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May 9th 2011
Published: May 9th 2011
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Hello all,

Not much to say on this occasion as I haven't really done much since I last posted, but best to post something short before I forget what little has happened/to prevent the next entry being super long again!

I'll start with work ... We are actually doing something! Tomorrow we are going to the maternal health centre for the morning/day (I don't think much goes on there in the afternoon) to talk about general health and HIV and then on Wednesday we are going to try out our stall in Achiase! Exciting, no? I'll let you know how they go next time.

In other news, I have now moved house. It isn't quite finished yet but has everything I need (bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom) and far too many chickens! The chicken point is rather annoying, as Helen told us if we could catch their Rooster we could kill and eat it (and we have caught it!), thus stopping us being woken up at 4am every morning, however, I have now moved to a house with Roosters, none of which look like they will be killed any time soon 😞 I think I may need some earplugs to stay sane!

Harold (the goat) also tried to escape on Saturday! We think he must have caught wind of the fact that we are going to eat him on Thursday, so all of the neighbours helped us search for him and we eventually found him grazing happily with 2 other goats, so have locked him up again. Louise refuses to eat him (probably because she has spent the last month calling him Harold), but that just means more for me, right?

I think the final piece of news is we are getting a new volunteer on Thursday, English guy called Tom. Not much to say on that.

Right, until next time.

Sam(uel) x


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