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Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 28th 2011

Hello to those who are reading this, I guess the last few days haven't been particularly eventful in terms of exciting things to tell you. Regarding the project, we have written letters to the local markets to see if we can set up an HIV stall and we are getting t-shirts made saying 'Ask me about HIV', but that is about it. I think this is probably going to take a while to set up properly as nothing really happens in a hurry here, and we need to send letters, wait for replies etc. Yesterday at the house, Bret's lock broke whilst the bolt was still engaged. Now, Francis (host dad) decided that the way to fix this would be to use his machete. The machete was used as a screw-driver to take the door handle ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 16th 2011

Ok, so my circumstances have completely changed since I last posted and I have moved from hostel accommodation to my host family - located in a small village called Achiase near Kumasi. The journey up here was, it must be said, rather pleasant (apart from the fact that I had to be up and ready for 5am even though the driver didn't turn up until 5:45 in the end). Once the driver finally arrived he loaded all of our things into the SYTO minibus and drove us to the coach station. SYTO had paid for us to take the VIP bus up to Kumasi; an air conditioned coach with masses of leg room, reclining seats and a television! The 4.5 hour journey ended up taking more like 6.5 due to traffic and the fact that half ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 9th 2011

Last night Glenn (British ex pat) offered to take Gideon and I out to dinner, Gideon refused but after some encouragement he agreed and we went for an indian curry, something new for Gideon. He tells me that he is not at all adventurous however his wife is always telling him off because he should try new things, I agreed so I said come on lets play pool, "oh no" he said "I dont know the rules" "Neither do I" I replied "but its fun" he still insisted on no until I made him step out of his comfort zone and play, after almost taking the cloth off of the table he actually became quite good and bless him he was dead pleased with himself. I am now sitting in the hotel reception waiting for him ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 8th 2011

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 7th 2011

This morning Gideon and I set off on a 4 hour turned 6 hour road trip to Kumasi, it is so called Kumasi because the Ashanti king planted two trees called Kuma trees, one died and the other lived, the one that lived was called Kumasi. Another bit of history, a bit of girl power, 50 years ago a young brave ghanain woman led the battle of independence against the British and won! go girlie! So we set off, on good roads and really bumpy dirt tracks because the government cant make up their minds if they want to spend their money on the roads or their nice new offices (picture coming up soon) we passed many villages and a radio station discussed the desperate need for medical staff, I asked Gideon, what happens if you ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 20th 2011

His skin has a little more color than what I saw in his pictures many years ago. The hair a little shorter with more of a tendency to curl. Now with a wife (who also has a lot of color) and young children. He’s not in Kansas or hiding in Cincinnati. How clever to hide himself in the center of this West African country. Nobody thought to look here … We met him at a teachers conference (of all places). He received his bible training in the same organization Kirk and I attended - Youth With A Mission. We are of the same mind, motivation and spirit. We look forward to working with him in the future. We found … Elvis! ******************************** The kids in our house have a strong desire to do evangelism. After a ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 14th 2011

“Tropical Blend” is something we generally relate to fruit juice. Kirk and I live and work in the tropical rainforest areas of Ghana. Our Ghanaian family is quite a blend of tribes, cultures and languages. African Tribes: Kusasi (from the north), Ewe (from the east), Wangalla (upper east), Ashanti (central Ghana), Fante (central coastal area). The nine of us come from EIGHT different families. 8 different families 6 different regions 6 different languages 2 different continents and 4 different countries Wow! All under one roof -- well that is … once we get a roof. That’s still a job in progress. The variety of people we have in our house took my mind wondering around our neighborhood. In our cluster of 5 houses (42yrd X 60something) I began to question; How many people actually live ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 5th 2011

Just wanted to have a go at adding some pictures, so here goes... This could take some time folks!... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 4th 2011

Dear Friends I want to begin with a HUGE thank you to those who have so generously offered to help purchase and ship educational materials. Kirk, Praise and I are in the capitol city for a few days. Friday evening I meet with Christy - the 2nd grade teacher who has visited us in Apebouso a few times. I asked her advice on the additional materials so as to maximize your donations. Before leaving this “Wireless Network” zone, I hope to order and ship the best choice in resources. Thank you again. What life changing gifts you have given. If you have not received information regarding donation particulars, please let us know. ******************************************** … That evening, I overheard him say, “A What? I don’t know what to say … Excuse me, I’m picking myself up off ... read more
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A What?
Yes, that's what I said

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti January 18th 2011

Wow, thank you for your comments and messages to the last postings. They are so important to us. Reading them takes our hearts "back home". "Home" is always a nice place to be. Thank you (smile) ***************** Creativity and Flexibility are key to surviving life in another culture. I’m not always so good at it but this time I think I’ve got a good idea. I need your help to pull it off. As we mentioned, last semester Praise was enrolled at a school in the town of Dunkwa. Sparing you all the grueling details, I'll simply say, "that didn’t work out". He is happy to be home schooling again and I'm happy to have him back. As I return to the classroom in the village of Apebouso Praise will accompany me. We have purchased all ... read more

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