beach, try to snorkel, or walk over to the place where I will do a day trip tomorrow to see if I can go today? That is what I chose. It took 30 minutes to walk there, I got a blister from my flip flops to add to the blister from my sandals from yesterday, and there were no more tours today. I decided to walk back, change for the beach and go there. I walked over to the Blue Bay Marine Park and found I was not really in the mood. The water was too cold to swim and there were a lot of people. I went to the beach outside of the guesthouse owned by the same family as where I am now, but it was not much of a beach and was shady and with the wind - there is always wind - it was quite cool. I looked at some food cart options for dinner - I am down to about $20 and don't want to try to find another machine - and decided on one with a nice lady. I went to the beach and read for half an hour, and then went back and ordered a vegetable roti and two samosas to go. I ate them and then wanted more, so I walked back, but she was closing and had no more roti. I bought four more samosas and told her I'll be back tomorrow for more roti. And I will. Plus, I enjoyed our short chat. I already miss having someone to talk to. This guesthouse is just a private room, no socializing.

I ate my food and showered, and then Val, one of the owners, came by to see if I needed anything. I checked my plans with him for tomorrow, and he agreed that I wouldn't have time to get to one of the places. I'd wanted to go to the Vortex, a place that is supposed to be one of 14 energy centers in the world. Kind of spiritual and maybe fluffy, but it sounds interesting enough. But it would take 1.5 hours to get there, and it would be too late in the day after my trip to another bird island in the morning. But there is also a biscuit factory I'd like to visit, so stay tuned.

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