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Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra July 18th 2017

-Maandag 17 Juli- *ik heb 30 min hieraan gewerkt en toen drukte ik op een verkeerde knop en was alles weg. Toen moest alles weer opnieuw terwijl ik heel moe was dus excuses voor de eventuele spelfouten* Afgelopen maandag was het tijd voor de introductie dag. Het begon om 6 uur, maar die nacht had ik echt slecht geslapen vanwege de warmte en viel ik pas in slaap rond 3 uur om vervolgens om 6:30 wakker te worden van de haan en de wekkers van de andere vrijwilligers. Ja ja we staan allemaal rond 6:30/7:00 op om te douchen en te ontbijten en dan rond 08:00 naar de scholen te gaan. Tot nu toe heb ik nog niet her geluk gehad dat er stromes water uit de douche kop kwam, dus doen we het maar gewoon ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra May 26th 2017

Accra, Ghana Saturday, March 29, 2008 One of the books I taught in Accra, Ghana, was 'Lord of the Flies'. I asked my students to write a sequel and was disappointed with what they gave me. I told them so. A girl said: ‘Could you do any better?’ - which prompted me to write the following: 'Lord of the Flies' Revisited - Ralph Aged 40 … "Good afternoon, Mr Townsend. Take a seat. How are you today? How have you been sleeping since our last meeting? Have the nightmares abated?" Ralph Townsend sank his tired body into the armchair indicated and wondered whether his psychiatrist were blind. Couldn’t he see the bags of umpteen sleepless nights under his eyes? Couldn’t he read the anguish of nightmare after nightmare etched in the lines on his face? “I’m ... read more
Jack Painted
Stoneham School

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra May 19th 2017

28th January 2008 I've just returned home from Ghana’s final group match in the Accra stadium. Many people, including myself, predicted a close struggle against Morocco. Ghana completely dominated the match and won 2-0. A great occasion. Now they are in the quarter-finals against either Ivory Coast (unlikely) or Mali. The African Nations Cup! What an event! The scorelines hardly matter. This tournament is notable for its attacking play, goals galore, absence of hooliganism and stupendous atmosphere. The opening game, Ghana v Guinea, and the ceremony that preceded it, were unforgettable. I had the worst seat in the stadium for watching football – behind a goal, only a little above ground level, with a glass barrier, people, advertising boards and the goal net blocking my view. It didn’t matter – I had the best seat in ... read more
Eye-Catching Fan
Rainbow Man

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra May 19th 2017

Accra Stadium, Saturday 11th October, 2008 It was an unequal contest. The big men of Togo, cheered on by hordes of yellow-shirted trumpet-blowing fans, versus the little men of Swaziland, cheered on by nobody. Togo have had to play their last few home games in neighbouring Ghana (after spectator violence in the Togo v Mali game last year), but coachloads of Togolese had travelled to Accra, so this was near enough a home fixture. And Togo had the best player on the pitch – nay, one of the best players on the planet: Emmanuel Adebayor. Adebayor plays for Arsenal and is barely 24 years old. He captains Togo and is idolized by the fans. He is an outrageously gifted striker and this afternoon gave a master class in footballing skills, albeit against inferior opposition. Adebayor is ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra May 19th 2017

Arsenal v Manchester United, Saturday November 3rd 2007 Football fever in football-mad Ghana will reach a crescendo in January, when the African Nations Cup kicks off in the capital, Accra. Ghanaians are passionate about their national football team – the Black Stars - but they also get mighty worked up about English football. Every Saturday afternoon in Accra (Ghana time being exactly the same as GMT), thousands of men, too poor to own satellite TV, pack into bars and halls to watch the English Premiership. Last Saturday my friend, Abdulai, invited me and two other Englishmen to join him in a nameless location in downtown Accra to watch Arsenal v Manchester United. For 7000 cedis (about 40p) we entered a large undecorated hall, where five hundred men, seated on plastic chairs, were grouped around four TV's. ... read more
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Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra May 19th 2017

Ghana v Nigeria, Accra, (Sunday Feb 3rd 2009 5pm) Ghana played their quarter-final game versus Nigeria on Sunday Feb 3rd at 5pm. We arrived very early at the stadium, and spent 45 minutes in a bar next to the ground. The noise and high spirits were tremendous. My friend, Jon, and I agreed that this was the most important game we had ever attended. I was at the 1968 English League Cup Final between Arsenal and Swindon, but that was less important than this match. Arsenal and Swindon was a parochial affair compared to this clash of African football titans. I have decided that the majority of Ghana supporters know little about football – they love to see their country win, but they are not knowledgeable. Anyhow, it seemed as if the whole country was cheering ... read more
Ghana Fans
Happy Fans

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 10th 2014

"Akwaaba" means "Welcome"! Welcome to Ghana, which was among my top-3 countries I wanted to visit and finally I made it! My visit didn't end very well since I got my notebook stolen (Acer Aspire One) and that's the reason it took me much longer to write the blog. I prefer not to go into the exact details of how it happened as it would make the blog too long. It happened during my last few hours before leaving the country. Thank God I had all my photos somewhere else though, so I didn't lose any picture. The visit to Ghana started in the Netherlands, where I had to arrange my visa in The Hague at the Ghanian Embassy. I flew with TAP Portugal via Lisbon to Accra. During slavery many enslaved Africans in Curaçao came ... read more
Independence Square
Independence Arch at the Independence Square
School kids in James Town

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 6th 2014

The goal of today was to finally accomplish Frank’s two goals for this trip: do paperwork for the kids and finalize the land purchase. You know what they say about the best laid plans. We called it our “Terrible, Horrible, Almost Very Bad Day.” We got out of the house later than planned, and the kids couldn’t come with us because they didn’t get their chores done. Frank, Rosemary, and I headed for the Ministry of Social Welfare. We waited for a while, then they told us to wait more. Then the man got mad at us for not coming earlier and told us to wait. All of the waiting took place in the hallway. There were a few mismatched (but all uncomfortable) chairs along the walls. I felt like we were in a hospital from ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra January 5th 2014

As yesterday was a long day, we took some time to rest. In the afternoon, Frank went to run some errands, meet with an architect and a mason and who knows what. I stayed around and spent some time with the kids. We played all sorts of games. Alex and Rita taught me all sorts of new words in Twi. We had a lot of fun. They are both shy, but they seem to be comfortable with me now. As comfortable as they will be for a while at least. I packed most of my things and started to put Frank’s together. He insisted that he’ll do it tomorrow, but I bet I’m gonna end up doing it a few hours before we leave. Frank got finished with his errands a lot later than expected. This ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra January 1st 2014

The tentative plan for today was look at land and go to the beach. Sounds great to me. Rosemary, Frank, and I hit the road. I drove the whole time, including on their version of the freeway! When I was 11, my aunt Helen taught me how to drive a stick in an old Samurai on back farm dirt roads. I use that skill once or twice per year. This is real life practice. Downshifting in traffic, watching for motorbikes to come out from behind you, dodging taxis… Crazy. I think I did okay though. We picked up another guy to guide us to the plots of land that are for sale. I did fine driving until he started being the one giving directions. He would talk to Frank and Rosemary in another language, then tell ... read more
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