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January 5th 2014
Published: January 9th 2014
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As yesterday was a long day, we took some time to rest. In the afternoon, Frank went to run some errands, meet with an architect and a mason and who knows what. I stayed around and spent some time with the kids. We played all sorts of games.

Alex and Rita taught me all sorts of new words in Twi. We had a lot of fun. They are both shy, but they seem to be comfortable with me now. As comfortable as they will be for a while at least.

I packed most of my things and started to put Frank’s together. He insisted that he’ll do it tomorrow, but I bet I’m gonna end up doing it a few hours before we leave.

Frank got finished with his errands a lot later than expected. This meant that his much-desired trip to the beach didn’t happen. Again. I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do.

Alex and I walked into the market in the neighborhood to meet Frank. I really wanted to go to the fair trade store and pick up a few things. We got there after it closed, even though their website said otherwise. We went to some shops to get some gifts instead.

Sometimes the shops can be overwhelming. I walk in, just to browse. Then the owner, his friends, and the owners of neighboring shops all come in and show me things and offer me better prices. I always want to shake them and tell them that this is not good customer service! They are making me want to leave, not spend money! Frank and Alex helped me pick out the last few things on my list.

For our second-to-last night in Accra, we ate at Papaye again. Frank’s friend was with us as well. Alex has been spoiled by eating out so often! When Frank lived in Accra, he ate at Papaye once per year. We went three times in 12 days!

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