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Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra April 5th 2011

Hey guys. Sorry. I fail at blogging. Consistency is not my forte. Neither is blogging, unless you count livejournal when I was back in my angsty teen years and you wanted to read a bunch of dramatic yet vague complaints about how hard life is. I know. There’s a reason why you haven’t seen it. Anyway, I’m sorry. I can’t say much more than that. I could give excuses, but you know what they say about those… If you don’t, don’t worry. I’m trying now, and that’s what counts. Now I face the dilemma of where to begin in this blog since I have told you virtually nothing of my life here and how it has developed into my life and not just my travels. That’s right. I’m home. But I still miss home. In ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 25th 2011

After quiz night, one Tuesday evening: After hanging around at the head office for a bit it started to rain. And by rain I mean dump. This is only the second time it's rained since I"ve been here. So we all moved inside to wait it out, but eventually it just got really crowded in the small room and it was getting late so we decide to go out and make a run for it. By the time we reach the main road where there's taxis we are completely drenched. Completely. So then we can't get a taxi because no one wants to carry us wet people. Finally we see a tro and have enough people going to our area that we essentially just rent out the whole tro to take us back. Well this tro ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 9th 2011

So I've described a bit my surroundings and work, so here's a bit about my home. I live in a very convenient area of Accra called Labadi. It is a short distance away from my work, an internet cafe, a grocery store, restaraunts, and even the beach. Accra is such a big bustling city, I often forget it's right on the coast. I'm lucky enough to have a great house shared currently with four other volunteers, although we could expect more at anytime. The house is not luxurious by any means, but it is clean, has electricity, and even a real shower (which is fairly unusual here). The house belongs to a single woman, a retired teacher, who we all call "Aunty". She has a housemaid type person who comes and helps her go to the ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 9th 2011

So here's a little of what I do everyday: I work in the Projects Abroad Human Rights Centre which, as described before is just an exciting walk from the home where I am staying. This organization has several emplyees, but is almost all volunteer run. All the volunteers work in groups on various projects dealing with human rights. I am currently working on two projects. The first is a project where I work with a group of people to train teachers about basic human rights. Here in Ghana, human rights is a term not widely understood by most people. Today I went to my first teacher training. We gave a presentation about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and there was also a woman who spoke about domestic violence and who to report human rights violations ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 8th 2011

A typical day in Accra, Ghana starts out around 7 am with the passing of the garbage truck which plays a tinkly tune, much like an ice cream truck. After a breakfast of toast, I head outside into the lovely 90 degree weather. The road I live on is really just a dusty red path that stains your feet, shoes, and clothes with orange dirt. At this time in the morning the street is usually filled with lots of Ghanaina children heading off to school. Reaching the end of the road I come to the shack that sells various items and plays rediculously loud music 24 hours a day. Around the corner is a soccer field, always filled with people of every age playing soccer. Round the next corner and I reach one of the main ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 4th 2011

So nearly at the end of my time in Ghana as my flight is on monday, and I've now left Kwamoso and am in Accra for my last weekend and to watch the rugby. The last week has been a bit of a blur with a definate highlight being Tuesday night when everyone was at the bar for a last big night. This soon turned into a competition between the young local guys at the bar and the volunteers, luckily not in drinking Abudashe (local palm wine) but rather in armwrestles and in my case push ups and pulls ups against Benjamin (whose mum owns the bar). Having successfully seen him off in all three challenges he suggested a race, which i really should of rejected. But i didnt and was quickly demolished by the 17year ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra January 28th 2011

OK, so it’s taken me quite a long time to start my blog. There are a few reasons. Firstly, the functioning of my internet connection leaves room for improvement, meaning that the few times I felt inspired to start writing I was unable to do so. Secondly, I find it very difficult to come up with anything to write. I think it is because this place is just so different from anywhere I’ve been to. It is not really possible to describe it. For the first time in my life I really feel like I’m abroad. It is a strange experience being a white man in Ghana. Ghanaians are incredibly friendly and can make one feel very welcome. However, it takes time to get used to all the attention. All the children shout ‘obruni’ (‘white man’) ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra January 6th 2011

10:42 I arrived in Africa Last night and got a taxi straight to Frankie’s Hotel in the City Centre of Accra, Ghana. This morning I picked up the hired Land Rover and I’m now traveling up 2 Lake Volta, this should take about 3 or 4 hours. I’ve booked a little lodge on the East side of the Lake because apparently that’s the side where all the interesting things happen. I can’t wait to get out of this stuffy car and explore!! This afternoon I’m going to have a nap (I’m very tired) and try and arrange a boat trip for Saturday.... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra October 4th 2010

10/4/2010 Hello all! Ete sen? Sorry for not posting a blog for a while, there’s only 6 weeks of school left so my studying has been in full gear. Most of the professors here have gone on strike so now the international programs office has to work something out so the international students can have one-on-one lectures. A lot of the Ghanaian students have gone back to their homes so campus is pretty quiet and empty. My Twi class is going well and it’s fun to practice the language with the locals. So far I have gotten pretty good at bargaining in Twi at the markets, hailing taxis, and telling people about myself. It’s not much but you would be surprised how far you can get with just the basics. Here’s an update on what’s happening ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra September 13th 2010

Well I've been away from the blog for a couple days now and have a few new adventures under my belt. On Friday after a short outreach in a nearby village, I took a cab to the Accra Mall where I was to be picked up by a Czech woman, Martina, whom I had met at dinner on the previous Tuesday. While waiting I went inside the very westernized shopping center and had a very western cheeseburger, fries and coke. This was a nice change from the typical Ghanaian rice and fish. I was eventually picked up by Martina in her company owned 4x4 pickup and was additionally accompanied by Hafen, an atmospheric scientist originally from California. The three and a half hour drive took us outside the hustle and bustle on Accra and into the ... read more

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