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February 4th 2011
Published: February 5th 2011
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We welcome Madam Rebecca, our Kindergarten teacher and Eric who teaches 5th and 6th grades.
Dear Friends
I want to begin with a HUGE thank you to those who have so generously offered to help purchase and ship educational materials. Kirk, Praise and I are in the capitol city for a few days. Friday evening I meet with Christy - the 2nd grade teacher who has visited us in Apebouso a few times. I asked her advice on the additional materials so as to maximize your donations. Before leaving this “Wireless Network” zone, I hope to order and ship the best choice in resources. Thank you again. What life changing gifts you have given. If you have not received information regarding donation particulars, please let us know.


… That evening, I overheard him say, “A What? I don’t know what to say … Excuse me, I’m picking myself up off the floor” …

Ok, Let’s back up a little bit:
Early on Thursday mornings Kirk makes the long trip down bush roads to the village of Apebouso. The roads (little more then a wagon trail) are now damaged from the large timber trucks and countless pickups of “gold diggers” diving up and down. As I’ve mentioned in the past we begin
New Kids on the BlockNew Kids on the BlockNew Kids on the Block

Bella and her newest set of twins. A boy named "Bingo" and a little girl yet to be named.
each school day with a time of songs, prayer and bible reading, One day each week we have a more lengthy time and Kirk is graciously our guest speaker. Recently, during his return drive to Dunkwa, he thought, “Boy, this car can’t take these trips much longer. It’s really getting old and worn.” “My Blueberry” or “Tony Toyota” as we affectionately call it, is now 21yrs of age! Eleven of those years he has been faithfully driving us around on village roads performing a wide range of tasks - mid-night ambulance service, animal transport, school bus, hauling cement, wood and other building supplies to name a few. This day Kirk seriously began to think, “It’s time to sell … But now that we are putting a proper roof on the house in Dunkwa there’s no money to buy another vehicle.” Ha! That very evening, I also returned to Dunkwa. I had been gone for a week and was chatting and catching up with Kwabena. Kirk entered the room and informed me of a call he had just received. It went something like this.

“Hello, I am the secretary for ----- (a Ghanaian man we’ve met on two occasions in
A What?A What?A What?

I thought I heard you say a new truck?
the past 10yrs). He has asked me to call and inform you that he has some books that he would like to donate and a brand new truck. They will be ready for you to pick up next week.” Stunned Kirk replied, “A What? I’m sorry ... I thought I heard you say ‘he has a new pickup for me’?” She replied cheerfully, “Yes, that is what I said. A brand new truck.” We have been baffled for the past week. What an amazing God we have.

The fulfillment of that phone call came this past Thursday. We woke at 3:15am to catch the public transport bus to the city. We are now the proud owners of a brand new beautiful blue Nissan, HardBody with roll bar, push bar, A/C, radio/CD player. Wow!! Kirk can feel free to travel the bush roads once again. Reaching the remote people we love so much.

Blessed Beyond Belief
Christine & Co

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Yes, that's what I saidYes, that's what I said
Yes, that's what I said

Filled with boxes of books for the bible college.

5th February 2011

8th February 2011

A What!
It surely looks like a new truck to me. Ain't God good. I know it is not before you needed it. Linda read your blog in church yesterday and everyone applauded the goodness and graciousness of God.

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