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Africa » Ghana » Ashanti January 14th 2011

Hoping for a "photo blog" as an update. Here goes ... 4th, 5th, 6th grades were invited to church in town to perform their Christmas play "The Birth of Christ". The 'cast' squeezed into our house for the night. We were really on overflow. It was a great time for all of us! They did amazingly well. Lots of giggles. Lots of laughs and no mistake (smile). The best little house mouse we ever had became our Christmas Mouse. It was such a good little mouse but non-the-less a mouse in the house. Kirk had tried to trap the little thing for months to no avail. Then one day, I found it lieing peacefully under our tiny table top christmas tree and next to "Sandy" the puppy in a basket. I fear if I delay posting ... read more
Christmas Eve - A Night of Chaos
Special in His Sight
Ahh ... Yes ... The Cookies

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti November 7th 2010

I and Praise visited the village of Apebouso on Friday. Saddly, it was not a pleasant visit. This weekend I am faced with dreaded battles… I struggle with what to say to you. I want to protect you, mostly those who have visited us, the pain of knowing. At the same time I somehow feel obligated to inform you. In the past 5yrs I have invested so much of myself in the lives of the students in this village. In a sense I consider them my children. Last Thursday morning one of them was “snatched away”. Prince (Daniel’s brother and youngest son of the chief) took his own life. These situations are complicated and raise a multitude of questions. I asked if he had been talking about it. “Yes,” they say, “But nobody took him seriously”. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi November 2nd 2010

Nu begint het toch wel echt spannend te worden! Nog maar 2 weken en ik zit, hoogstwaarschijnlijk met een heleboel Ghanezen, in het vliegtuig, op naar de zon, een onbekend land, andere cultuur, ander eten en natuurlijk vrijwilligerswerk. Ik zal 5 weken bij Tamarinde Daycare in Kokobeng (in de buurt van Kumasi) verblijven. Alle belangrijkste voorbereidingen zijn bijna rond. Alleen m'n paspoort zwerft nog ergens in Nederland rond, hopelijk met visum voor Ghana en onderweg naar mijn brievenbus!! Ik ben zo benieuwd wat me allemaal te wachten staat. Want ik kan nog zoveel dingen lezen uit boeken en van internet, foto's en filmpjes bekijken, het zal uiteindelijk toch heel anders zijn als ik er ben! Maar ik heb er in ieder geval al ontzettend veel zin in! Jullie kunnen me volgen via deze blog, reacties zijn ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti October 30th 2010

Last week, when I visited the village of Apebouso, I met A TEACHER! “Teacher Eric” seems to be a nice young. I’m hoping my first impressions of him are true. A young woman was due to arrive Wednesday. Initially, there were three teachers posted but upon receiving his posting notice one of the three quickly applied for a transfer. Teacher Eric says he cried when he received his notice but was determined to succeed. He was thrilled when he met the children and witnessed their own dedication and ability to speak English. I hope together we can continue something good. A certain man, known around town as “Grandpa”, has a Saturday morning reading program. His aim is to encourage students to read. He broadcasts from our local radio station, Spark FM, with 15 students from primary ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 27th 2010

Stayed my first night at the KNUST Guest House in Accra. Then took Public transportation to Kumasi. Much like taking a Gray hound. Long trip (about 7 hours) over some extremely bad roads. A communication mix up had me waiting by the side of the road for about 2 1/2 hours for someone to pick me up. Didn't get worried until darkness set in. Strange place,strange people all around (knowing I'm not from Kumasi, or even Ghana), no place to sit and trying to keep my luggage close to me.... read more
Guest House
Sunrise in Accra
On the Bus

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 20th 2010

From the 6th grade on I have always dreamed of visiting Amsterdam, because the pen pal I had was from there. I got my dream.... read more
making cheese
Hotel in Amsterdam

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 18th 2010

I just found out about this Blog from my daughter, Mymique who is visiting me here in Kumasi. This is much simpler than what I was trying to do. I will be going back to post things I have already done, besides adding new things, but I will identify what's new and what's "already history". I hope you will enjoy my Internship and the NEW "cultural awareness I am developing.... read more
Ready to Board

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 17th 2010

Day 7 - Today we went to the coast to see the slave castles and walk in the tree tops in the rain forest. The trip was long and bumpy. They do not have very good roads in some parts of the country and the pot holes are the size of cars in some places. It took about 4 hours to get to the coast from Kumasi. We stopped at the Kakum National Park first. There we were able to walk in the tree top canopy 40 meters (131 feet) in the air. It was fun I even crossed a bridge without using my hands. Next we went to Elmina Castle where the Portuguese traded slaves and stole the countries resources like gold, ivory and diamonds. After that we went to Cape Coast Castle were the ... read more
Malik looking at a monkey
Castle wall
Behind Bars

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 15th 2010

Day 3 - Today I was on time for school and got a surprise when I got there. On Wednesdays all the children stand in line to sing and dance to spirituals (church songs). They are very religious. I did not want to go to a line so a teacher came up to me and asked me where I should I be I said I don't know and he took me and put me in a line. After the singing we went to our class and it was another long day of sitting in a small hard desk. ... read more
Isaac & Tesla

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 14th 2010

Day 4 - Today I walked around the university area close to Maria's office. The campus it too big to walk to all of the place so I am going to try and do it in small pieces. The culture is very different, there are little shops everywhere and street venders that sell any and everything. The food is spicy and always comes with vegetables. I only drink botled beverages.... read more
Art Work on Building
Art Work on Building

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