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November 7th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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Prince - A Great KidPrince - A Great KidPrince - A Great Kid

I will miss you... Your school mates will miss you...
I and Praise visited the village of Apebouso on Friday. Saddly, it was not a pleasant visit. This weekend I am faced with dreaded battles…

I struggle with what to say to you. I want to protect you, mostly those who have visited us, the pain of knowing. At the same time I somehow feel obligated to inform you.

In the past 5yrs I have invested so much of myself in the lives of the students in this village. In a sense I consider them my children. Last Thursday morning one of them was “snatched away”. Prince (Daniel’s brother and youngest son of the chief) took his own life. These situations are complicated and raise a multitude of questions. I asked if he had been talking about it. “Yes,” they say, “But nobody took him seriously”. Though I know I am not to blame, I can’t help but feel some sense of responsibility. “If only” I had been there … I believe he would have come to me.

Returning to Dunkwa on Saturday, I stopped to visit a friend, a village church leader. He asked about life in Apebouso and I informed him of the happening. Intending to inform my girls in Dunkwa that evening, yet longing to spare them such a pain I said, “I don’t want to tell Ophelia, Cynthia and Grace.” He replied, “You have to tell them! Just tell them straight forward.” I said, “Apebouso is like one big family. He’s 2-3 years younger but they grew up with Prince. The girls are going to cry.” He quickly replied, “Oh but they will stop!” The cruelty of life! All of creation should stand still and acknowledge the loss!

That evening, I sat down with the girls after dinner … I told them … I told them that it’s ok to cry. It’s healthy to cry. It’s also good to remember him and to talk about him … That evening … we sat silently … they cried … I cried …we remembered … we prayed.

Eighteen months ago Prince was sent to live with his Grandfather and attended school in Bekwai. Earlier this year he returned to Apebouso and I was happy to see him … In the home, Prince had his own version of the Cinderella Story. Outside the home, Prince was a wonderful boy. Always wearing a bright smile, helpful and seeking someone to serve. It could be fetching water, pounding fufu, helping to carry items to the bus stop etc. He was a great kid - only 15yrs old. Academically he was not great but he was still quick to offer an answer. I attempt to giggle now as I remember. His answers would often be some where out (waaay out) in “left field”. Mentally I would scramble and try to bring it back around and relate it somehow to what we were discussing.

The bible tells us that we are created in God’s image … God is eternal. Adam and Eve were created for eternal life. When sin entered the picture it brought with it the element of death. We were not originally “programmed” for this type of loss. John 10:10 tells us God’s original intention for life, “that they may have life and have it to the full.” Later in the chapter, Jesus talks about those who love Him. In this, we who love Prince are comforted with His words, “I give them eternal life and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.” Though Prince lived with a broken heart, he loved the Lord. Death can take his physical life but it can’t have his soul. For that, we give thanks …
Much Love …
Christine & Co ps. I have tried several times to upload photos - once again I've sat for an hour ... sorry


8th November 2010

love and memories
I cant tell you how much i wish i could be there with all the kids! I remember one on one with Prince in math. He tried so hard and was always willing to learn. He was such a good kid and had a smile that would soften the hardest of hearts. i will miss him dearly.
8th November 2010

I am very sorry to hear that. Our computer has not been working very well for some time so I have been going to the internet cafe. This morning it started working well so I just came to sit by it this evening just to look through my mails and this sad news. We will be praying for you and the girls. May his soul rest in peace. Blessings Lewis
9th November 2010

I'm so very sorry. Love, Peggy

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