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Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi November 17th 2005

Back in Kumasi. I have the time to upload some pictures I have been saving on my camera. Have a look.... read more
Kakum is not for my mom
Elmina Castle
Where is everybody in Winneba

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi October 16th 2005

I've made it back to the city in one piece!! I left my village 2 days early in order to attend my sister Abina's wedding yesterday in Kumasi and meet with a professor on campus about my independent research, but I had a few other hidden motives for coming back too. I was in desperate need of some protein and a real bed! Despite thinking a few times that I might not make it, I survived living for 12 days in the Ashanti Village of Dunkuraa! It will be a miracle if I can possibly even come close to being able to put to words my experiences these past two weeks, but here's my attempt. Ahhh the village life!! I have spent the past two days reflecting, refueling (eating 2 well balanced meals of "international cuisine") ... read more
Kate and Baby Kwame
Kwame on my back

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi October 2nd 2005

Arrived at Lizzie's Hotel on the Accra-KUmasi Road after a long bus ride from Tamale with a fair amount of accident and construction traffic. The bus nearly tipped at one point while we tried to take a cut-through to avoid an accident. We leave for the villages, I believe in the direction of Obuasi.... read more
Tamale Central Mosque
me with monkey
Mole - elephant

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi October 1st 2005

I have been in Ghana exactly one month as of today! We arrived back in Tamale yesterday evening after a very long 4 hour Tro-Tro ride home from Mole National Park. There were 21 of us in the Tro-Tro and all of our backpacks and food; thank God for my iPod and neck pillow. Mole has been one of the major highlights of the trip thus far! We arrived at the park's entrance on Friday afternoon reading signs that read "Don't feed the Elephants, They are Not Tame," "Kill your speed, not the Antelope," "Do Not Enter the Park With Out an Armed Guide." Mole is Ghana's largest park at 4840 sq km and protects 90 mammal species and over 300 hundred bird species. We went out on a safari walk with a guide carying a ... read more
Itchy Goat
Our bikes!
Kate and Mohammed

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 23rd 2005

Ouch Ouch Ouch - Yesterday I had my hair braided like a true Ghanaian lady. I wanted to get my short short hair corn rowed because it is really starting to look like a disaster. I was told that I would have to add extensions, so I took this opportunity to have the hair that I never could have and had her braid hair down to my butt. After the novelty wore off I had her cut it to mid back. I've had my hair corn rowed before but this is a new and horrible sensation I am experiencing. yowzers... Ill work through it I suppose. Beauty really is pain. It is about ten AM and I have finished up in Kumasi. I am taking off in a big bus again tomorrow. Off to Tamale, in ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 21st 2005

Just a short first post to get this blog rolling. Hopefully I will be able to add pictures and keep it updated regularly. ~Eric... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 8th 2005

Every taxi and Tro-Tro (mini-bus) in Ghana is named like boats are in the U.S. Most of them are religious phrases or names in Twi, but I rode one today that was named "Feel Free." This is definitely how I feel here. Another one fo my favorites... "THe Monkeys are Confused." Who knows?? I've made it to Kumasi!! My new home for the next two weeks. What was supposed to be a 5 hour bus ride turned into 7 hours when we came across an oil tanker that had flipped over and was perpendicular to the road in front of us. Not something you see every day. The entire town and all the people bloked in their cars were gathered in a huge crowd around the truckto help and figure out the situation. What would have ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi March 18th 2005

Ghana was the home of one of Africa's richest, gold dripping empires - which is why the Europeans came sniffing around this part of the West coast of Africa in the first place. The golden stool is used in the enthronement of the Ashanti kings. The Ashanti are matrilinial - it's the mother's clan that is important. The Golden Stool was also implicated in sparking off the Ashanti War of Independence of 1900 -1901. The British had demanded that they should be given the Golden Stool. When no one offered to give them the stool, the British tried to steal it. The war was led by a woman Yaa Asantewaa, she died in exile in the Seychelles. I've just spent some time in the Ashanti areas, and I have also visited the slave forts on the ... read more
Prempeh 11 Museum, Kumasi
Cape Coast Castle
Gate of No Return - Cape Coast Castle

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