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Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra September 3rd 2012

I spent Tuesday in Vilanculos town, saying some goodbyes to my friends here and simply enjoying my last few hours in this special community. On Tuesday evening, my particular friends (Francisco, Custodio, Chamussudine and ‘Joy’) came over to Baobab for one last time with some fish, traditional Mozambican food and a few bottles of ‘Tipo Tinto’ – the local rum! Francisco and Custodio cooked dinner for us all and made a fire near the beach. I provided some music and we had a brilliant evening eating and drinking under the stars, around the fire in true African style… Having known these boys for at least 18 months now (apart from ‘Joy who I met during this latest trip), they really are like family to me and I value them so much as people- they are extremely ... read more
My last morning on Vilanculos Beach
My last morning on Vilanculos Beach
My last morning on Vilanculos Beach

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra August 17th 2012

We awoke in Hans' Botel, and I reflected on the trip so far. Realizing this was our final day of, what I felt, was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of experiencing this amazing country and people. It was a bit of a damper but we needed to go all out for the finale! We arrived in Kakum National Park, which consisted on a protected tropical rainforest, that supposedly was home to plethora of varied species. We began by reading about the forest and it's creatures in a small museum. Outside I found loads of different lizards moving about and tried cornering some, but they always escaped. While the forest was supposed to be teeming with life, we sadly wouldn't be seeing much, as everything was hidden in the bush and the sheer amount ... read more
Canopy Group Shot

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra August 3rd 2012

Some of the staff needed to go to Accra for a conference, so we hitched an early morning ride in the hospital van so we could get there in relative comfort. Rosalind had friends in the city and one of the friend's daughters was getting married so she was invited to attend, and in turn all of us were invited as well. Once we arrived in the city we headed towards Gaby's home, the husband of one of Rosalind's friends. He was instantly likeable and was incredibly kind to us. He showed us to the nearby hotel we would be staying at. Once settled in we were given a lift to a fast food place called Papaye's, and I got to have some beef for the first time since arriving here. It was subpar at best. ... read more
Pre-Wedding Shot
Looking On

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra July 23rd 2012

Months and months of tedious prep was about to pay off, I was finally heading back out! This time, however, it wouldn't be a trip of reckless abandon and uncertainty, but hopefully one of important purpose. For close to two years now, after deciding to go back to school, I've been having terribly itchy feet. While athlete's foot might have something to do with it, the lack of serious travel in a while hasn't helped. A group of seven classmates and our teacher, heading out on a sunday morning, heading to Ghana, West Africa, a developing country of 24 million people with a rich and and at times dark history. We traveled with suitcases full of medical supplies and another 25 foot crate sailing across the Atlantic intent on reaching port within a few weeks. We ... read more
Going About Life
Terminal to Terminal

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra July 23rd 2012

The plane pulled up on the tarmac and everyone seemed relieved to finally disembark. And here I was, my first step on African soil. We took a shuttle to the terminal where we were processed through, having our prints and pictures taken. Once we got out our hosts were there to greet us. Matron Comfort and Sister Arcade awaited us and were eager to take us to Sacred Heart Hospital located in the Volta region. But first a drive through Accra, the capital with around two million people, to take in all the sights and sounds and get some good ol' culture shock pounded into us. There was definitely some sensory overload that went on. The streets bustled with traffic and human life as well as pleuthora of other creatures roaming about. People were shouting, laughing, ... read more
No Etiquette Required

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra July 8th 2012

Saturday, 30th June 2012 … And so it begins. As I stepped from the plane at Kotoka airport in Accra, I remembered the guidebook’s most encouraging phrase, “Ghana – Africa’s friendliest nation’. With that in mind, I smiled at everyone as I walked, no skipped, through the tunnel , completely unprepared to meet the barricade of officials on the other side yelling in my face, “Yellow Fever! Yellow Fever!” I’d only been in the country for 5 minutes so I was sure I didn’t have it. No, they were after my Yellow Fever certificate. I hurriedly produced it but noticed one lady was counting a wad of notes which she surreptitiously tried to pass to one of the officials only to be told, very succinctly, ‘”I’ll deal with you later” – whether that meant the official ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra June 1st 2012

(Hi guys! Internet access, yippee! I've a couple days here in Yaounde, Cameroon to try and get everything up to date but uploading photos is slow. Apologies that this blog isn't split up into smaller digestible blogs but it's better than nothing - I hope!) Friday June 1 Rain overnight meant we packed away wet tents which is never fun (they're smelly!) but sometimes unavoidable. We were in the truck before the next shower hit and sat ready to pull down the sides when it did. It very quickly became hot in the truck but there wasn't much we could do (except take a spoonful of cement and harden ... up - something we say to each other quite often!). We were heading for the Ghanaian border which was exciting because we could speak English again(!) ... read more
Daily catch
Body boarding
Hide and seek

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra February 29th 2012

The road from Tema to Accra is only 18 km, however, the traffic is so bad that it takes between 1.5-2 hours to get to the capital. The road is being widened; the Chinese have given money for infrastructure building in Ghana. But the project moves slowly, as much a product of corruption as it is limited resources. Tro-tros, pick up and drop off travelers along the way, a cheaper means of travel, and one we should have considered for this adventure had we known we would all be sitting in gridlock for as long as we are. A taxi didn't turn out to be the time saver we had expected. Sitting in our taxi, we move so slowly that our driver periodically turns the engine off to save gas. He pulls over and pees at ... read more
Putting the FUN back in funeral
Soccer alongside a trash heap

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra November 4th 2011

When I flew into the airport in Accra, it was the normal type of chaos that I expected. Tons of people waiting at the belts for luggage, none of the bank machines worked and of course one of my pieces of luggage was half unzipped by the time I took it off the belt. I'd read before I travelled not to pack anything electronic, or worth stealing because it would be gone so I put all of my laptops and electronics in my carry on bags - a good thing apparently. I bought a sim card, exchanged some American money into Ghanian cedis and grabbed a taxi to my hotel. Initially Ghana looked like a typical Caribbean city - very hot, and very dry with terrible drivers. The one thing that made Ghana different were the ... read more
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Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra November 3rd 2011

It’s been a while since my last blog, mostly because I didn’t think I had anything that interesting to talk about. Now I think I do, because I’m in Africa. It’s always been my dream to come here but I never thought it would happen, and now it has. The journey even getting here was pretty interesting so I’ll start there. Because of the flood situation in Bangkok we got moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for about 5 days until things settled down. It’s quite interesting watching all of the news coverage, especially CNN because while it was somewhat accurate a lot of it was completely wrong. The flooding in northern Thailand was, and still is, very bad. Hundreds of people died and many more had their entire houses destroyed. The water was meters deep in ... read more
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