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Day 3 Well today Malik started school with the rest of the Ghanaian middle schoolers. I know he does not appreciate the experience now but I hope he will in the future. The school is very different from what we are privileged to have in America. The uniforms are very colorful as you can see. I toured Maria's office not much to look at but the people and students are GREAT. I could not access their internet with my computer, so I was bored for a few hours. I will tour some of the school tomorrow with a guide.... read more
Malik and Grammie
Malik, Maria & Joseph

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 13th 2010

Monday 9/13/2010 - Day 1 - Today was my first real day in Kumasi, Ghana. It was the first day of school for all the kids and I am attending school for 1 week. The school is really different. The students are mostly African but some international students attend but they are all black. There are about 40 students in my class and about 465 8th graders in all. In 7th, 8th and 9th grade there are about 1400 students total. The uniforms are really colorful as you can see mine is lime green. KNUST stands for Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology. The school is supposed to be very elite. The chairs are all small and wooden. They hurt your butt and you stay in one classroom all day and the teachers come to ... read more
School Assembly
Traditional Ghanaian Meal

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 11th 2010

Day 2 - A travel day. Saturday we flew to Amsterdam from Minneapolis where we had a 3 hour layover. I thought the shopping was going to be great but it was all very expensive stuff even the chocolate we bought was $15 dollars for a box of Kit Kat minis and a box of Toblerone. The second flight to Accra, Ghana was about 7 hours and also had a great selection of movies. When we got to Accra we had no problem getting through customs, but they were mean to some people. We stayed the night at the University guest house in Accra. The Sunday breakfast was really good veggie omelet with toast and fresh cut pineapples. Malik's fried eggs came with baked beans which was different, he did not eat them but he tried ... read more
Holy Cheese
President's Office

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi September 10th 2010

Day 1 & 2 (lost a day in travel) - Left Minnesota on September 10th and flew from Minneapolis to Amsterdam. The flight was good, Malik and I watched movies, they had 20-30 to choose from and we each got to chose our own personal movie. Malik stayed up for over 24 hours on the first leg of the trip on the second he crashed hard and is still sleeping 2 days later. Grandma enrolled him in a middle school here so he starts school with the rest of the Ghanaian children on the 13th. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti August 5th 2010

Today Praise and I will go to our home in the village of Apebouso. The community has begun the process of registering the Child of Excellence Primary School. This is something that has been put on the back burner again and again. I am happy that the first steps have finally been taken. Due to my involvement with the school, the Director of the Ministry of Education invited me to his office. During our meeting I came to realize some unpleasant truths. If the community continues with the registration some changes will take place. “Change” is often times a painful transition. Mostly due to age and lack of continued education (high school and teachers training) Hannah will not be added to the new payroll Ebo, our long time friend and ministry partner, was present with ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti July 27th 2010

Saturday was an event I had been waiting for. A walk in the “Rainforest” took place. The only word for this is WOW! Talk about variety we saw giant trees, cool plants and even little biting red ants - Ouch! This is one of the best times to have a camera. I also saw how charcoal is made. Yesterday was “The Excursion” (school field trip). There was a loud applause when this word was spoken! At 8:00am, 30 people squeezed into a “Lorry” bus about the size of an American suburban type van. Again, these talented children sang most of the way. The zoo was very fun for them and they brought paper and pencils to write down the names of every thing they saw. Near the end of the tour they got to see quite ... read more
The End

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti July 25th 2010

7/25/10 The only reason I know today’s date is because we’re leaving 1 a.m. tomorrow. This time last month was a whole other lifetime ago. I cannot believe how much I’ve experienced in such a short period of time. If my checking account allows I will one day come back here. I’m serious about wanting to live and work here for a year (or more). Sure, Ghana could use the resources I have access to, but, more selfishly, I could use the lessons Ghana still has to teach me. I’m officially hungry for more. I am also a Western soul who misses home. Besides my family, friends and pets (Good God Badger is going to drop dead of a happy heart attack when he sees me, or so I’ve been told), these are the things I ... read more
Beautiful people, no?
don't even know
Ted an Kevin

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti July 20th 2010

I (Lisa) developed a knee problem on the 4th, the classic boil. The run to the village was put on the back burner until some healing began. While in Dunkwa, I went to the Dunkwa daycare for a couple of short visits. It is a very attractive and well planned center. Several classrooms and toys surround a courtyard. The classrooms have beautiful pictures painted on the walls. I played some fun CD’s and taught some actions to go with the songs. I was also asked if I could offer some ideas to the teachers. We discussed some things I have found helpful through the years. We finally got to go back to Apebouso at the end of the week. We spent only a day and night. By the time I made it down to the school ... read more
Thank You Jackie!
For Those Who Know Her

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi July 13th 2010

I'm ready to pass out into a food coma. Charity cooked us an amazing meal tonight. But, the Internet is working, and I promised more pictures. The past few days we've been to the university in Kumasi to listen to lectures on slavery and the history of music. The music class was awesome. When we pulled up to the cultural center, there were drummers and dancers waiting for us outside. In a nutshell, we learned that dance and music (mostly drumming) is connected to the soul of Ghana. It's how they tell their stories and keep their rhythms going. There's much more to it all, but I'm tired and need to hurry and post this. The slavery lectures were also very interesting, and I got some insight into the African perspective. I'll share later. We also ... read more
girl in the monkey village

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi July 12th 2010

7/11/10 Today some of us drove around 4 hours to get to a monkey sanctuary (some took the day off and some went to Duku’s shrine), but of course our little sanctuary was much more than that. It’s a village that worships its monkeys. The story goes like this: there was a hunter who found a shrine surrounded by monkeys. He went about his business, but liked the shrine so much he took it to his people, but his people decided it was a sign that the monkeys were sacred. And while some tribes in Ghana eat monkeys, these people decided to move their village and the shrine closer to the monkeys not to hunt them, but to protect and honor them. They found the right person to become the monkey priest, who would then find ... read more
traffic jam
Kevin and the monkeys

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