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October 30th 2010
Published: October 30th 2010
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Last week, when I visited the village of Apebouso, I met A TEACHER! “Teacher Eric” seems to be a nice young. I’m hoping my first impressions of him are true. A young woman was due to arrive Wednesday. Initially, there were three teachers posted but upon receiving his posting notice one of the three quickly applied for a transfer. Teacher Eric says he cried when he received his notice but was determined to succeed. He was thrilled when he met the children and witnessed their own dedication and ability to speak English. I hope together we can continue something good.

A certain man, known around town as “Grandpa”, has a Saturday morning reading program. His aim is to encourage students to read. He broadcasts from our local radio station, Spark FM, with 15 students from primary schools around Dunkwa as co-hosts. Well, a few weeks back Grandpa and I were chatting. By the end of our conversation he had invited 2-3 of my students from the village to be his special guests. There was no question in my mind who I would bring, Rita and Susanna. Both girls are 5th graders and reading books in my house every chance they get.

Last Friday I brought Rita and Susanna to town. We joined Grandpa and his co-hosts that evening for a rehearsal. Saturday morning we all met at Spark FM. Grandpa initially said this would be an introductory visit and he would invite us back at a later date for “speaking parts”. Ha! He wasted no time. We all had parts in this weeks program! Parents and school mates back in Apebouso were all listening. They were happy to hear our voices and proud to be remembered on air. Grandpa wants the girls to visit every week. Unfortunately, the distance is too rough and long to bring them so often and send them back again. Surely, at some point in time, they will come again.

This was a fun adventure for all of us. Grandpa and I are of like mind and desire when it concerns literacy. We are now discussing the possibility of pulling our resources together for a greater impact. We’ll see what the future brings.

I've tried for the past hour to upload photos. It just isn't happening! Sorry

Rains continue to fall. We are loving it!
Christine & Co


30th October 2010

Love Grandpa!
Yay, Christine. Beautiful story.

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